How to Mount Blink Outdoor Camera

How to Mount Blink Outdoor Camera

Are you confused about how to mount blink outdoor cameras and where you should attach them? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be provided information about how to mount blink outdoor camera in the proper way.

Blink outdoor camera is an amazing option to know what is happening around your house. You can see this even if you are not present at home. You can keep an eye on your house from far away through this camera. How exciting is this! 

Basically blink outdoor camera is not much heavy. So you can easily set them anywhere. Just you need to keep in mind that you have to ensure that you get a maximum view from the place where you want to mount the camera. You may find it confusing where you should put the camera. If you have several cameras, then you can cover the entire security of your house. But if you have one camera, then you need to mount it cleverly so that you can ensure the maximum possible security through that one camera. Blink outdoor camera is not big in size.

Once you complete the mounting process then you need to go to the Blink app and you can see live view. This camera is connected with wireless signal actually through wifi. So it’s very easy to monitor. Turn off the blue light while recording. You can turn it off from the setting. You can mount a blink outdoor camera by drilling holes on your walls or you can mount it without drilling as well. No matter in which way you decide to mount your blink outward picture taker, it will give your house desired security. Just make sure that you need to confirm the maximum possible view so that you can easily get to know the situation. You should choose a higher position to mount it. Otherwise, the thieves can steal your camera. Now the ways of mounting with drilling and without drilling the wall are given below:

Mount Blink Outdoor Camera By Drilling

By drilling tiny holes on your outside wall or on the door, you can mount your blink outdoor camera. Firstly you need to put the image capturer in positions and make the marks where you need to put the screws. Then drill the holes and mount your picture taker. So you can place the image capturer by drilling in two ways- vertically and horizontally. Mounting through drilling will secure your image capturer more strongly. You can mount even heavy cameras when you are mounting by drilling. Two ways of mounting with drilling are given below:

1. Mount Vertically

Vertical positions are the easiest places to hill blink outdoor cameras. It can be on the wall surface. Firstly decide the location where to fit. Then put the image capturer there and mark the points. Then place the image capturer in position and mount it. Attach the screws properly. Hold it until you are confirmed that the picture taker is secured properly.

2. Mount Horizontally

Generally, cameras can be easily mounted horizontally inside the house but as you need to mount your blink image capturer outside of the house, you can choose the corners or upper side of your door. To mount a wink outdoor picture taker horizontally, first select the location, then put the image capturer in that position and mark the points. Then drill on the points and then place the camera again in that position. Tighten the screws using a screwdriver. Once the mounting is complete, then check the setting.

3. Fix The Settings

Once the mounting is complete, then you have to fix the camera setting from the blink app. You can open the live view from the blink app to see if your view is perfect and the image capturer is adjusted. If you are not satisfied with the view, then remove the screws and select another position to mount your blink camera.

If you are staying in a rental apartment and there is a prohibition about drilling the walls, then you need not to worry. We are gonna teach you how to mount blink outward cameras without any drilling. To mount your wink outward image capturer, you may follow different tricks. Now we are gonna provide you with some tricks about how to hill blink outward cameras without drilling. The tricks are given below:

1. Use Siding Clip Hooks

Clip hooks are the finest option to mount your wink outdoor camera without drilling. The hooks hold your image capturer just in that position you want. They are easy to remove as well. But this clip hook will secure your image capturer and it will not fall to the ground. To secure your blink outward image capturer you will need two hooks. Two hooks will balance the image capturer properly. So attach the hooks between the gaps. Now mount your camera with the hooks. You can attach a riser if you want. The camera is flexible so you can turn it on any side you want. Attach the hooks with the back part of the image capturer cover. Before that put the camera inside the cover. Keep in mind that the camera cover should not be over the lens. Once the mounting is complete, check the view from the blink app.

2. Try Corner Mounting

You can put the camera in the corner that connects two walls. The corner mounting process can be used against brick wall and wooden walls as well. But you can’t place heavy cameras there. If you decide to try corner mounting, then you can try to stick the hill against the wall. But before doing that, you need to check how much area will be covered by locating there.

3. Attach Clip Clamp Mount

Clip clamp mounting can be an amazing idea. It is flexible enough and can be adjusted at a 360-degree angle. The other advantage of a clip clamp mount is you can attach it both vertically and horizontally. It is strong enough to hold the camera and the rubber-based portion will give your attaching portion extra security. As the upper side is rubber-based, the place where you will mount it will be safe from scratches and marks.

4. Attach With Tripod Mounting

Tripod mounting is a good solution for mounting. But you need to find a gap or space where the three stands can hold that portion to give you a solid view. The mounting should be perfect. Tripod mounting is flexible enough to cover every angle whenever you want. Moreover, the legs’ edges are covered with rubber. So there will be no rust problem or any build-up even in extremely poor weather conditions. 

5. Try Gutter Mounts

You can try gutter mounts. Put the camera inside the cover, then attach the image capturer to the mounting holder. Sometimes gutter mounting can seem unfit with your selected location. If the mount is thick,  make it thinner a little bit then adjust it on the selected area. You can turn it in any angle you want and then secure the camera’s back part with the mount or rise using screws to avoid unusual moving. 

6. Attach With Double Sided Mounting Tape

Double-sided mounting tapes are not like normal tapes. They are strongly sticky. Double-sided mounting tapes can be used in brick walls, wooden walls and other types of walls such as cement walls, metallic walls as well. These tapes have the strength to hold your camera in position and ensure the security of your wink outdoor camera. This mounting process is compatible with harsh weather conditions. 

