How to Fill An Outdoor Planter With Artificial Flowers

How to Fill An Outdoor Planter With Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers can look like real one. Are you planning to decorate the outside of your house and don’t know how to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers? In this article, you will get tricky beautiful ideas on how to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers remain fresh and they are long-lasting as well. They don’t need any care or nurture. You can mix artificial flower plants with real plants to make them look more real. The most important thing is that artificial flowers don’t get destroyed. Moreover, You can rearrange them again and again. So the colour combination will change and it will look beautiful.

You can add different colors and you can have your favourite flower faux in any time of the year. The process of filling the artificial planter needs to be creative. You can expand your creativity. First Of all you need to know how to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers and then you need to put the planters in a perfect place. But before filling the planter with artificial flowers, you need to fill the flower planter or pot in which you will plant the stems.

The planter can be a pot, basket or maybe in any shape. Depending on floral items and sizes, you need to choose the planter. To decor perfectly, you need to follow some steps. The steps are given below:

Choose a Perfect Planting Pot

Choose a Perfect Planting Pot

Planters can be in different shapes. You can place the planters in a row. But the process of filling the inside of the planters are easy. You need to attach the artificial faux plants on the top of the planter but before that, you need to keep in mind that the elements of filling that inside of the planter must have the strength and ability to hold the artificial plant so that the plant stems do not blow away in heavy winds. It may choose round or square shaped pots. You can buy pots which have creative designs.

The planters are made of different materials. They can be made of plastic, wood, cement or you may find pots that are made of terracotta. If you want to give a traditional touch to your decor, then you can choose pots of terra cotta. Designed wooden planters and earthen pots can also be a beautiful idea. You have to choose such planters which are strong enough to carry the plants even when a heavy wind is blowing. 

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Collect Heavy Materials

To fill the inside of the planter, you need to collect or buy some heavy materials. You can buy some bricks, wood blocks, rocks or soil. You can collect old bricks and soil from the surrounding area of your house or from the garage and field. The bricks and rocks have to break into pieces to assemble them inside the planter. Along with bricks and rocks, you need some soil to fill the planter. You can fill it with only soil if you want.

Purchase Foam Blocks and Cutting Tools

Foam blocks are the most needed thing to plant artificial plants. You need to stick the stems into the foam blocks to secure them. You can use glue as well. But foam blocks need to be used for this purpose. Foam blocks can be found in craft shops. You can easily buy foam blocks from a craft shop. It may get confused as there are lots of options. You will find different types of foam blocks there. 

There are different sizes and patterns of foam blocks in a craft shop. Choose foam blocks that have good quality. If you don’t have cutting tools in your house, then you need to buy the cutting tools to cut the foam blocks in your desired shape. If you have cutting tools then you don’t need to buy new tools. You should buy quality foam blocks so that you can use them for a long time. 

Fill The Planter

Filling the planter is easy But you need to keep in mind that you have to fill it layer by layer. You can fill the whole thing with only soil. But the best way is to fill it with different materials. First of all make a layer with crushed bricks. Then put some soil in it. Then make a layer of rocks. After that you need to cut the foam blocks with cutter in the size you need. Then cutting, assemble the foam blocks nicely on the planter. After that, put some soil on it. So that’s how the planter is ready to plant your artificial fauxes.      

Assemble The Plants

Assemble The Plants

There are many ways to assemble the artificial flower stems. Firstly put the tallest stock in the middle of the planter.after that stick semi taller flower stems. Add some ferns and hanging floral faux in the edges of the planter. This decoration depends on the flowers you choose. The patterns you select will have to be considered while arranging the stems. 

The arrangement and stem choosing depend on the place where you want to put the decorated planter. So if you are learning how to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers, you have to be creative while arranging. Some beautiful ways of filling an outdoor planter with Synthetic flowers are given below:

1. Fill with Lavender Faux

  You can place a couple of lavender faux in your planter. They will look great and give your house a soft look. If you like light colors, then this can be a beautiful idea.

2. Decor with Multiple Coloured Silk Tulips

Artificial tulips can look like real tulips. You don’t need to water or care for the plant when it is artificial. Arrange some multiple Coloured silk tulips together. Add some leaves to create a natural look. You can stick the tulip stems using glue with the foam blocks. As there is a mixture of various Colours, it looks so beautiful.  

3. Arrange with Wild Artificial Flowers

Push the stems of wildflowers into the foam blocks. Wildflowers with different Colours can give the planter a glowing look. Don’t add the lime Coloured leaves. Try to make it look natural. You can add some real plants to it if you Want to Make it look more natural. But if you add real plants you need to remove them or replace them when they seem dead or dried.

4. Decor With A Bunch Of Silk Hydrangea

Artificial hydrangeas Look very beautiful if you can tie the hydrangeas together and put them into a small vase. You can also put them in a planter. They will create a soft and classy outlook. You can add any colour of hydrangea faux but light colours such as off-white, pink or white silk hydrangeas look more classy. You can add beautiful artificial draping flowers in the planter. Remember that the planter must look full. Fill up the gaps of the planter with artificial grass or ferns.

5. Furnish the Planter With Peony Silk Flowers

Peony silks are perfect for the planter. You can add different coloured peony silk flowers to create an amazing look. You can mix artificial roses with peony silk flowers to fill the planter. Add some natural green coloured leaves with it. You can add hanging orchids at the edges of the planter.

Colorful artificial flowers will make the look more beautiful. You don’t need to water the plants and they don’t need any care. You can rearrange the plants later to create a  different look. It can add more beautiful artificial stems whenever you want. You can plant the artificial flowers according to the seasons or you can place any flowers of any season anytime in the year as they are artificial. So they don’t have any seasonal issues. You need to set the pattern and style.

