How to Clean Air Mattress

How to Clean Air Mattress

Air mattresses are a comfortable and durable option when you are having guests at home or you are going on camping. But you should know how to clean air mattresses and keep them clean to use them for a long time.

Usually, air mattresses get dirty as they come in contact with dust and pollution. Dust from camping surfaces, tent surfaces or floors. Even pet hair and other debris and unseen germs make the air mattresses contaminated with debris.

So the air mattresses need proper cleaning on a regular basis. The cleaning process of each product that you use in daily life is different. So you need to know how to clean wind mattresses in a proper way without damaging them. 

Air mattresses are easy to carry and they can be stored by folding them in a box or a bag. You just need to inflate the air mattresses when you are using them and deflate them when storing them away.

 It is recommended that keep the wind mattresses inflated when cleaning them so the creases and wrinkles are seen and all the dust and spots can be cleaned properly.

Air mattresses are easy to clean but if you keep them uncleaned and store them without any cleaning, they get damaged or smell bad, and the growth of microorganisms is seen. So you need to keep them clean.

Type of Air Mattresses

Type of Air Mattresses

There are many types of air mattresses. Some of them get inflated by foot pumping, some of them have a built-in pump and some of them get inflated by plugging in a power outlet.

So, before you start cleaning, you should be aware of the type of air cushion and then continue cleaning. 

Detach the Plug

If your air mattress is connected to a power outlet, then you need to detach the plug. Remove the plug as well before start cleaning. If the wind cushion has a built in pump, then you can not remove that pump.

Make sure that no liquid element or moisture get into the mattress while cleaning. The air mattresses should be inflated while cleaning.

Detach the Plug for Air Mattress

Put off Covering Accessories

The cover over the air mattress, pads or blanket needs to be removed. Put off them from the wind cushion and put them on the washing machine to clean them.

These accessories like sheets, blankets or pads need to be cleaned at least twice a month. They often get dirty with dust, pet hair and other debris. So clean them properly.

Use a Broom

 Clean Air Mattress

To clean loose dust and pet hair, you can use a broom and remove the dust easily. You can use a brush as well. Go through the entire area with the brush and remove loosened debris and dust.

You can keep your air mattress free from dust by using a broom or a brush twice a day.  

Use a Powerful Vacuum

If you want to learn how to clean air mattresses, you need to know the primary tools of cleaning. Use a powerful vaccume and clean your wind cushion with that vaccume nicely. Don’t leave any square feet of your air mattress. Cover the entire area of the air cushion with vacuum.

Use a Powerful Vacuum for Air Mattress

If you don’t have a strong vaccume, you can use a handheld vaccume too. Especially air mattresses with velour topping are super easy to clean using a vaccume. 

Don’t pressurize the vaccume too much on the wind cushion. Use the vaccume gently and finish cleaning the loose dust and dirt. 

Reason of Cleaning

Reason of Cleaning for Air Mattress

Air mattresses give a comfortable sleep and huge support when you are having guests at home. We use wind cushion when we go on camping or road track.

They are easy to place inside the tent and soft. If you do not clean them at least once a season and store them in a dirty condition, the situation gets worse. wind mattresses get dirty with dust, pet hair, cat urine, baby urine, sweat, dry cells, microorganisms etc.

Sometimes they get stained and those spots seem hard to remove. So you must keep them clean. You can’t put them on the washing machine. So you need to clean them manually using tricks. 

Know the Material type

Before you start cleaning, you should know the material type of your air mattress. They can be made of different type of material.

Know the Material type

The air mattresses can be made of PVC, PU, velour, velvet or rubber compounds. The price range depends on the material type. The cleaning process also varies on materials. For example, you can’t be harsh on velour or velvet-type material but you can scrub hard on plastic or rubber-type materials. 

Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning Procedures for Air Mattress

There are lots of cleaning procedures. Before wiping off the air mattresses, you must clean loose dust. Otherwise, the spots will get worse. Air cushion can’t be washed by soaking or putting on a washing machine.

