How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Close to Home

How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Close to Home

Cats are freedom-loving animals. They are always curious and love to play. Outdoor cats live their life freely and explore neighboring areas. So if you want to keep them close to home it is going to Be tricky. Learn how to keep an outdoor cat close to home from this article.

If you don’t keep inside, accidents may happen. It is dangerous to leave it outside for too long it may face road accidents or be attacked by other animals. It may get affected by diseases.

Outdoor cats have wild activities. You need to train them in social activities and need to build a good bonding. As the cat is habituated to an adventurous life, You need to Make the home comfortable for it so that it does not run away.Maybe it will take some time to make the cat habituated to an indoor lifestyle. 

Some Tricks and Ways of keeping your cat close to home is given below:

Start Training to Adjust with Indoors Environment

If you have brought a homeless outdoor cat as your pet animal, you need to train it properly. It may scratch on wooden parts. You need to have patience and train your tomcat slowly to adjust. Some cats easily adjust to their home environment while some cats take time to adjust. 

Keep them inside for more time. Divert her focus from the outdoors by enticing. If you keep it inside for a long time and make the inside enjoyable for it, then your tomcat will adopt the habit of staying inside quickly.

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Make your Home a Satisfying Place For The Cat

To keep it inside for more time and to make it a habit, you need to think about the comfort zone of the cat. You need to make a comfortable feeling for the Feline. You need to feed it properly in time and should take care of its health.

Put cat toys so that it can play with those toys. You can attach posters of Feline trees on the walls to make the Feline feel comfortable. You can place cat trees and create a jungle gym inside your house. Put the litter box and introduce your cat to it.

You can keep it where there is a little window so that the sun rays can come inside and your cat can see birds. You Feline put cat grass on the floor too.

Provide Them Food Time to Time

Your kitty will love to have delicious food. They should be given food while maintaining a feeding time schedule. Feed them inside of your home. Keep the habit of having food inside and try playing for a while with the cat after her meal so that it spends more time inside.

As you can’t keep an outdoor cat at home,  you need to train the feline to adopt the habit of coming home after roaming around each time. You need to maintain the time schedule of giving food to your feline. So that it comes home when it is time for her meal. It can Be an effective way to keep it close to home.

Keep Them Warm

Cats are pampered lovers. They always want a cozy place to live. Especially in winter, they need a warm cozy place. You should keep your feline inside across the entire winter. Otherwise, your feline may fall sick. 

Cats are sensitive to cold weather. So you need to provide them with a warm place. Keeping them indoors in winter is the best option for making the habit of living close to home. 

After making this habit, your feline will come home on its own. Keeping them warm is also necessary for their health. You need to cover the floor with a little blanket and the room heater will keep the place warm. Provide warm foods as well.

Moreover, many people adopt or bring cats home in winter so that they can easily train them to adjust to being inside by providing them warm food and keeping the living place warm and cozy.

Attach a Collar with ID Tag

You may have fears that your cat may get lost or run away. To find your feline this is a solution. Attach a collar to your cat’s neck. The collar must have a tag that will bear some information including your name and phone number. So that you can find her easily. 

You can also do a missing diary if it has tags with your name, address and phone number. So you can attach a collar to find your cat easily. To learn more about how to keep an outdoor feline close to home, keep reading.

Set GPS Cat Tracker

Using a GPS cat tracker is the finest way to know about the cat’s location. You can always know where it is roaming around. By using a GPS tracker you can locate your feline no matter how far it is from you. So you can know the location of your feline even when you are not at home.

So if you use a GPS tracker, you will not lose your feline even if it lost its way. You can easily find and rescue her. 

Construct A Catio

If you want to keep your cat outside but close to home, then a catio is the best solution for it. You can build a catio in your yard. You don’t need a much bigger place for it. 

If you are in fear of letting your feline go outside, a catio is a solution for you. If you put your tomcat inside a catio, it will be able to enjoy the outside atmosphere and the chirping of birds and it will be safe from danger.

You need to make the inside of the catio comfortable for the feline. Put some blanket inside. You need to cover the whole catio when it is cold outside. You need to ensure the proper warmth of the catio. Provide enough food and water for the cat inside the catio. You should put some toys for the kitty friend.  

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Install Invisible Barriers

If you want to keep your kitty safe and close to home, you can install invisible barriers in the yard and make a surrounding panel with those. The barriers will be connected with a special collar. When your tomcat will be near the barriers and in danger, it will hear an alerting beep and it will return home. 

Thus you can create a protected zone for your cat by these invisible pet-proof barriers.

