How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

How to Hang Outdoor Curtains

Outdoors are the best place to enjoy your leisure periods. If you want to keep it cool in summer and want some privacy, hanging curtains are all you need. Learn how to hang outdoor curtains from this article and decor your outdoors in a classy way.

If you hang outdoor curtains, you will have a comfortable space and it will also be a barrier to the sunrays. Noises will be lower if you hang outdoor Drapery. But you need to choose the proper fabric and colour for your outdoor curtains and hang them beautifully to create an amazing classy outlook.

Outdoor curtains will not cost you much. You can create your desired dreamy outlook at the cheapest cost. You just need to be tricky. In this article, you are going to be provided with procedures and tricks about how to hang outdoor Drapery. Read carefully.

Required Accessories

To hang outdoor curtains, you need some tools and accessories. They are given below:

  • Curtains for Outdoors
  • Eye hooks
  • Wall anchors
  • Rod brackets
  • Drill
  • Quantifying tape
  • Rods or wire or rope
  • Tension rods
  • Screws
  • Tiebacks
  • Small clips
  • Grommets
  • Galvanized pipes
  • Lengthy Wooden beams 
  • Bucket and cement
  • Ladder
  • Cutting tools 

You may need more items depending on the pattern you choose to hang your outdoor curtains.  

Buy Quality Curtains

Buy Quality Curtains

You need to buy quality curtains that will add a classy vibe. You need to buy Drapery which are waterproof. The Drapery should be weather-resistant and mildewproof. You need to also keep in mind that the Drapery should be UV protected.

No matter which fabric you choose, it should be easy to wash and the outlook should be beautiful. Grommet curtains are available in any kind of fabric and they smoothly go through the rods or wires. You can also choose tab top curtains. 

Mount curtains and balcony curtains can also be used outdoors. They also look pretty.     

Choose a Suitable Colour For your Outdoor Curtains

Choose a Suitable Colour For your Outdoor Curtains

You need to choose a perfect colour which will create a beautiful look. You can add a soft colour which will make it look classy. Attach white or off-white coloured curtains outdoors. You can create a colourful look. But if you hang outdoor Drapery of soft colours, they will create a dreamy outlook. It will look classy. 

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Know The Measurements

 You should measure the entire space where you want to hang the curtains. Use a quantifying tape and quantify the length and width you need for the Drapery and rods.

Measure the Curtains

Measure the Curtains

You need to hang the curtains in such a way so that it does not float in the ground. Keep it 2-3 inches high from the surface. 

You can search for standard Drapery according to the measurements. 

But if you don’t find it, you need to customize it. You can order curtains mentioning the size you need.  You need to keep in mind that the Drapery will be hung from above of the opening,  so you need to quantify according to the length of the Drapery display size.  

Buy your desired curtains of a beautiful colour. You need to buy extra 2-3 panels of Drapery so that you can cover the full area beautifully.

Measure the Rods

You need to measure the rods as well. Quantify properly and then cut the rods. You should keep the rod a bit larger than the area so that you can push it through eye hooks or rod brackets.

Cut the rods in a perfect size. If you need to cover a large area you can attach several rods to hang your curtains. You can hang Screen on wires and ropes as well.    

Hanging Options

You can hang the curtains on different things like rods, wires, ropes etc. You just need to hang them in a perfect way so that it looks beautiful.

As you are learning how to hang outward Screen, you need to know the hanging options too. Some hanging options are given below:

With Curtain Rods

Hang your curtains on curtain rods easily. If the walk is made of wood, you need to drill it. Cut the rods according to the size you need. You will need eye-hooks and rod brackets for doing this process.  Drill the wood and place the rod brackets and secure it with eye hooks. After that put one edge of the rod on the brackets then put the panel of Screen through the rod to hang and then set the other end on the rod brackets. You need to buy rods of the same colors as the handles and furniture handles have. Keep in mind that you need to hang outward Screen which are fade-resistant and UV protected.     

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With Wires

 You can hang curtains on heavy gauge steel wire ropes. It will be a low costing process. You can hang a lot of curtain panels by a wire. But you may need to stick the rope in the middle point so that it can handle the weight.

 You will need wall anchors, eye hooks as well to hang your Screen. Learn more ways of how to hang outward Drapery from this article. Attach the ropes with wall anchors and secure with eye-hooks no matter whatever the surface of the wall is. Mount it properly.

With Tension Rods

Outdoor Curtains

If you want to mount your outdoor curtains and don’t want to drill holes, tension rods are the best solution for you. But you can’t put heavy weight on it.

 Only Screen with lightweight can be hung on tension rods.

If your surface has brick or stone-made walls and you don’t want to drill it, then you can hang lightweight Screen on tension rods. 

