Paint a Mural On a Bedroom Wall

How to Paint a Mural On a Bedroom Wall

Who doesn’t want to decorate the bedroom with all the beautiful ideas? Are you trying to learn how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall? In this article, we will show you how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall. Even if you are doing it for the first time, don’t be nervous.

A bedroom is our private comfort zone where we find peace after a hectic day. Everyone wants to make the bedroom feel cozy. If you paint a mural on your bedroom wall according to your choice, a bright smile will be on your face every time you enter the bedroom.

Painting a mural is not an easy task and not too tough as well. You just need to follow your heart. Paint anything you want. Sometimes it can create a nervous feeling to paint on a large area if you are doing it for the first time or you are not a good painter.

You don’t need to be a professional painter to bring colors to the wall that makes you feel amazing. A mural is always better than wallpaper. It is inexpensive and you can do it yourself. But a mural looks more beautiful and aesthetic than a wallpaper.

A mural on the wall makes you cheerful and gives you a happy start in the morning when you just wake up and have a look at the mural. It creates an amazing joyful ambiance in your room. So you can have a fresh start to the day.

A colorful wall looks far better than a normal base-colored wall. It is easy to learn how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall. The steps are given below:

Required Accessories

Required Accessories

To paint a mural, you will need some necessary tools. As you are learning how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall, you should learn the tools name that you must need while painting.

  • Latex paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Acrylic primer
  • Color palette tray
  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Safety Mask
  • Apron
  • Protecting eye-glass
  • Many shapes and sizes of paintbrushes
  • Dish liquid
  • Paint roller
  • Sponge
  • Drop cloths
  • Plastic sheets
  • Acrylic matte medium
  • Painter’s tape
  • Varnish(Optional)

Work With Safety

As you are going to paint a mural and it is going to take a lot of time, you must secure the safety. In fact, you may need some days to finish it. Make sure that the windows are open or that all the ventilation systems are working properly.

Work With Safety for bedroom wall

Wear a mask as the paints can be harmful if you inhale it for a long time. You need to wear an apron to avoid drops of paintings falling on your dress. In fact, wear eye protection glasses too.

Remove the furniture from the room. If you can’t move some furniture in case, then hide them under drop cloths. Place plastic sheets on the entire floor. After taking all these steps, you can start the next procedures.

Type of Paints

Type of Paints

You have to use the appropriate paints for painting a mural. There are many types of paints on the market. Some are expensive and some are inexpensive. As you are going to paint a mural on a bedroom wall,  so you don’t need too expensive paints.

For a bedroom wall mural, you don’t need weatherproof paints which are expensive. So you will cost less. Don’t put any super glossy paints on your bedroom wall. It will reflect the light and spoil the beauty of the mural. 

Use latex paints and acrylic paints on your bedroom wall. You need to use matte-type latex paints and acrylic paints. Then your mural will be easy to paint. You can use latex paints for outlining and large shapes and acrylic paints for detail designing. 

Both latex paints and acrylic paints are popular in painting murals. Even professional artists use these paints while painting murals. So you can paint with them without any confusion. 

You just need to keep one thing in mind the room should look colorful, beautiful, and enlarged.

Especially when you will paint a mural on a small bedroom wall, don’t use dark colors much. Otherwise, the room will look smaller than before. For a small bedroom wall, try bright and bold colors. In fact, mixing lots of colors is a perfect idea. Keep the colors bold.

Choose a Wall

The wall should be selected by you. You can paint a mural in the background of your bed or on the side wall.

The wall can’t be covered with lengthy furniture. In fact, if you arrange the painted wall with small furniture or keep it free from furniture, that will look pretty.

Choose a Wall for bedroom wall

Paint the wall that you want to paint. It just needs to look beautiful. If you choose a wall where there is a lot of furniture to place, that will look overwhelming. Choose a free wall to paint or paint the mural on the background of the bed if you can’t find a free wall.  

Decide the Painting

Decide the Painting for bedroom wall

The painting theme is important. First of all, decide which type of theme you want on your bedroom wall.

You can paint nature, mountains, oceans, clouds, sky, sun, stars, moon, animals, flowers, and realistic or abstract designs.

If you know painting, you can try illustration arts too. Paint anything you like. The theme should fill your heart with joy and soothe your eyes.

Sketch the Painting on a Paper

To create a perfect mural, you should sketch the painting on paper. If you are copying an image and want to paint the exact image, then you don’t need to sketch.

But if you are painting a mural using your own ideas and theme, you must draw the sketch on paper first before starting painting on the wall. The wall is not a regular canvas. It is a large area. So you need to draw the sketch first and paint a bigger version of the sketch on the wall.

Use a normal pencil to draw the sketch. The sketch should be in front of you while painting. You can attach the sketch with tape on the wall so that you can follow it properly.  

Select the painting according to your choice, sketch it, and then start the next step.

To know more about how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall, keep reading.

Clean the Selected Wall

Clean the Selected Wall

If you do not remove the dust and dirt from the wall, then the paints will not adhere to it properly. Your mural should be painted in a clean and smooth wall.

Again if there are any cracks, there can be fungal buildups. So if you clean the wall, the buildups will also disappear. To clean the barrier, you need to use a dish liquid and a soft-bristled brush or a sponge.

Rub the wall properly including the corners. Once you are finished rubbing, wipe off with a wet rag. Clean the soapy residues properly. If the spots and dirt do not go away with dish liquid, use any commercial cleaner to clean the barrier.

After proper cleaning, wait until the wall is dried properly. Once it is dried, focus on the next step. 

Rectify the Imperfections

Rectify the Imperfections for bedroom wall

After cleaning the wall you need to rectify the imperfections of the barrier. Even if the wall seems perfect from a distance, the imperfections will be visible from closer angles.

