How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture Cover

How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture Cover

With a few light tools and a little effort, anyone can quickly remove their own bathroom lighting fixture cover. This is an easy and safe way. Are you interested to know how to remove the bathroom light fixtures cover?

There is some work to do before starting the work of light fixture cover. The main task is to turn off the power. It will do this work first. You can use some love and your own personality when the bathroom looks a lot worse in its current state. This will update the bathroom. The main task in the update is to arrange the lighting. One can arrange beautiful lighting by removing the cover of the light fixture. You will now find different types of fixture covers. Therefore, everybody should choose a fixture covering with straight lines. Here’s a simple and quick guide to removing the illumination fixture covering.

You will need some tools for how to remove the bathroom light fixture cover.

So it is very important to have the Following tools.

  1. Screwdrivers firstly
  2. Headlamps secondly
  3. Voltage detector thirdly
  4.  Safety glass fourthly
  5.  Circuit tester then
  6. Step stool also
 following tools for Bathroom Light Fixture Cover

Step 1

Firstly, to remove the toilet light fixture cover Go to the fuse box and turn off the power. Check that the power is off. If you are sure, open the fuse box. Take a look at the breaker where the power of the fixture comes from. The circuits in the fuse box are arranged to match the room. So, circuits need to be labeled. If not, turn off the main switch. lastly, This will keep your bathroom and the whole house safe.

Step 2

headlamp for darkness

You have closed the circuit in the fuse box and will start working now. But take a good look at which is the correct circuit. Usually, check two to three times. Check the on and off position a few times. Therefore, check the bathroom light switch again and again. Make sure the lights are no longer on. Then turn off the illumination fixture cover of the entire bathroom until the fixture covering is turned on again. Use a headlamp for darkness. Because you are working in the bathroom without lighting.

Step 3

flash mount light

Then turn off the illumination fixture cover of the entire bathroom from the time of removal until it is restarted. After opening the illumination fixture covering, bring it down by hand. Remove the ladder and place it next to the fixture. Removing fluorescent lights, chandeliers and Hollywood lights, etc. before you move the fixture covering. To move the fixture cover, remove the knots, screws or bolts used.

The removal of the flash-mount light is a little different. There is a knob in the middle of the fixture cover. To open it, twist it counterclockwise. Removing the fixture screws with a screwdriver. Therefore, there are some screws that support the cover. You will now need to unscrew each bolt. Keep the fixture covering in your support.

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There are several fixtures that are very heavy. If you have trouble with the name, can take the help of someone else. Anyone can do the same casing while holding. If there is a light fixture then it is better to remove the old cover from the fixture plate. There are some colors that light covers often stick to the ceiling when used. For this everybody will need a flat screwdriver. Use it carefully. Keep your head slightly away. As a result, the shadow of the head does not fall under the cover of light.

Step 4

electricity security hand gloves

Now you can use a hard step ladder or a hard chair. However, if you have a stepping stool, it is best. Everyone wants to protect themselves. One is no exception. Then wear Gloves to keep your hands Clean. Because now you are working by removing the glass cover. Wearing gloves will help in traction.

This will give you a lot Of security. Two types of gloves are commonly seen, such as mechanic gloves and garden gloves. Whichever you can wear. Gloves are not something you have to wear. If the cover is fairly clean or light rough, Anybody can work with bare hands. Everyone can also use gloves if they want.

Step 5

open the glass hand cover elicticity in remove bathroom light fixture cover

Working on glass is very dangerous. The glass has to be held in one hand while removing the cover. The work has to do with extra care. Remember this is important. Hold the glass in one hand and open the glass cover. Before that, make sure that you hold the glass cover properly.

Keep a close eye on the glass cover so that it Does not fall off. Understand that if you fall, it can break. Because the floor of every bathroom is very hard.

Step 6

hands knot in the glass in remove bathroom light fixture cover

Use your hands to open the knot in the glass. If Anyone don’t have skills, they may or may not be able to. But remember, you can open the knot with your hands. Hold the Glass With one hand and try to open the knot with the other hand. The knot may be blocked by a washer. Some knots may not have a washer underneath. The washer helps to hold the glass. Loosen the glass cover well. Now test a washer for the glass cover that will set the glass well.

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Step 7

junction box in remove bathroom light fixture cover

Remove the glass cover to better understand how to remove the bathroom light fixture cover. Properly remove the knot and washer and prepare for the final work. Carefully pull the glass covering gently. There is no need to push too hard Or too much.

You don’t really have to pull it or put too much pressure on it. Carefully disconnect the illumination attachment wires from the various wires in the junction box. Successfully remove the covering of your illumination fixture.


voltage detector in remove bathroom light fixture cover

When the illumination fixture cover is removed you will see many exposed random wires. Don’t forget to touch them until you test using a voltage detector. Check the voltage using a non-contact voltage detector. Make sure the non-contact voltage detector is on.

Quickly stop working on light fixtures if you find a live cable. Then call a skilled electrician. Because live wires are a risk factor. Can cause danger at any time.


If you are not confident after knowing all the information on how to remove the bathroom illumination fixture cover then you can take the help of an experienced electrician. If one can master this job, then you can save money with the feeling of your achievement. Turn off the power and remove the light shade. After opening the light bulbs, open the attachment covering plate to get the wires. Keep in mind some cables are dangerous. So check it out well.

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