How to Position Area Rug In A Bedroom

How to Position Area Rug In A Bedroom

Who doesn’t want to furnish a bedroom with beautiful area rugs? The texture and designs of the area rug make the bedroom more innovative. Are you confused about how to position area rugs in a bedroom? Don’t worry. In this article, we will let you know how to position area rug in a bedroom. 

Area rugs come in different patterns, colors, and sizes. You can position them according to the size of your bedroom and the bed type. First of all, you need to select the layout. Then you can start furnishing. A bedroom can be furnished with some furniture, bedside tables, nightstands, king-sized beds or queen beds, etc.    

You have to decide if you want to keep the area rug underneath the furniture or not. Moreover, there can be lots of choices for the layout. Furnish wisely. If you keep putting things randomly without choosing any layout, the bedroom can look messy and full of things.

Measure the area of your bedroom and then go to buy area rugs. You need to choose colors for area rugs. Colors and patterns of place carpet are important to give your bedroom a stylish and classy look. You can mix different colored area rugs by layering patterns. Keeping the area rugs by layering can be a creative option to choose.

No matter which pattern or color you choose, the bedroom should look elegant. Before furnishing you must know how to position an place rug in a bedroom so that you can decide the layout easily.       

Measure The Area

Position Area Rug In A Bedroom

Measurement is one of the most important tasks before buying place rugs. If you do not know the area measurement, then your area carpet may be shorter or longer than the bedroom size. Cutting the rugs with accuracy can be difficult. 

Moreover, area rugs are expensive. So you should buy only the needed amount. Measure the entire area of your bedroom with a measuring tape. Note the measurements. Now you need to decide the layout.

 The areas you have chosen to put the place rug, measure those areas properly so that the size of the area carpet will depend on the bedroom size, bed size, and the furniture. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to keep some bare space between the walls and the rugs. 

Decide The Layout

You must decide the layout before furnishing the bedroom. Bedrooms are the center of attraction of a house. The escape point from all work and tiredness is your bedroom. So you should keep the peace and comfort vibe in the room. 

In fact, deciding the perfect layout is important. The layout will bring a comfortable feeling. You can keep the bed in the middle of the room or you can set it in one corner against the wall. Moreover, the area rug will be situated according to the beds position.      

If your room has a king sized bed, you need to buy an oversized area rug. If your room has a queen bed, then a medium sized rug will be enough. The position and layout of the place carpet also depends on the bedroom size. If your bedroom is large, then covering the entire room with area rugs can be costly.   

In larger bedrooms, you can keep the area rug underneath your bed by leaving some inches outside so that you can land on the area carpet in the cold mornings. If covering the entire place seems too expensive and if you don’t want to invest much on place rugs, then you can place runners on both sides of your bed.      

Types of Area Rugs

Types of Area Rugs

There are lots of types of area rugs. You can choose them according to the selected layout. The size of the bed and size of other furniture should be considered while choosing the type of place rugs. 

You can put one area carpet or more. If you want to layer the rugs, then you need to use more than one place rug. The room shape and the layout will decide which type of area rug you need.  

There are many types of place rugs. You can buy them from local shops. There are square shaped rugs, rectangular shaped rugs, round shaped rugs etc. The positioning ways of these types of area rugs are also different.    

1. Square Rug

Square rugs are in square shapes. They can be positioned underneath the bed, beside the bed or in front of the bed. The shape is square and the size you can choose on your own. 

You can position the carpet in an oblique angle as well. The entire bedroom can be covered with a square shaped rug. You can layer square shaped rugs in your bedroom. Layering rugs look beautiful if you combine different colors together. 

It can be placed beside the bed in such a way that you can land on the rug from the bed in the morning. When the bed is positioned in one corner against the wall of the bedroom, you can place the rug beside the bed. 

You can keep a few inches underneath the right side of the bed when most of the part will be over the bare floor beside the bed.    

2. Rectangular Rug

Rectangular shaped rugs are wide and cover a huge area. If your room is small, then you can place a square rug instead of a rectangular rug. You can buy smaller sized rectangular rugs for small bedrooms. 

Rectangular rugs can be positioned 2-3 inches before the nightstand and they will be also underneath the bedside table. It will cover a wide place.  

You can place a rectangular rug in front of the bed too. Put a few inches of the top of the rug under the lower part of the bed. It will make the layout look good.  

You can also place the rectangular rugs by layering them one after another.A rectangular carpet can be positioned in an oblique angle to create a different look.

To know more about how to position place rugs in a bedroom, keep reading.  

3. Round Rug

 A round rug is the most attractive rug. It can be placed anywhere in the bedroom. You can keep it in front of the bed or beside the bed.

A round rug fits in every type of pattern. You can place a round carpet in any type of layout. It is adjusted with every layout. A round rug can be flower shaped or totally round. But it enhances the beauty of your bedroom.  

You can place it at the landing point from the bed or in front of the bed. A round-shaped carpet can be positioned both in a 

small or large bedroom. The size of your round-shaped rug can be small or big. But it looks nice with any layout.  

Color of The Rug

Color of The Rug

Choosing an elegant colored rug is most important for the outlook of your bedroom. The colors will create a dramatic look. You can keep the look eye-soothing and calm by choosing light colors. 

