How to Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area On Concrete

How to Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area On Concrete

Having a pet dog is a sweet experience but you need to take proper care of the pet. It is really a blessing and you can enjoy your leisure with your dog. If you are worried about the potty area, learn how to build an outdoor dog potty area on concrete by using some simple tricks.

Dogs often release poop on concrete and cleaning is not an easy task. If you have grass areas, you may notice yellow spots on them frequently. Moreover, bad odors may spoil the freshness of the area.  

Building a potty area and making your dog use that is the main task. You need to know some measurements, tricks, materials and processes. But before you get started, you need to keep in mind some facts that need to be considered. We are going to provide you with a step-by-step process about how to build an outdoor dog potty area on the concrete.

The potty space size, dimension and patterns are completely dependable on your dog size, the surrounding area size and your estimated cost for this purpose.

The things that you need to consider before starting to build the dog potty area are given below:

Pick a Spot

Pick a Spot

As you are learning how to build an outdoor dog potty area on concrete, you need to know how to choose the right place for that. Select such a place that is closer to you and your pet dog. Otherwise cleaning and smelling good will be a problem.

 So choose an easy-going reachable place outdoors. It should be away from the outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining place.

Don’t locate it near the place you chill and gossip. It should be away from the playing surface of children. If you want to build it on the rooftop, then you need to be very careful. 

Small pets might fall down or slip from the high surface through the gap between edges. It is better not to choose the rooftop because your pet dog may even jump from there. So find a spot outdoors that is easily reachable for you and the dog.  

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Extraction Ways

You must ensure a good extraction system for the dog potty area. Before knowing how to build an outdoor dog potty space on concrete, you should know the ways of extraction of the urine and wastewater from the dog potty space. The extraction system is needed to be well planned. 

Before you find ways of extraction, you need to be aware of the releasing point. Keep in mind that doesn’t release the drainage on plant bedding or field area. You need to find a low-graded place to release the wastewaters. Put crushed stones and crushed bricks to solve drainage issues. It is undoubtedly an excellent idea.

Weather Issues

As we are providing you with information on how to build an outdoor dog potty area on concrete, we must tell you about weather issues. Before building a dog potty space, you need to consider the weather-related problems and you must find a solution for this.

No worries. we are going to teach you the tricks. If the weather is hot, then you can put shades over the potty space. Extreme hot weather is uncomfortable as well. So you must place shades. 

When there will be snowfalls, you need to be prepared for that too. You need to be ready to remove the snow and you must keep that ready whenever it will be needed.

You need to keep preparing for the rainy weather too. When there will be rain, you need to secure a strong drainage system. You can put a covering shade also.

Dimension of the place

Potty areas should not be so small. You need to give the pet dog enough space to release its potty. If your puppy is small, then you can consider the dimension according to its size and habit. 

As you are the owner of the dog, you know the potty habit of it. If your dog likes to walk or run around a bit slowly before releasing the potty, then you need to select a large place according to the size of the dog. Most of the dogs usually walk before releasing the potty to find a comfortable place to poop. So decide a minimum dimension that is enough according to the size of the dog.

Decide the Top Veneer of the Potty Area

Deciding on the surface design depends on your planning. You may have a plan for the surface design. Your consideration will be preferable to decide this. It also depends on the habit and nature of your dog. You need to consider the comfort zone of your dog.

If you need to clean up the area a lot daily, then decide the top to solve this problem. Moreover, the cost also needs to be considered. The surface design will depend on how much money you are going to invest in the dog potty area.

You may use grass, artificial grasses, mulching, stones etc. But you need to keep in mind that if the dog tries to eat the topping elements, there should be no harm to it. Moreover larger stones and sharp rocks can be the reason for having wounds on the paws.

Decide the Pattern

Decide the Pattern

Before you get started building the dog potty area, decide the pattern. After selecting the place, you can decide your desired pattern for the dog potty space.

You may build a rectangular-shaped potty space or a circle potty space. You can choose a square shape for the potty space which is more convenient.

