How to Replace an Outdoor Faucet Handle

How to Replace an Outdoor Faucet Handle

Do you want to know how to replace an outdoor faucet handle? In this article, we are gonna show you the easy ways of replacing an outdoor faucet handle.

Outdoor faucets need to be replaced when the spout area or twist is damaged. Generally, An outdoor faucet can Be used for a long time. But when you find that water is dropping constantly, that means there is a leakage. Sometimes you need to repair or replace only the handle of the faucet. But if you face further problems, then you may need to change the entire faucet. So, are you eagerly waiting to know how to replace an outdoor faucet handle by yourself? Keep reading.

Firstly you need to inspect the reason for the leakage of water. you need to find out the areas of leakage. Sometimes the water leakage happens because of broken pipes. If there is rust in the twist area then you have to replace the handle. Sometimes the need Of a large faucet handle may be the reason for changing the faucet handle. Whatever the reason is, you need to try proper steps to replace an outdoor faucet handle.

The steps of changing an outdoor faucet handle is given below:

Find out The Shut off Valve First

Outdoor Faucet

To repair Or replace a damaged faucet, you have to turn off the supply Of water flow. Otherwise, the flow will come out with lots of speed. So if you want to replace an outdoor faucet handle, you have to find out the shut-off valve first. You will find the handle of the shut-off valve below the line or below the sink. If you still don’t find shut-off valve, then you can turn off the whole water supply from the mainline.

Twist The Shut Off Valve Clockwise

Turn off the supply of the water by twisting the shut-off valve clockwise Or if you turn off the supply Of water from the mainline, then twist the handle Of the main line clockwise to turn it off. Because you can start the process without turning the water supply off. Once you Do this, Then you are ready for the next step. But before that, you have to confirm the supply of the water.

Remove the Existing Water On the Spout

After turning off the supply of the water, you need to clear the remaining water. To drain the rest Of the water, turn on the faucet for a few moments. When you turn the tap on, the remaining water on the spout will Come out. Keep in mind that there should be no remaining water after dripping.

Detach the Handle of the Tap

After draining the remaining water, you have to detach the handle of the faucet. To replace the handle with a new one, You must remove the old faucet first. As you are learning how to replace an outdoor faucet Control, you need to learn the process of removing the handle first.  The process of removing the handle of the faucets has some steps to follow.

1. Inspect the Style Of the Handle

Sometimes the style of the faucet can be two-handled or one handled. Check that before you remove the faucet Control. If there are two handles- one for cold water and another for hot water, then you need to drain the water from both Of the handles. If there is one Control, then go to the next step. But you need to inspect this first to avoid further complications.

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2. Detach the Springs

To know the process of how to replace an outdoor faucet handle, you must know how to detach the springs of the Control. Because you can replace a Control without detaching the old handle. Sometimes the springs get so tightly stuck with the base that you may find it tough to detach. You need to use a screwdriver and channel locking pliers to unscrew the springs. As springs are tiny things, you should use a set of screwdrivers that have different sizes. Press a thin screwdriver below the spout of spring and pull it with a wrench. You may try another way. You can put a rubber-based thing on the spring then grab it with a channel locking plier. Then pull it outside. By using this process, you can easily detach all the springs of the faucet handle.

3. Move the Handle and Pull Straightly

As outdoor faucets are used for a long time, they are usually attached strongly to the base. Sometimes it gets tight because of rust. Then you may face problems detaching it. Try to move the handle clockwise and pull it straight towards the outside. If you do that, it will be loosened after a while.

4. Twist the Handle and Remove It

Even after moving if it doesn’t work, use a channel locking plier to remove the handle. You can wrap the handgrip with a rubber-based thing and then grab the handgrip with the channel lock plier. You will find it comfortable. Now twist the Control clockwise and remove it from the base.

5. Gather the old parts in a particular place

After removing the handle, gather each part of the old handgrip in a particular place. The springs and other parts do not get to mix up with new parts. Apart from this, these tiny parts can stick with the aerator or in any corner of the faucet. Moreover, accidents may happen. So Gather all the parts and keep it away from the faucet area. 

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Process of Removing a Handle Which keeps Turning Constantly 

If you find that your outdoor mill handle keeps turning, then you need to replace the valve. Firstly you need to turn off the handgrip. Then twist the handgrip clockwise with an Allen wrench or a channel locking plier. Then remove the handgrip. After that remove the valve. Observe the valve. You need to replace it with a valve Of the same type. But if you can’t find that, you may need to change the entire faucet. So if your outward faucet handle keeps turning, then maybe you need to change the valve or the entire faucet.

Remove the Erosion and Wash the Twist Area

Once you remove the handle Of the outdoor faucet, then you need to clean the whole area Of the faucet. Use a soft-bristled brush to rub the twist area. Take a little amount Of white vinegar and the same amount of water. Then mix them properly. Put the mixture on the brush and rub the area with this mixture. After that wash the threads with cold water. You can rub the area with a rag. If there is rust, you need to apply another mixture. To prepare that mixture, you need to mix lemon juice with borax. Mix properly and apply on the threads using a rag. Before applying, wear hand gloves to avoid risky issues.

By using this mixture, rust will be cleaned. To avoid the growth of the germs, apply bleach mixture. Mix a little amount Of bleach with the same amount Of water and mix it properly. Then apply it to the twist area using a rag. Rub the rag with the mixture and leave it for a few moments. Then rinse it with cold water. After that use a dry cloth to wipe the area. Then clean the faucet area and dry it using a clean rag. But before using any mixture, you need to test it.