So you have to keep it inflated and start cleaning by wiping. If the dirt is less and it does not need deep cleaning, you can give it a mild cleaning.

Mild Cleaning Process

It is the regular cleaning process. Mix 4-5 drops of mild dish liquid with 1 cup of water. Now dampen a clean rag in it. Wring the rag and wipe the air mattress.

Make sure that you have removed all dust with a vacuum before wiping the wind mattress. If you start wiping the surface with remaining dust, then the stain will spread and get sticky.

After wiping with a damp rag, use a clean rag to wipe off any remaining soapy residues. 

Mild Cleaning Process

Cleaning with Strong Cleaners

When you need deep cleaning in your air mattress, you need to use strong cleaners to remove stubborn stains. As you are trying to know how to clean wind mattresses, you should know the removal process of tough stains and bad odors.

Remove Bad Smells

If you store your air mattress with remaining moisture, then it will smell bad and molds can be seen.With the bad smell, you can’t arrange bedding for your guests with that wind mattress. So bad smells should be erased anyhow.

There are two ways to remove bad odors from your wind mattress.

1. Mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Dampen a clean rag in the mixture and start wiping on the stained areas. Let it wind dry. Then the smell will go away.

2. Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda over the entire air mattress. Let it sit for 5-6 minutes. Now vacuum the entire mattress. The bad odor will be no longer in your mattress.

Remove Blood Stains

If there are blood stains in your air mattress somehow, removing them can be a complicated task. Blood stains are stubborn stains.

To remove blood stains, you need to create a mixture. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap and 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide. Now put 1 tablespoon of salt in the mixture and scrape off the blood stains by scrubbing this mixture on the stains using a soft-bristled brush.

After that soak a clean rag in water and wring it properly so that there is no dripping water. Now wipe off the areas with that clean rag. Let it air dry. This way you can remove blood stains.

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Remove Sweat Stains

Air mattresses often get wet with sweat and the sweat stains remain even after it is dried. So you have to remove sweat stains.

To remove sweat stains, you need to spray 3% hydrogen peroxide on the stained areas. Once it is dried, you will see no stains remain. 

Remove Urine Stains

Sometimes your pet or a baby can pee on the mattress and urine not only create stains but also cause bad smells. So urine stains should be removed as soon as possible.

First of all, wipe off all the liquid urine using a clean fabric. Now you need to create a mixture. Mix 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap. Now dampen a clean rag in the mixture and start wiping in a circular motion on the stains.

Remove Urine Stains

If the stains are stubborn, keep repeating the process until the stains are gone. After that, let it dry. 

Remove Molds or Mildews

Microorganism build-up can damage the air mattress and lessen the quality. Besides molds and mildews cause bad odors. If they are not removed, they will ruin the wind mattress.

There are two ways to remove molds and mildews from wind mattresses.

1. Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of water. Now soak a clean rag in the mixture and wring it properly. Wipe off the affected areas. Let it completely dry.

2. This is the most effective way to remove molds and mildew. Before starting this step, wear gloves in your hand for safety as you are using isopropyl alcohol. Mix 2 tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol with 1 cup of water.

Now spray this mixture on the affected areas. Let it dry. After that spray a disinfectant on the entire wind cushion so that there is no further growth of microorganisms.  

Remove the Lints

You can remove the lints using a lint remover. Run the lint remover through the air mattress and remove the lints properly.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the lints . Remove all the lints and dirty elements with it.

 Air Mattress

To know more about how to clean air mattresses, keep reading. 

Clean the Pump

Along with the air mattress, you should clean the pump too. Mix 1 cup of water with liquid dish soap. Now dab a rag in the mixture and wipe off the pump.

Once the pump is cleaned, wipe off using a clean dry rag. Don’t let any moisture in the pump. 

Dry Your Air mattress Properly

You must ensure that your air mattress is completely dry after cleaning. If any moisture is left inside the wind mattress, then it will be damaged.

You can dry it in the sunlight outside. If you are having a rainy or gloomy day, you can use a fan to dry it off.  