If you want to mix bold colors with light colors you can layer the rugs while furnishing the bedroom. As you are learning how to position area carpet in a bedroom, you should learn how to combine rug colors as well.

You can create a rainbow look on the floor by place rugs. Place your favorite colored rugs on the floor. Always keep the bold colors over the light colors which will help to highlight the bold colors. You can create a peaceful look by keeping the soft colored rugs.    

Choosing the colors for place carpet is always up to you. Bold colors create different looks. Make sure the bedroom looks classy and beautiful by adding the rugs. Area rugs are additional furnishing items for bedrooms. So you need to position them properly.      

Ways of Positioning the Area Rug

Ways of Positioning the Area Rug

There are lots of ways to position an area rug in the bedroom. You can optimize any of them. It depends on the furniture, room size, bed size etc. The selected layout is very important. If you have planned the layout, then placing the carpet is easy. 

There are lots of layouts that you can choose. Layout also varies due to furniture and bed sizes.  So you should choose the layout first before positioning the place carpet. 

If you have absolutely no idea about how to position area rugs in a bedroom, then we have some solutions for you. The creative tricks will help you out. 

1. Beside the Bed

 If your room is large and you want to keep the area rug on one side, then you can position the place carpet beside the bed. 

In small bedrooms with queen beds, you can set the couch against the wall in one corner and then place the area carpet beside the bed including  the landing point from the bed. 

While positioning the place rug beside the bed, the carpet will be underneath the bedside table as well. You can choose a square rug or a round carpet to position beside your couch. If there is any big furniture beside the bed, then a few inches of your area carpet will be underneath that furniture.       

2. Under the Bed

Most of the people keep the area rug underneath the bed when only a few inches just peek out on each side of the bed. In that way, most of the carpet remains under the bed. 

If your place carpet is not large enough, then you can keep only the top few inches under the lower part of the bed. You can position it a few inches before the nightstand too. 

While keeping the entire area carpet underneath the bed, you need to keep in mind that a few inches of the place rug should be exposed outside on the right, left, and the front sides of the bed. 

You can keep three-quarters of the place carpet under the bed and one quarter will remain exposed in front of the bed.  The rug can be positioned in the middle of the underneath of the bed in a rectangular shape. 

A round-shaped area carpet can be placed underneath the lower part of the bed so that half of the round rug is on the outside. This will create a beautiful outlook.     

3. In Front Of the Bed

You can position an area rug in front of your bed. A small square carpet can be suitable for this. A round rug can be placed as well. 

If you place a round rug in front of your bed, this will create a classy look. If you want to keep the center table in front of the bed, pick a glass table for that.  You can place a runner at the foot of the bed instead of a large carpet if there is a small space.     

A round shaped carpet can be positioned at the foot of the bed so that it can make the look more elegant. Try to keep the bold colored rugs to match the contrast of colors.                                             

4. Place in a Slant Angle

You can add some creativity while placing the area rug. Do something different. Place the place carpet in a slant angle. If you place the carpet in a slant angle, the positioning will be creative. You can place the rug underneath or at the bedside. 

To place the area carpet in a slant angle you need to choose square or rectangular rugs. A round rug is always round so you can’t place it in a slant angle. Choose bold colors for positioning in a slant angle. 

5. Position By Layers

You can place some rugs by layering them. If your room is large and you want to cover the areas, then a carpet will not be enough. Moreover, furnishing the entire place with only one textured carpet will look boring. So this is part of creativity. You can add layers of rugs by your creative ideas.

Choose different colored rugs for layering.  You need to put one carpet over the lower part of another carpet. Place bold colors for upper layers. Keep the light-colored rugs under the bold colors to make it look more beautiful.       

6. Match with Furniture

You can match the color of the rug with the furniture colors of your bedroom. This can create a dreamy look. If the color of your sofa is off-white, then you can keep a textured off-white-colored carpet. 

If you place the carpet underneath the furniture, pick glass tables and chairs. Keep 2-3 inches of bare floor between the wall and the area rug to make the look perfect. 

7. Use Runners

If the place is small, then you can put runners on that place instead of large area rugs. If your room is small, you can place runners on both sides of your bed.

Placing runners also looks creative. You can place runners while layering. If you invest a little bit, you can add layers with small and large rugs and this will create an amazing look.

8. Keep the Edges Down

No matter where you have positioned your area rug, the edges can bunch up. To avoid this problem, you can use a double sided carpet tape. If you use carpet mats under the rugs while placing the place carpet, then the edges will remain down. 


There are lots of area rugs with lots of designs and shapes. You can choose according to your choice and the requirements of your bedroom. 

Layering area rugs can also be a lot of fun. You can position them with your creative touch. Placing a round rug at the edge of a square carpet can also create an amazing look.

You just need to add a little bit of creativity. place carpet usually come with beautiful colors and textures. So they will enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

As you have already learned how to position area rugs in a bedroom, you can decorate your bedroom nicely with the help of these ideas. Use your creativity and your bedroom will look like a perfect one.

You can create a vintage look by selecting old types of textures. The vintage look will also give your bedroom an authentic touch. 

In short, hope you have liked this article which is about how to position place carpet in a bedroom. Don’t forget to comment below. Let us know your opinions. Enjoy your day!

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