How to Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

How to Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

Are you facing issues with your samsung ice maker and don’t know how to defrost Samsung ice makers? Never do upset. In this article we will let you know how to defrost samsung ice makers in detail.

Most of the people face problems with Samsung ice makers. The structure of the ice maker can be one of the reasons. Although Samsung is a well-known brand, these ice making issues can be troubling. 

If your samsung ice maker is not working properly or it is not making ice, then it is time to defrost. Sometimes the Samsung snow makers make tiny icicle cubes than the regular size or there can be an ice blockage and the overfilled ice may be a barrier for making ice properly.

 If the snow tray is blocked by ice and your samsung snow maker is not working properly, defrost the icicle maker. As there is no auto defrost mode in samsung refrigerator, you have to defrost it manually or force defrost it. If you want to defrost the icicle maker, you need to defrost the refrigerator as well. Once you defrost the refrigerator, the blocked build up ofsnow will melt and the snow maker will work perfectly again.

There can be a lot of reasons behind building snow or problems in making snow properly. Once you defrost the samsung ice maker, find out the problem and solve it quickly.  

Some new features of Samsung have auto defrost mode option but most of the features don’t have the option. So you need to know the ways of defrosting to save your Samsung refrigerator from any kind of damage.   

Common Problems in Ice Maker

Common Problems in Ice Maker

There are some common issues that happen with Samsung ice makers. Almost every user faces these problems if the ice builds up unnecessarily and the snow cubes are not freezing in the proper way.  

You can’t be sure about the exact problem without checking. But make sure the power is turned off while you are checking for problems in your Samsung snow maker.

Some common issues are given below:

1. If the Temperature is Not Enough

You need to check if the temperature is perfect or not. There is an inlet tube which is the way to flow the water to the ice maker.  If the temperature is low, then the inlet tube may freeze and the water supply will not be able to reach the snow maker. 

If the inlet tube is to clog because of low temperature, then you need to raise the temperature of your Samsung refrigerator so that the snow melts and the water supply becomes normal. So this can be a reason which is why your Samsung icicle maker is not working properly. 

2. When the Water Filter is Blocked

There is a water filter in the Samsung  refrigerator. The filter removes the toxic elements from the water and helps to have purified water and ice.  Cogged somehow due to gunks or ice accumulation, then the water flow will stop and your Samsung snow maker will have issues making ice. 

You need to change the water filter frequently. It should be changed after every 6 months even if it is not clogged. So you can change the water filter to check if the problem is solved or not.

3. If the Ice Tray is Frozen

 Sometimes the ice tray becomes frozen and blocks the way of icicle making. Then the icicle maker can’t make snow. So, if you see that the snow tray is the same, remove the ice by defrosting.

Once the snow is ready, the snow maker will perform perfectly.To know more about how to defrost Samsung snow makers, keep reading. 

Ways Of Defrosting 

If your Samsung ice maker is failing to make ice, you must defrost the refrigerator. Many people don’t even know how to defrost Samsung snow makers. There are several ways of defrosting. You will find no defrost option or button on your Samsung refrigerator. So you need to be tricky.

The ways of defrosting Samsung snow maker

Reset it

The first way you need to choose is to reset the ice maker. Once the reset is done. Your Samsung snow maker will start to work nicely.

To reset the Samsung snow maker, you need to press the “Test” button. The word “Test” will be written on the button. Maybe the shape is rectangular. It can vary model to model. 

Press the “Test” button and hold the pressing for  12-14 seconds until you hear a chime sound. 

 Do this process a couple of times.  After that the defrosting will start. After a while, the other chime sound will notify you that the defrosting is done. Place an snow bucket so that the water does not drip on the floor.

After that, turn off the power and clean the snow maker. Mop the water from icicle melting with a towel. Clean the ice maker and dry with a dry towel. Then put the snow making bin back and turn on the power.

 Now let your refrigerator come to absolute temperature. Then turn off the function of the snow maker and turn it on after two seconds.  It will start working smoothly and will make snow perfectly now.     

Defrost it Manually

Defrost it Manually for ice mekart

If the reset option does not work in defrosting your Samsung snow maker,  then you need to do it manually. There are a lot of options to defrost Samsung ice makers manually. 

1. By Scrapping

First of all you can try this way. Try to scrape off the snow from the blocked areas with a plastic or wooden spatula. Never use any metal based tools to scrape off the ice. Otherwise the surface will damage. You may get hurt too. 

2. Turn Off the Power

This can be effective. Although it may take several hours, the ice will be gone. To do this process you need to turn off the power of the refrigerator. Unplug the refrigerator and remove the items from it. Keep the items in a safe place. 

Now open the door widely and leave it like this. The warm air from outside will enter inside and the icicle will melt away easily. The layers of snow will melt away and the refrigerator will be a defrost one. 

Keep the snow bucket in position and towels to mop the melted ice water so that the water does not drop on the floor.

Once all the ice is melted and cleaned, turn on the power.

3. Place Hot Bowls

Pour hot water in bowls and put them on each shelf of the refrigerator. The steam from hot water will melt the ice faster. 

