How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom

How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom

Are you looking for how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom guidelines? Figuring out the way is not easy without any experience suggestion. It would not be easy to slot in with traditional thoughts like hanging pictures rather finding creative ideas to take over the challenge.

No matter your bedroom is small or large slanted wall can be changed the entire look of your place. A simple way can do this, adding some accessories or discarding things, changing color pattern or others which provide you unique look. We put together intelligent ideas which can make the full process fun with time and energy saving.

You can make a focal point with our ideas. Complementary look with slanted wall quite impossible. But after reading this you will get several options which match your rest of the decor to make the entire setting appealing.

How to decorate a slanted wall bedroom

The essential thing is coordination of the new addition and rest of the decoration style. Here you will learn all about in details to help you efficiently. Let’s find one or multiple to use for your decorate a slanted wall bedroom.

Wallpaper For Bedroom

If you are thinking wallpaper hanging seems outdated or classic which can be used for making a section and covering a bare or faulty wall. Wallpaper caught straight attention through this, if you are finally able to place it on the slanted wall which could be the main problem to do this. We are suggesting you to pick right tool to hang this perfectly and safely. Providing instantly dynamic look this piece make your boring wall accent wall. Furthermore, you can choose various colors and pattern per your bedroom theme from hundreds of options.

Add Creative Shelves

Bring natural flaw with a slanted wall can be tricky when you are searching for accent shelves. If you built shelves at the end of the wall which use the slope space. If you want to bring personalized look you can store needed things like decorative items and books.

Go for Light Color Ceiling

Go for Light Color Ceiling

Slanted wall bedroom with white or light color can create illusion which sort out the problem of compactness of such room.With the reflection of natural light allow wider than dark painted one. Yet dark color beams can create good effect while this should be limited. We have already said you can’t go various color rather cohesive color to ensure warm feeling.

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Choose Contrasting Colors

A slanted wall with contrasting color blocking while stripes and geometric pattern. If you want something different you can blend both of them to impress your guest. To create illusion of less closed beside keeping this cohesive part of the room. You can pick bright and pale color combination and stick to the other wall for overall coherent look.

Decals and Stencils

When you’re searching something convenient way to decorate a slanted wall bedroom for renting house peel-and- stick or decal like stencils. These are very easy to use and remove. Being cheap you can purchase them even in little budget. These are comes with different size and style as flying birds or starry night which you can stick them anywhere. For neutral theme stripes, dot and others up to your personal liking. Among them larger stencil will be suitable for larger space.

Visual Texture

Without changing many things rather adding visual texture can be a dependable move for decoration of a slanted wall bedroom. To do this you need to mount wooden beams or installing wood struts. Here visual point of wooden beam dependent on your preference. Both of contrasting or matching theme will be ideal for this idea. You should be careful to take measurement making the cost worthy.


There are lots of modern homeowners who want to hang tapestry in their bedroom. Though this thing has visual beauty for any place to be gorgeous. You should decide what you will prefer any picture, pattern and others. In this also an excellent choice for sound prevention. You should consider wall dimension to find the right tapestry while flat surface help to provide right angle of viewing to bring right effect.

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The matter of a slanted wall bedroom decoration clock can play a vital role even before our saying you can’t imagine. But it might be hard to place this correctly on a slanted wall.With a good-looking clock will eye catchy addition in any way. Here side view place an important role to consider needs of strong side profile and deep frame.

Build faux canopy

If you are trying to manage teenager girl a slanted wall bedroom decor a faux canopy can reliable to netting of light fabric. Furthermore, you can add faux flower to bring fresh look instantly.

Multi Functional Furniture

Movable furniture can be perfect to decorate a slanted wall bedroom. You can move the furniture which have dual purposes. This can save your space and won’t feel regret of abandoned of necessary furniture. There are lots of choices for thus furniture while designer provide a leaning to design this. You can make them a statement with customized features.


Perfectly light up is essential even in tight budget. Try to put a skylight into the slanted wall as this help to make a balance of the closed place with sunlight. To boosts mode and make the place compliment the natural light is a beautiful and modern way to refresh. We have already said string light can help you in this case which can be cheap and effective idea. You can easily drape this to enlighten the place. Mixing of creative ideas to illuminate the closed place.

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Pick the Right Storage

Pick the Right Storage

Because of limited space in slanted wall bedroom you need to go with smart storage space. Make a balance with built-in closet with drawer. Even you can manage great storage with bookshelves. You must consider extended storage up to the ceiling which won’t eat up valuable floor space. You should pick the compact furniture which can fit behind close door. As a trick you can choose same color furniture with wall and floor to give airy and roomier look even with a slanted wall.

Window seat

Place a window seat to cover up the window place you should think this rather  bookcase, coffee table or reading area to feel the place much cozier. You can’t make the place crowded with unnecessary things while space is limited. As a suggestion you can consider built in bench which can be used reading, working, storage and meditating purposes.

Wrap Up

Every homeowner tried to give more satisfying ideas for how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom to ensure better look of the place. Sloped ceiling won’t be a problem when you are in the right path with our innovative ideas. Like other, we are not just highlighted problems rather we provide well-researched solution after reading multiple article on this topic. Here, you will get the best of the best tips which turn the problem a slanted wall for a great attraction even in entire room.

Now you have unlimited options to update a slanted wall bedroom from where you can pick up most comfortable one without any fear rather confidently. We are pretty sure our ideas will be elegant for your existent theme of a slanted wall bedroom.

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