Positioning of the planters are also important to create a beautiful look. So you should place the planters in the right positions. Learning how to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers will also show you the process of placing them beautifully.

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So Some Patterns And Positions Are Given Below:

1. At the Front Door

If you want to place the planters at the front door, you may decorate two or three planters for it. Arrange two planters with different types of flowers and choose different colours. In one planter you can put bunches of lavender and artificial red geraniums and you can put different coloured tulip silk flowers with tall artificial grass stems and leaves. Place two small tools on two sides of the door. Now put the planters on them. 

You can add a hanging basket in front or in the corner wall of the front door and put soil in it and stick the artificial purple wisteria stems in the hanging basket. You can put foam blocks in the hanging baskets also. After that stick the hanging artificial wisteria stems in the basket with glues.

2. At the Backyard

For the backyard, you need to choose taller planters. Fill the planters with a soil layer first. Then put some foam blocks and then again fill it with soil. After that, push the silk gerbera daisies into the planter. Spread some mulching to create a natural look. Add colourful silk gerbera daisies to make the look awesome. You can put two planters in two corners Or you can place three Or more planters in a row.

3. At The Corridor

For your corridor you can choose small planters. You can keep three or four planters and arrange them. You need to plant different coloured artificial flowers. It may choose artificial geraniums and mixed coloured tulips for the planters. You can hang wisteria faux in the corners of the corridor.

4. Outside The Window

If you want to put artificial flowers on the window, you need hanging plants. You can place hanging baskets also. As you need to put hanging faux flowers there, then you can put artificial cherry blossoms or hanging silk wisteria flowers. 

As you have learned how to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers, you need to know how to keep them fresh-looking. Artificial flowers do not need watering and care. They do not go bust or they are never dead. So you can Use them as long as you can. But the colour and glow can fade with time if you don’t know some facts. Till now we teach you how to fill an outdoor planter with Synthetic flowers. Now we are going to tell you some tricks to keep the artificial flowers fresh looking, natural and long-lasting. The tips are given below:

1. Try To Place Them Under Covering

Artificial flowers don’t get spoiled and dried. They are long-lasting. But damage and fading can destroy their glow. If they become discolored, then your investment will go in vain and the decoration will be destroyed. So if you keep the artificial flowers in a covered area, then the plant will look like the new one for a long time.

2. Keep Away From Direct Sun Light

 If you want to use artificial flowers for a long period, you should place it away from direct sunlight. Basically, you need to place the Synthetic flowers in such a place, where sun rays will not affect the flowers. As you are planning to decorate your planter for the outside of your house, So you just need to avoid direct sun rays and also need to try placing them in a covered area or under a roof.

3. Apply UV Protectant

After filling the outdoor planter with artificial flowers, you need to spray one or two coats of UV Protecting sprays. So that your flower faux does not get faded and discolored. So if you want to protect your Synthetic flowers from fading and damaging, You need to protect them from UV rays. For this, using UV Protectant sprays are very important. Once you spray that, then the sun rays can not create any damage to the flowers.

4. Create a Natural Look

As we all love nature and want to create our own creative garden. Often we are unable to create that due to busy life schedules. Generally, Plants need to Be cared for and nurtured properly. You need to water them, put fertilizers and weed out the extra grasses and so on. Even after so much care, these plants may die. So if you want to avoid all these problems and also want to fulfill the gardening plan, then there is no other better idea than decorating your house with artificial flowers.

You can have your favorite flower all over the year and you don’t need to wait for the season to come. But you may want to create a natural look for your refreshment. If you want to create a natural-looking planter, then firstly you need to buy quality stems of Synthetic flowers. After that, you should put soil over the foam blocks. The soil layer and real planters will create a natural look.

5. Spread some Mulching 

Put some mulching over the soil to create an authentic look. Keep in mind that if you put leaves and grasses or ferns, mainly when you choose green items, you need to ensure that the green should be natural green. Don’t put any lime green coloured leave or grass faux. Always choose the natural green colour to make the look exactly like the real plants. You can also mix some real stems with artificial flower stems to make it look more natural.

6. Cut the Extra Stems and Grasses

As you need to cut and shape the real plants, you should keep the same shape in the artificial flower plants too. As a result, the stocks will look real. Cut the extra parts of the stems like a real plant.

7. There should Be No Gap Between Plants

You need to fill the entire planter with artificial flowers and ferns and draping flower stems. Make sure that there is no gap. You can overlap too. They should look natural and if you plant in this process without keeping any gap and spread the mulching over the soil, then the Synthetic flowers will look like the real plants and it will seem like they are growing for a long time. Fern of natural green colour and silk hanging faux will add an attractive glow. A beautiful decorative place always refreshes our minds.           


Artificial flowers can be a substitute for real flowers if you can arrange them in a creative way. Choosing colorful Synthetic flowers is not a big deal but arranging them is a big deal. It is a way of expressing your creativity. You can create the outlook as per your own choice. You can select your favorite flowers and there are no seasonal issues. They need no maintenance. They are super long-lasting. It is a great way to fulfill the hobby of gardening along with saving time. You can have full bloomed flowers and can choose your favourite coloured flowers. 

Artificial flowers do not create any allergic reactions as they are made of plastic and silks. They don’t have pollen issues. So everyone is comfortable with that. Though many people don’t prefer Synthetic flowers because they don’t know the arrangement process and they have less ideas about how to fill an outdoor planter with Synthetic flowers beautifully. If you can plant it by the way we show it, your planter decoration will enhance the beauty and glow of your house and the artificial flowers will look like real flowers.

So, Have you liked this article? Don’t forget to let us know your opinion by comments. Enjoy your day!   

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