To build an outdoor dog potty space on concrete, you need some tools and materials. They are given below:


You will need chalk to draw the square area perfectly. You can easily wipe off the lines so it is easy to make straight lines with chalk. If there is any mistake while lining, you can wipe off that and redraw the line and create a perfect square or the desired shape you want.

Cinder Blocks

Using a cinder block is undoubtedly a very good decision. The cinder blocks are easily available everywhere and cheap as well. They are good in quality. Cinder blocks can be found in different sizes and shapes. So you can buy them in the shape and size you need. Moreover, cinder blocks are beautiful, strong and weatherproof. 

You can easily design your dog potty area by cinder blocks. You need to build the structure high enough as you are going to fill rocks, soil and sod inside it.

Cinder Block Tops

You need cinder block tops to cover and secure the blocks. Otherwise, the opened part may hurt the furry baby.

Quantifying Tape

As you are learning how to build an outdoor dog potty space on concrete and you are going to build it by your own effort, you need to decide the measurement and measure when needed with quantifying tape. To build the dog potty space with perfect length and width, quantifying tape is essential.

Weed Barrier

This is used on concrete before filling the place with soil and other elements. It is a kind of fabric or plastic lining that blocks the growth of weed. You need to buy a sufficient amount of weed barrier so that you can cover the entire potty area. Weed inhibitors are very important if you put wood mulching. Weed barriers keep the dirt inside and hold the moisture. They don’t block air and water. Weed inhibitors prevent the growth of weed and are easily available.  

Crushed Stones

Crushed stones are used for drainage. You can mix crushed bricks and stones and put them there to secure proper extraction.


Find soil that is enriched with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. You need nutrient-enriched soil so that the soil helps the grasses to take roots fast. 


It is the grass lawn. If you have grass plants you can dig them and assemble them. Otherwise, you need to buy sward. These are available in local shops.

An Appealing Design For Your Dog  

An Appealing Design For Your Dog  

If you can allure your dog to be there and release potty in the outdoor dog potty space, then you can do it with a johnny pump or using colorful stones. If this works out, then you will have no worries about the potty space.


Rolling the sod is very important. It helps the growth of the grasses. You can buy them easily. 

Steps of Building a Dog Potty Area   

Once you gather all the materials together, then you can start the process. The steps of how to build an outdoor dog potty space on concrete are given below:

Draw the Borderline of the Dog Potty Area

First of all you need to draw the outline to create the dimension. For this you can use chalk. To draw the outline perfectly, use measuring tape to measure and draw the outline according to the measurement properly. Draw a perfect outline of your desired dimension.

Lay the Cinder blocks to Create the Layout

After drawing the outline it will be very easy to lay the cinder blocks on the line one by one in order. Learning how to build an outward dog potty area on concrete will also help you to learn easy tricks.

Apply a layer of mortar over the line and put the blocks in orders properly. Connect them with refractory brick mortars. Create the layout with cinder blocks by putting them on the drawn lines. You can use 6-8 inches lengthy cinder blocks to create a convenient dimension. After creating the border, let it rest for 24 hour.

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Cover the Dimension With Landscape Weed Barrier Fabric

Once the layout is ready, then cover it with a weed inhibitor. Cover the entire potty area with weed barriers. It will keep the dirt in. It is not the barrier of air and water. So it keeps the moisture out. Weed barriers protest the connection between the concrete and the sod. It should not be tightened up. Otherwise, it might get damaged.

Keep it a little bit loose so that it can hold the weight of the rocks, soil, mulch and sod. After covering the full layout, set the weed barriers with the cinder blocks layout by putting the cinder block tops over the fabric. Cut the extra portion of the weed inhibitor to ensure a good finish.

Make a Layer Of Crushed Stones

Spread crushed stones and crushed bricks over the weed inhibitor. This layer will help the drainage system. Actually, it is the best way for extraction. Make a layer of 1-2 inches of crushed stones and crushed bricks to secure a proper drainage system.