Keep Your Kitty Protected From Poisonous Plants

To keep your cat close to home and safe, You need to ensure that it is safe from toxic plants. Identify each toxic plant in your yard and destroy them. Thus you can make the area safe for your kitty.

Wanna know more about how to keep an outdoor feline close to house, continue reading.

Frequently Make a Visit To The Vet and Ensure All The Vaccines

To keep your cat close to home, you need to ensure its good health too. You need to visit the vet regularly to check up on its health conditions. Moreover, you need to ensure all the vaccines properly to keep them safe from diseases.

Neuter Your Cat

Many people give up on pets when they get pregnant. So if you Want to avoid such a situation and want to keep your cat close to home, You should get it spayed if it is older than five or six months.

As you are allowing your tomcat to roam outside, you should get it spayed.

Keep Enough Food Available Always

It is necessary to provide plenty of food and water to your beloved cat. You should ensure the availability of food always. So that if you can’t go outside or forget to buy feline food, then your kitty doesn’t need to suffer. Always provide food and water timely. A feeding schedule will make the habit of coming home.

Make the Bond Stronger

You need to build a strong friendship with your tomcat. Cats love so much pampering and care. If you show your love and care for her and provide enough food and enjoyable shelter, you can easily make a bond with your feline. It may take time, but slowly it will be your good friend and follow your orders.

Spend more and more quality time with your feline and play with her. You can easily build a bond if you play with her. They love having playmates. Adore her and give gifts. If you can build a friendship with your feline, then it will always be close to you. 

Never Beat Or Yell at Your Cat

Never kick or hit your cat. You should not even yell at them. They will Be afraid Of you and then they will try to escape.You need to nurture it with love and care. Don’t behave roughly with your pretty feline.

Give Your Cat A Nice Nickname

If you can build a bond with your cat, it will listen to you and will love to Be with you.Give it a beautiful nickname. Call her by that name. 

So whenever you will call her by that name she will run to you. This can be an amazing idea of keeping your feline close to home. To know more ideas about how to keep an outdoor feline close to house from this article, read carefully.

Use A Leash And Go For Walk With Your Cat

Introduce your cat with her leash and let it play with that. Put it on her neck and Go for a walk. You should go for a walk frequently with your feline till the area is safe and you don’t want your feline to cross the zone. Walk around your preferred zone. So when your feline walks alone, it will roam in the same area and will be safe.

Ensure Proper Sunshine and Fresh Air

You need to keep your cat in natural touch. Your feline needs enough sunshine and fresh air to remain healthy and satisfied. To keep it close to home,  this is a necessary step. Otherwise, your feline will feel suffocated and will try to escape.

Build a Cat Door

As you are learning how to keep an outdoor cat close to home, you should know about this option too. Building a feline door is not a big deal. You can easily create this in your garage or in the corridor. You don’t need extra space for it. 

It is a safe way to keep your tomcat close to house. Your feline can easily come and go through the door whenever she wants. You just need to provide food and water properly there. 

When your feline will start loving you and feel comfortable with you, it will be close to home only if it does not lose its way. You can find her using a GPS tracker easily.   

Keep a Litter Box Always Ready For Your Pet

As you are keeping an outdoor cat, it will be good if you can make your feline adopt a habit of using litter boxes. When your feline comes back home at night, put her in the litter box. You should have an available litter box for your feline. 

Take Care of Your Cat

To train your cat coming back home, you need to ensure proper care of your feline. It should feel cozy and comfortable inside. feline toys can be effective for this.

 Ensure enough warmth and feed her from time to time. Provide a litter box. Toys will keep her distracted from going outside. You can install an artificial cat tree to make the inside atmosphere more enjoyable for your kitty.

You need to spend more and more time With your cat and build a connection. When your bond is strong, then your feline will love to return to you. You can bring more cats later to give your feline her playmates. This is a way to protect wildlife as well. 

Benefits of Keeping An Outdoor Cat

Having a cat is a blessing to feline lovers. Outdoor cats are in need of accommodation. Their life shortens because of living outside as they might be hit by a car or can be attacked by severe diseases.

Protecting wildlife is necessary. Wild animals’ lives are threatened due to pollution, global warming and they are being killed unnecessarily. This is high time we protected our wildlife. Cats are good companions. They are great friends to enjoy leisure time. All they need is lots of affection and care.   


Cats are great companions. To every feline lover, it is a joyful experience to have a feline. You just need to provide food, a safe shelter and lots of affection. This article provided you with ways how to keep an outdoor feline close to home.

Have you enjoyed This article? To let us know, comment below. Hope you have learned beautiful tricks about how to keep an outdoor feline close to house by reading this article. Isn’t it interesting? Don’t forget to share your opinion. Enjoy your day!

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