No one wants to paint beautiful scenery on a cracked wall. There can be holes and little cracks on the wall. Especially the holes from screws that can be there on the barrier. So you need to fill them before starting painting.

There are many ways to fill the holes and cracks. You can use sanding blocks or barrier spackles. But the easy way is to fill the holes and cracks using painter’s tape. You can use masking tapes too. 

Painter’s tapes or masking tapes are easy to find and attach. So this is the best solution for you to rectify the imperfections.

Small cracks do not disappear after painting. So you need to cover them too. Don’t leave any small hole or cracks on the wall uncovered.

Apply the Acrylic Primer

Primer sets the painting so well. You can use normal primers too. But acrylic primer is the best option. Your mural will be perfectly attached and set if you use the acrylic primer.

Acrylic primer makes the painting long-lasting too. The color does not fade or get discolored if you apply primer.  

Use a painting brush to apply the primer. Spread all over the selected wall. Wait until the primer dries. 

Paint a Basic Color

If your bedroom wall is painted with a bright or bold color, then it will not highlight the mural. You need to paint the barrier a basic color. Paint all the walls of your bedroom the same basic color.

Paint a Basic Color

You can paint the other walls later. Focus on the selected wall as you will paint the mural on it. Use clear white or pearl white color paint as the basic paint. These colors will highlight the mural painting nicely. Moreover, the room and walls will look bigger if you paint white as a basic color.

After correcting the imperfections, two coats of basic painting on the barrier is needed to make the wall smooth.

Wait until the basic paint dries. It can take a day or you may keep it to dry overnight. 

Draw the Grids

Many people do not know how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall. But the desire to coloring a mural themselves. If you do not have previous experience in painting a mural, you must draw grids to paint a mural properly.

First of all, draw grids on the sketch. Keep 1 inch for each square. Measure and grid. If you make grids on the sketch, you can count how many grids you need. Then draw the grids using proper measurements.

Draw 1 foot for each square on the wall. Measure and draw. Use a pencil to draw the grids on the barrier according to the sketch. You can use a normal pencil or a watercolor pencil to draw the grids.

Create the Outlines

After drawing the grids, you will know which outline should be on which grid. Follow the sketch and draw the outlines using a pencil.

Create the Outlines for bedroom wall

You need to draw just the large outlines. Don’t art any detailed designs through the grids on the bedroom wall using a pencil.

Follow the sketch grids where each outline is situated and paint the outline on those grids on the barrier as well.

Mix your Paints In the Proper Quantity

You need to use the proper amount of paint. Keep enough coloring so you don’t need to buy it several times.

You have to mix the latex paints with water or a medium before painting to lessen the thickness.

But it is better to mix the coloring with a matte medium than using water. If you use too much water, the mixture will be a liquid that you can’t paint with.

 On the other hand, if you use a matte medium to mix with the latex paint, it will be sticky and comfortable to paint. If you want to use water, keep the quantity low and maintain the thickness that you need.

Paint the Large Shapes

As you have created the outline earlier using a pencil, now go through the outlines on the grids and paint the large shapes.

Use latex paints to create large shapes. You have to use proper brushes. coloring according to your theme and maintain the sketch grid’s design.

You can create the outlines with paints this time if you want to highlight the edges. Creating outlines with paints is absolutely up to your theme and design.

Create large shapes. If you want to paint clouds on your mural, you can use a painting sponge but don’t dip it so much on the paint. Use brushes to make the large shapes through the grids. 

Paint the Detail Designs

After creating the large shapes, now it is time to paint the detailed designs. Always start painting from left side to right side. So your elbows won’t be a problem while painting.

Start painting detailed designs after the large shapes are dried properly. Don’t start painting the details when the large shapes are still wet.

Paint the Detail Designs

Use various shapes of brushes when painting the details. You can even mix colors to combine or create an innovative color shade. For example, you can brush yellow-green or dark green over the standard green color. Mix sea green color to make it more intense. 

Start From the Light Color Shades

When painting the mural if you want to create the shapes or fill the outlines, always start by painting the light color shades.

Sometimes, you may need to use the same brush for different shades. Obviously, you have to clean the brush with water. But if you use the dark color first, it can act like a stubborn one to remove. So coloring the light shades first. Then keep cleaning and keep going towards the dark shades.

Need Varnish or Not?

Some people want to seal the mural paint and some people prefer to skip sealing as it is an indoor bedroom mural.

Usually, it is not necessary to apply the varnish as a sealing cover on the mural. But if you want, you can use varnish. If you have kids and you live with them in the bedroom, sealing is a good choice.

Wait until the paint is dried, then apply the varnish. Don’t use any glossy varnish. Use a matte varnish or a standard varnish that will seal the wall properly. Make sure that your varnish is removable. Otherwise, you may face complications.  

Keep Checking the Mural

You need to keep checking the mural from a close view and distant view while painting. Keep painting and keep checking if it is going right or not. You need to check if the grid painting is accurate and if the shapes are perfectly painted or not.

If you don’t check repeatedly again and again while painting, the outcome may go wrong and you may need to correct the painting several times with basic color and start again. So don’t skip this step. Check again and again continuously until you have finished painting the mural.  

Keep Checking the Mural

The mural should look good from every angle. If you keep checking and painting according to that view, the mural will look beautiful from close and distant views and from any angle. 


People often get confused and afraid of how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall alone. Isn’t it so easy? Just know the tricks and have enough confidence.

Now that you know how to coloring a mural on a bedroom barrier, you can nicely coloring a mural that you want. Your own painted mural will be on the wall and this feeling gives a fascinating joy.

If you have liked this article, comment below and share your opinions and experiences. Enjoy your day!

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