Spread Soil and Make A Thick Layer

Put the soil over the crushed stones layer. For this you need nutrient-enriched soil so that it can provide proper nutrition to the grasses. The soil should be enriched with potash, phosphorus and nitrogen. 

You need to make 3-4 inches thick layers or according to the height. Just keep 2-3 inches of space over the soil so that no complication arises while putting the sod and you get enough space to place the sod.       

Place the Sward

After putting in the soil, you need to spray some water to create a moisturized surface. You don’t need to soak the soil with water, just moisten it a little bit. After that, put the sod over the surface nicely. Press them with fingers smoothly a little bit to set properly.

It’s Time For Rolling Out

Once you installed the sod, now it is time to create a connection between the soil and the sod.  Only pressing by hand won’t work. Rather if you give excess pressure then the grass plants will be damaged. It is the most important part of the learning process of how to build an outdoor dog potty area on the concrete. 

You can roll it using a roller. You can also use a rolling pin to do the job. But if you don’t have any roller or rolling pin you can utilize your body weight to roll by stepping over the sod. You can walk carefully over the grass to connect the grassroots with the soil. Moreover, if any grass hasn’t taken roots yet, this rolling process will be beneficial to them to take roots.         

Spray Some Water

After rolling, you need to spray some water over the grasses. Keep watering the grasses at least for a week to help them take roots. Once you are confirmed about the growth of the roots, then you don’t need watering anymore. 

You can also use different surfaces. The substitute surfaces are given below:

False Grass

Natural grasses are the best. But you need to care for them and they need to be maintained properly. If you are busy and don’t have enough time to maintain and natural grasses seem to cost high, then you can use artificial grasses as a substitute. 

Artificial grasses don’t need any maintenance and watering. It doesn’t get ruined or die. If you spray a coat of UV protectant, the color of the artificial grasses will not fade. They are long-lasting and budget-friendly. You just need to buy artificial grasses which are meant to be used in dog potty areas.   

Wood Mulching

You can choose wood mulching for the surface of the dog potty space as they are cheap and easily available. If you use wood mulching, then you need to change them yearly to secure the refreshment. To know more about how to build an outdoor dog Toilet space on concrete, keep reading.

Save Your Money By Knowing This Tricks

Buy the soil, sod, rocks  and other necessary products from local shops that sell a large amount of products in a package. You can also buy from the wholesalers.

Convince Your Pet Dog To Use The Potty Area

After learning how to build an outdoor dog potty space on concrete, you should know how to convince your furry companion to use that potty space. It is really a difficult task. If you can teach your dog to follow your orders,  then it will be easy. If it follows each of your orders, then it will listen to you when you keep it in the potty space. 

You can keep some toys or favorite items of your dog on the place or you can make her walk on the place frequently to convince. First time it will hesitate to be there as it is an unknown place. But slowly make it practice to do the poop on the potty space. You need to have patience but your dog will be convinced for sure.

Maintenance System 

You need to clean and disinfect the dog potty space every day. So you need to ensure a proper extraction system. You can choose a plastic hole bin for this. You can also choose wooden hole alternatives for the drainage. Whatever you choose, you need to ensure a better drainage system to keep the place clean.

Another problem that may arise is the yellowing of grasses. This has become a common problem. But there is a better solution for you. Are you enjoying this article which is about how to build an outdoor dog Toilet space on concrete? Continue reading. 

You may find many yellow spots often in many parts of the sod surface. Uprooting the grass is not a solution as you are going to face this problem often. So the solution is reseeding the place. Always keep extra grass seeds and when there are yellow spots, spread new seeds on the place and spray some water over the seed areas. Newly born grasses will cover the area and thus the problem will be solved.         


 Pet dogs are always a lovely companions and they are your best friends sometimes. Considering a better living style for them is necessary. Building a dog potty space will release your troubles. It will be a refreshing place and a little piece of heaven and a playing ground as well for the dog. 

Ensure good smelling of the place. Isn’t it so easy? As you have already learned the procedures of how to build an outdoor dog Toilet space on concrete, let us know your opinion about this article. Don’t forget to comment below. Have a nice day! 

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