You need to keep changing the hot water frequently because when the snow will start melting, the drops of cold melted water will fall on the bowls and the hot water will lose temperature. So you must provide hot water to keep the temperature and steam.  

Once the icicle is melted, mop with a dry towel. Dry the entire surface to avoid any electric shock.

4. Use a Fan

You can use a big stand fan or a small fan to defrost manually. Open the door of the refrigerator and remove food items. Now keep the door open widely and place a fan in front of the fridge door. 

The fan will melt all the ice away. Make sure the fan can provide a good service for some hours.Once the snow

5. Use Alcohol on a Hot Towel

Wet a towel in hot water and wring it properly. Now pour some alcohol on the hot towel and start rubbing the ice accumulated surfaces.

This trick will work like magic. You can try this one. To learn more tricks about how to defrost Samsung ice makers, continue reading this article.

6. Use a Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer can be a nice idea to melt snow from a Samsung refrigerator. Keep the door open and blow the warm wind of the hair dryer over the accumulated icicle of the walls and blocked areas.

When the defrosting is done, mop the melted water from ice. Dry off the surface.  

Ways of Force Defrosting

It may take some hours to defrost your Samsung refrigerator manually while you can try force defrosting to save time. 

To force defrost, you need to press two buttons at a time and hold them for some seconds. The buttons can be different from one model to another.   

To do this process first of all, you need to press two buttons at the same time together. Press the “Lightning” button and the “Freezer” button together. Obviously the power should remain turned on.  Press both of the buttons and hold them for 12-15 seconds until the display goes blank.

Now press any button and keep shuffling. Shuffle the seven segment screen and search the “Fd” mode. Press the fd mode and you will hear a beeping sound. It means the process of defrosting has been started.

You may need to force defrost your Samsung refrigerator once or twice a year. Place an snow bucket below the ice maker so that the melted water from icicle can drop there and the floor remains dry. 

Mop the surface and dry off with a dry towel. Force defrost process in some models are given below:

1. Dispenser Model

To force defrost the water dispenser model of Samsung refrigerator, you need to press the “Lightning” button and the “Power freezer” button together. Hold the buttons for 10-12 seconds until the display blinks. 

When the display light is on after 2-3 seconds, shuffle the display. Search the “Fd” mode and press it. When you hear the beep,then the Samsung refrigerator will be in defrost mode.

2. TableTop Model

In table top models you need to press different buttons. Press the “Fridge” button and the “ Power Freezer” button at the same time. Hold them for 10 seconds and the display will go blank. 

Now keep shuffling the seven-segment screen and search the “Fd” mode. Press it and wait until you hear a beep sound. The beep sound will notify you that your Samsung refrigerator is in defrost mode.    

How much Time will You Need?

The time that takes to defrost your Samsung refrigerator can vary according to the model and the process of defrosting. 

When you are manually defrosting, it can take more or less than 6 hours. If you just unplug the refrigerator and let it defrost by keeping the door on, then it may take 10-12 hours.

Again, if you are defrosting your Samsung refrigerator by force defrosting, then you will need 25-30 minutes. 

The entire process needs time depending on the process you choose and the thickness of ice accumulation.   


There are a lot of ways to use your Samsung refrigerator for a long time. You need to keep it clean and check if there is any problem or not.

Change the water filter after every 6 months and defrost the refrigerator at least once a year even if there is no problem identified. If there are problems with ice makers, defrost quickly to avoid further complications.  

Check if the snow making fan and inlet pipe is working properly or not. If there is any crack on the snow bin, then you need to replace it. 

Clean the Ice Maker

 As now you know how to defrost Samsung ice makers, you need to know the cleaning process as well. 

First of all,  Turn off the water valve and water dispenser to stop water flow to the icicle maker as you are cleaning. Now remove the snow from the snow grids and pour the purified vinegar on it. 

Pour 3-4 cups of vinegar and soak it for 30 minutes. Now Rinse it properly with water and rub it properly so that no residue or layer of vinegar.

Dry off the ice bin and put it back on the position.You need to keep the surface clean too.      

What if the Defrosting is not Working!

Ways of Force Defrosting

If it happens that you are defrosting your Samsung ice maker and it is turning back into a frosty mode within seconds. If the defrosting is unable to do then there is some internal problem for sure.  

Maybe the defrosting fuse or defrost sensor is defective somehow. If there is an accumulation of ice in the pipes of the heaters that can be a barrier to defrosting your Samsung refrigerator.

 Another problem can be in the thermostat. If there is any defect in the thermostat, then you can’t defrost your Samsung refrigerator.     

In this situation, you should call up a technician to solve this problem. You may need to change or repair some defective parts which you can’t do on your own. So call up a technician and repair the defective parts. 


 Samsung ice makers can work properly and give you chilling moments by making snow cubes if you maintain them properly. If you face any problem in the snow maker, defrost it without any further delay as now you have learned how to defrost Samsung snow makers with easy tricks.

In this article, we have described the ways and easy tricks of how to defrosting Samsung icicle makers in detail. Hope you will find this useful. Let us know your opinions through comments. Have a nice day!

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