Otherwise, it may cause damage to your faucet area. To test the mixture rub the mixture on a small portion of your faucet handle and wait for few seconds. If you find any reaction then you should apply another mixture. To prevent damage due to mixture, this can be an amazing idea. If your handgrip is plastic, Then you can apply any mixture to clean the spout. But in case of plastic handgrip, try to avoid acidic products. When the handgrip is made of metal, then you must have to be confirmed about the metal. Otherwise, you can face damage problems in your faucet area and erosion can happen on the twist area.

Secure the Twist Leaks With Thread Sealing Tape

Secure the Twist Leaks With Thread Sealing Tape

If there is any leak or damage in the twist area of your faucet, then you need to seal the leakage using Teflon tape. Firstly you have to identify the leakage spot and then take a Teflon tape and wrap the area with the tape strongly. You need to make sure that there should be no chance of leaking after you wrap the area with Teflon tape. To ensure that, wrap the area twice. Are you learning how to replace an outdoor faucet properly through our article? Continue reading.

Attach A New Outdoor Faucet Handle

After cleaning the area, you need to replace the handle finally with a new one. But before that, you need to follow the procedures. The steps of attaching a new outward faucet handgrip are given below:

1. Know the Finish

Before replacing the handle you need to observe the finish of your outdoor faucet. You have to find a new outward mill handgrip that has the same finish. So before going to buy a new handgrip, inspect the finish of your outward faucet Control.

2. Buy the same type of handle

You can buy an outdoor faucet handle from a hardware shop. But keep in mind that you have to buy a handgrip of same size. You have to match the size Of the new handgrip with the old one. Otherwise, the new handgrip will be unfit in the faucet base. You can take the old handgrip with you while going to the store. Then you can easily search for the handgrip you want. Match the new Control with the old one. If you find that then check the quality of the Control. You can attach Control, made of iron or made of plastic. This is absolutely your choice.

But it will be better if you choose a handle which is made of iron. It will be long-lasting. As you are trying to know how to replace an outdoor mill handgrip, you should be known about the quality issue. Low-quality products are cheap but you need to replace them again and again. Rather you should select a long-lasting handgrip that has good quality.

3. Attach The Handle Carefully

After buying a handle you need to attach it as soon as possible. Firstly twist the lower part of the handgrip with the base using your hands. Once you find that the twist is properly attached then twist it anticlockwise using a channel locking plier. Before using the channel locking plier, wrap the handgrip with a rubber band and grab the Control with the plier over the rubber band so that the new handgrip does not get any scratch marks. Tighten the Control with the base as much as possible. Then unwrap the rubber band.

4. Attach the Springs

Once the handle is set, then attach the springs. Be careful about the springs as they are tiny. Don’t lose them. Attach the springs one by one. Firstly put the spring on point then twist it a bit using your fingers. After that tighten it using a screwdriver. Follow the same process for all the springs. Once the springs are attached, then your new handgrip set up is done.

5. Wipe the New Handle With a Soft Rag

When the setting of the new handle is completed, wipe the handgrip using a soft cotton-based rag. Before that rinse the rag in a mixture of vinegar and water. Then rub the rag on the handgrip nicely. After that dry the Control using a dry soft rag. By this process, you can easily disinfect your new outdoor faucet of yours.

Test The New Handle

Test The New Handle

After setting the new handle, you must test it. If there is further leakage then you need to change it again. So check the new handgrip right after setting it. Remove the aerator and turn on the handgrip. Let the Water flow for a few seconds. Then turn off the tap. You need to clean the aerator. As it is a new one, you must disinfect it before use. Take a little amount Of vinegar and the same amount Of water. Mix them properly. Now put the aerator in it and soak it in the mixture for 10 minutes. After that wash it with cold water. You can use a new soft-bristled brush to rub the filter area using the same mixture.

Now attach the aerator and turn the handle on and observe the water flow. You need to observe the twist area as well. If everything seems fine then you can be assured. Your new handgrip is perfectly set and the replacement is successful. You should also check if there is any trouble in turning the handgrip. In a new Control, you may find is so much tight to turn. Put a little amount of lubricant oil to erase this problem.

Protect the Handle From Freezing

Generally, you should attach a frost-free outdoor faucet handle. As you know how to replace an outward mill handgrip, you should choose a perfect handgrip. You need to protect the Control from getting frozen. Even if you buy a frost-free outward mill handgrip, it can be in a freezy situation in extremely low temperatures. So if you want to protect your handgrip from that, You should use a cover. Remove excessive water from the pipes before covering. Sometimes the hoses which are attached to your faucet can be the reason for freezing your faucet if the remaining water of the hoses gets freezy. Then you will face trouble in moving your mill handgrip. So if you want to avoid such issues, put a cover over your mill handle. Putting a cover on the handgrip is an optional fact but this will give your outward faucet Control extra protection.


Outdoor faucet handles are long-lasting and need a replacement only when it seems unusable any longer. Damages from rust and erosion are main reasons of changing an outward mill handgrip. It is easy but you need to follow the steps according to given instructions. In this article we have shown how to replace an outward faucet handgrip using simple steps. While replacing the outdoor mill handgrip, you must keep in mind.

The new handle size and shape should be matched with the old Control. You can buy an upgraded version. If the quality is better than the old one, Then it Will Be more long-lasting than the previous one. Try to attach an iron-based outward mill handgrip. Be careful about the damages of the metal while cleaning the handgrip. So, Have you enjoyed this article? Did you find it useful? Don’t forget to comment below. To know more household tricks, stay with us. Enjoy your day!

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