7. Attach It On a Decorative Part

If your house has a flat decorative part outside, then you can mount your wink outdoor camera there. But if the position is in a lower part, then you should avoid mounting your Photographic device there. Because anyone can steal the image capturer if it is mounted in a lower part. Only if the position is higher, then you can mount your blink outward image capturer there.

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Select The Mounting Place

Select The Mounting Place

As you are trying to know how to mount wink outdoor cameras, then you need to know about selecting a proper place. Mounting your Photographic device in a perfect place is very important. Because if you can not choose a perfect mounting place for your Photographic device, then you will be unable to get the perfect view. Blink outward cameras are generally used to know what is happening surrounding your house. You can also record. Blink has opened an amazing opportunity that you can renew the cloud and record as much as events you want and the validity is upto two months.

You have to mount your blink outward camera cleverly to get the maximum view. Blink outward cameras are compatible with harsh weather conditions and have a long-lasting battery life but you need to secure it perfectly to avoid damaging and falling down. When you have only one blink outward Photographic device and you are confused about where to put it, then you need to give priority to the most important place. The main door is most important but the garage door and other doors should be kept secured. Rather you can turn the Photographic device toward the main gate of your house which will also cover the entire front area. Some people like to mount there image capturer to a place where everyone get to know about the location of the camera, But some people want to keep it a secret and they prefer to mount their Photographic device in a hidden way.

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However, the fixing place depends on the house designs and wall materials. Before attachment, you need to know if the screws fit to your wall type. If not, then you need to buy other types of screws which will fit with your wall type. If you want to attach it without drilling then it will be easier. To choose the desired place to have the desired view, put your camera in different places and inspect the view with someone’s help. Whenever you mount your blink outdoor Photographic device in a place, check properly if it is fixed strongly and does not move. You need to check the stability. Some places to mount your blink outward Photographic device is given below:

1. Entrance

The most important place of the house is the entrance area. You can get a view of the entire front area from this place. If you mount your camera here, you will get to know anyone’s presence in your house whenever someone enters. If you have more than one Photographic device, then you can ensure the entire security of your house and cover the whole view with all the cameras. But if you have only one Photographic device, then the better option is mounting the Photographic device on the main door. Do you want to know more about how to hill wink outdoor cameras? Keep reading. 

2. In Parking Space 

You can cover the car parking area by mounting it towards the garage. By doing this, you will get to know whenever anyone parks any vehicle in your parking area. So you can easily get to know the information of someone’s arrival by mounting your blink outward camera in your garage.

3. In the Front Field Area

You can mount your blink outward camera on yards to keep an eye on children while playing in the field area. You will get to know if they are in trouble or getting hurt while playing. This can be an essential option.

4. In Front of The Gate 

If you mount the camera in front of the gate, you will get to know if anyone is entering your house and can be alert. You can enhance the security of your house by mounting it in front of the gate. It keep the recording on and have a look the next day. You will find out easily if anyone tries to steal anything by watching the footage.

5. BackYards

The back way is the exit point in a necessary situation. Sometimes the thieves try to escape through backyards or back doors. Children can also play in backyards. So you can keep an eye on them as well. To ensure security, try mounting a wink outdoor camera in the backway as well.

As you are learning how to mount wink outdoor cameras, get information about the prohibited places. You can’t place your Photographic device anywhere you want. You need to keep in mind that you should avoid some places while mounting your blink outward Photographic device. Places, where you should not mount your blink outward camera, is given below:

1. Avoid Lower Places

If you mount your wink outdoor camera in a lower place, then anyone can steal it anytime. So ensuring the security of the camera is also important. Don’t mount it in a lower place ever.

2. Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Sunshine reflected rays can be the reason for unclear vision of the recording or even you may suffer problems in watching live views. So you have to place your blink outward camera in such a place where daylight does not directly hit the camera. So then you will be able to watch the view clearly.

3. Avoid Facing the Camera Towards Big Bush and Trees

When the wind blows, the camera will notify you and you can get a false alarm due to winds and you will be tense for no reason. If it keeps happening, you will be frustrated at one point. So don’t mount your Photographic device in front of any bush or big tree. You should avoid the places where the Photographic device may face wind blows.

4. Avoid Disturbing Neighbours

You can turn off the blue lights while recording. You should keep in mind that your neighbors or anyone in the society is not feeling any disturbance due to your Photographic device. Don’t put the camera in such a place from where anyone’s privacy is hampered. If your society maintains strict rules, then you may need to have permission before mounting any outdoor camera. 


Mounting a blink outdoor camera is an easy task but deciding the exact accurate place to mount is quite difficult. But you don’t need an expert’s help as this process doesn’t require any special tool or process. You can mount the Photographic device inside a cover or any shaded place so that the Photographic device can give you a long-lasting service. Blink outward Photographic device mounts and screws are not corrosive. 

But keep the mount and camera clean to avoid any kind of build-up. Before mounting hold the Photographic device on the very place and check if you are satisfied with the view. It’s better if you can mount several cameras so that you can get the entire view and the maximum security is ensured. You can mount with or without drilling but keep in mind that don’t consider the process is finished before verification and checking.

Otherwise, the Photographic device may fall down. Have you liked the article? Don’t forget to let us know through comments. We have shown in detail how to mount blink outward cameras. Hope you have enjoyed this article. To know more household tricks, follow us. Have a nice day.

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