Don’t store it until it is properly dried. You should put your wind cushion in the sunlight frequently to avoid any chances of bacterial growth. If you do this, your wind mattress will be long-lasting.  

Dry Your Air mattress Properly

Advantages of Cleaning

Cleaning your air mattress is a part of maintaining hygiene. But there are other benefits too.

1. Health benefits: If you use a dirty wind mattress, you may suffer from many diseases. You may develop skin problems, rashes or other problems. If you keep your wind cushion clean, it will give you relaxation while sleeping.

2. Remove bad smells: You can not sleep in an wind mattress with bad smell. Again you can’t provide a bad-smelling wind cushion to any of your guests. So you can’t use the wind mattress unless you remove the bad smells. If your air cushion is good with smell, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

3. Erase Allergens: You can be free from allergens and skin problems if you clean your wind cushion regularly. In this way, you can enhance the lifetime of your wind mattress.

4. Maintain the Performance: If you clean your air mattress at least twice a month or once in a season and dry it properly, then you can maintain the quality of your wind mattress. If the quality is good, then the performance will be satisfying.

So keeping your wind mattress clean and dry is beneficial to you and thus you can enjoy a better service from the mattress.  

Use an Ultra Fresh Protected Air Mattress

Ultra-fresh is a super beneficial antimicrobial treatment. This is used in the air cushion while manufacturing the air mattress.

Use an Ultra Fresh Protected Air Mattress

Ultra-fresh technology is proven in the lab test and they strongly prevent the growth of microorganisms. So if you buy a new air mattress, make sure it is made with ultra-fresh treatments.

Storing Process

After cleaning, storing the air mattress is important. Many people know how to clean wind mattresses but can not store them properly. If you do not store your wind mattress in a proper way, you can not use it for a long period.

There are some steps that you need to maintain while storing.

Let it Deflate

As you have cleaned your air mattress in an inflated condition, you need to deflate it before storing it.

But you can not forcely deflate it. If you try to force, this will damage your wind mattress and worsen the condition. Let it take enough time to deflate automatically.

Don’t press it or walk on it to deflate quickly. Let it deflate slowly.

Fold your Air Mattress

After defeating the air mattress, you need to fold it. You can fold it in different ways. Some people just fold it in a square shape. Some people love to roll it. You can fold it in a square shape and then roll it. No matter whether you fold it or roll it, do it gently.  

Fold your Air Mattress

Use a Cover

To keep your air mattress more protected, you can use a protected cover. The cover will keep your wind mattress free from moisture and dust. Some cover come with safety advantages. By using a cover, you can protect your air cushion from bacterial build-ups.    

Store in a Convenient Place

Store in a Convenient Place

Store your air mattress in a well-ventilated place. Don’t store it in dark, moistured or humid areas. You need to store your wind mattress in a well-ventilated area and at in-room temperature.

Avoid Mistakes

If you don’t know how to clean air mattresses and clean them for the first time, be cautious about some common mistakes.

Don’t put your wind mattress in the washing machine to wash quickly. It will damage the wind cushion and maybe you can not use it anymore. Don’t dry it using a dryer machine.

Be gentle while vacuuming and scrubbing. Don’t be harsh while wiping off the wind cushion. Read the manufacturer’s manual before applying any cleaner. 

Use soft cotton rags to wipe and scrub. Don’t use any steel wool scrubber which can damage the wind mattress.  


No one will show interest in using a dirty air mattress. To use an wind mattress for a long time, you need to keep it clean. Air mattresses do not need too much cleaning. Clean them twice a month or once a month. If you don’t have time, you can clean your wind mattress at least once a season.

Remove bad odors quickly after you notice them. Otherwise, that mattress will be unable to use. You should check mold and mildews to prevent any damage. These microorganisms destroy the wind cushion secretly.

To enjoy your sleep in a comfortable, cozy and satisfying wind mattress, keep it clean and don’t forget regular cleaning. Keep it dirt-free and clean loose dust frequently. Spray disinfectants to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Hope you have liked this video which is about how to clean wind mattresses. Let us know your opinions  through your comments. Enjoy your day!

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