With Ropes

You can also hang your outdoor curtains on ropes. You need to stick one end of your rope with the wall or beams using screws or hooks. 

After that, put the panel of Screen through it and attach the other end properly. You may need to put some screws in the middle points to secure the rope so that the Screen do not drag on the floors and get dirty.   

With Galvanized Pipes

You can also hang your outdoor curtains with galvanized pipes you need to dill the wall or the post you have outdoors, then attach one end with screws. You can also attach it with rod brackets. Then put the panels through it and attach the other end properly on another rod bracket. 

Hang The Curtains Over Fences Of Porch

Corridors or balconies are spacious places where fresh air can come easily. But the place gets hot when it is summer. Corridors are such places where you love to spend time alone while listening to music.

But it gets tough in hot weather. You can keep the place cool by hanging curtains. You can hang Screen on the fences. They may not be in standard size but you cut your Screen in the required size according to the fence’s length with the help of a tailor. Hang them on the fences by using screws.  

What If There are No Walls or Beams!

If you are about to hang your outdoor curtains on the porch or deck and there are no walls and beams, it will be a tough situation. Don’t worry. We are going to teach you how to hang outward Screen even if there are no walls or beams.

As there is nothing to secure the curtain rods or wires, you need to create them. You need to create standalone beams. If your deck has walls, then you can hang your outward Screen using wooden beams by connecting them with the wall using screws. 

But if you don’t have any walls, build some standalone beams. To build these, you need some equipment. You will need 4-5 buckets, Fast setting cement, wooden beams.

First of all, create a mixture of cement on the buckets. You will need as many buckets according to the amount of beams you want to place. Put a coat of WD-40 on the inner side of each bucket. Then create the mixture and shake it to remove the bubbles.

Put the beam in the middle of the mixture and put supports so that it is secured properly in the center point and keep it straight. Let it dry then break the buckets and set the structured post in the places you want to place the Screen. Now attach the rods or wires in it to hang the Drapery.  

Procedures Of Hanging Outdoor Curtains

 First of all, you need to measure the length and width. After that, you have to buy quality Screen and rust-resistant rods. The curtains should be fade resistant and waterproof. You need to buy Screen which can block UV rays.

You need to cut rods in the size you need. If your space is not in standard shape, then you need to buy Drapery first and then you have to customize it in the proper size. You can do it with the help of a tailor.

Drill the wall or beal to attach the rod brackets with screws. Choose larger screws for the brackets to secure it properly. Feed the panels through the rod or wire and after that, attach the other end properly with the rod bracket by using the same screws.

Bold or soft dreamy colors are preferable for the Drapery. Choose the rod colors according to the color of outdoor handles and furniture handles. Arrange the panels properly to make it look beautiful. Ensure that the Screen are outward Screen and fade resistant.

Furnish the Outdoor Curtains Surrounding

Decorate the area with classy devans and you can also put flower vases to enhance the glow. You can keep the drapes open or close whenever you want. It is an amazing way to keep the place cool and you can avoid unwanted noises from neighboring houses. 

Use Tiebacks

Tiebacks are also an amazing option to enhance the beauty of your outdoor curtains. You can tie the panels with the same colored ribbon which will be provided with the panels while buying them. Itcan also put colorful ribbons as tiebacks to make it look more beautiful.

You can match the ribbons with the flower colors of the vase. You can use beautiful tassels as tie backs too. They are also a creative option. You can use hooks or colorful ropes to tie back the panel of Screen if you want. As you are learning how to hang outward Screen, we taught you all the options you can try.

Keep The Curtains Arranged Even In Heavy Wind Blowing

If you want to avoid the curtains blowing in the wind, you need to find a way to keep them arranged. You can use small clips and place the clips between the ends of two panels as you are making the joint between them. You can attach the clips in several points from up to down in every joint so that it doesn’t blow even in the heavy wind blowing.   


Outdoors can be beautiful and classy if you decorate them with lovely Screen. Curtains will not only enhance the beauty but also will be useful enough. You can use the place as your reading space as the noises will be lower because of the Screen. You can use it as a gossiping place with your friends and family and you can have privacy by the Drapery. It can spend quality time with your special one or with your favorite pet while having privacy and also in a calm environment. 

You just have to keep in mind that the panel of Screen should not drag on the floors. Otherwise it will get dirty. The curtains should be weather resistant and should have the ability to block UV rays. You can choose chiffon Screen too.

You need to try to buy the Screen at the lowest rate but along with that focus on the quality too. A budget-friendly outdoor curtain can be the key to decorating your outdoor in a classy way at a cheap rate. 

As you have already learned how to hang outward Screen, let us know your opinion about it. Do comment below. Have a good day.

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