How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs

In these years homeowners interested in an outdoor kitchen for increasing the value of the home to expand the living space or outdoor cooking convenience. But how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs mostly being a crucial process for anyone. If you are one of them who finds worthy information on this topic, you can invest your valuable time. To read this writing which includes all the required knowledge to satisfy your query.

Though an outdoor kitchen could be made with a wood frame metal studs are durable and cost-effective. The metal studs outdoor kitchen various types of hazards proof like fire, splitting, termites, and rot. It makes it reliable and long-lasting than wood.

Of course, an outdoor kitchen with it is no less than any freedom. It is time to vacation and celebrates. With it, you can start grilling or other tempting food in your background. 

How to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs

An outdoor cookhouse is an integral part of a large house that won’t waste of investment and effort. In this way, you will get lots of options in the market. While you should find your best option don’t forget the main purpose and right was to deal with it. Therefore, Consider the high quality of metal studs which makes them durable and long-lasting for years. To make the DIY project easy we attached here several steps to follow:

Make a Plan

Usually, every successful project needs a fruitful plan which step you can’t skip. Then, We suggest you share your plan with an experienced one. One can provide you with valuable tips for this process. To build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs. However, you should have a complete and clear dimension of your kitchen including doors, fridge, drawer, sink, and others. For better guidelines, you can take some favor from catalogs that are offered by hardware suppliers.

Generally, you will get various types and dimensions sets of hardware that can easily match your requirements. From this dimension, you will also get an exact idea of how many materials will need in this scheme. Because of the difficult procedure of changing an outdoor kitchen with metal studs, you can’t go with frequent updates.

Required Tools

Required tools

Except for the right tools, you cannot go with accurate actions. When you are working with steel studs you will need some special tools. To make the entire process easy and safe. Most of them gave your house’s store. If you have not required tools easily can find them in specialized rental stores. Then, You can purchase or rent them per your need and budget. Here we made a list of the tools which can be needed at different times.

  • Metal cut-on saw
  • Chalk box
  • Fasteners
  • Screw gun
  • Hammer drill
  • Plumb bob or a laser level
  • Clamps

Inquire How Many Metal Studs you Need

When the previous step is completed next step for how to build a cookroom with it is finding out how many metal you need for this DIY project. Mostly you can use 1 stud for 12 inches at the time of building a wall. Plus, you should consider steel plates to buy which is also known as tracks for parts of the construction while these are the horizontal part at the bottom and top of this structure. At this time you have arranged all the tools, and steel plate. You are ready to go to the main task of building an outdoor cookroom with metal studs.

Lay Down the Composite Boards and Tracks

You should lay down the lower track around the composite board as you planned the cookhouse structure. Pick the sturdy boards which make the structure study which basically hold the weight of the entire construction and decrease the possibility of metal studs any kinds of damage. From experienced suggestions, you can let the tracks overlap by 6 inches to ensure higher stability and longer support. Besides, flatten the side flange of the track and let the other track slide into its place when they overlap at the corner.

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Screw and Plumb the Tracks 

If your tracks come with holes it makes this process pretty easier than fastening them with screws therefore were in a kit with metal studs. On the contrary, you will have to drill the holes. Therefore, At that time you should be careful about the holes that screws can fit in studs tracks properly. Now, plumbing the tracks is an essential step to ensure an even top. Bottom surfaces to make it stable for the outdoor cookroom. When you are using a laser level remember you should place it in the middle of the lower track for proving this efficient.

Trimming the Steel Studs

Trimming the Steel Studs

Next step is attiring the steel to fit them with the tracks rightly. To do this you should wear a heavy-duty gloves to protect your hand when you will bend the one flange of the stud and cut it by aviation snips. One thing which should you mind that cut the studs from the same end when you want to add plumbing or electrical installation for unlimited satisfaction. You can take the help of a miter saw if there are multiple studs to cut. To join the studs to the tracks use the clamp to insert screws between the studs and track without making the clutch setting too strong which can invent the joint not definite.

Finally, make metal headers after trimming the tracks to a length that 2 inch longer and bend them 90 degree with metal locking pliers which can be useful for any kind of uniquely shaped fixtures.

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Add Concrete

For making your kitchen last longer, you can add concrete with panels. If you keep your budget small instead of concrete you can use plywood or wooden panels which won’t be durable as concrete one.

Set up Electrical Cables and Install Panels

Set up Electrical Cables and Install Panels

Your cookroom with metal an electrical power supply and needs to pull the electrical cables through the interior of the kitchen place. Don’t forget to secure the cables to the metal with plastic ties. Plus, you need to secure the cable with a plastic bushing as it won’t wear from rubbing against the metal edges of the studs even after years of use. Before finishing the full process you should secure the wood panels which bring a different look to your cookroom. You should leave a few walls when you wanted to give a personalized texture to your entertaining place.

Place Counter and Veneers

You can complete the proceeding of the kitchen with counters and veneers where you can choose a granite counter for a sturdier appearance. On the contrary, there are lots of choices of stones and tiles or combinations together materials for the veneer. You cannot go with a cheap and fancy one which could be really dependable for your cookhouse setting those won’t replace frequently.

How to Care of New Metals Outdoor Kitchen?

If you decide to build an outdoor cookroom with metal studs as the most highlighted DIY project these days. But taking care of this won’t be easy. You should take care of chosen materials such as wooden panels. You should avoid metal surfaces that can damage for years and wipe them down regularly with soapy water. Avoid cutting directly on a metal surface and wipe them down regularly with soapy water. With wood stain, you can protect your metal in the cookroom from natural hazards.

How to Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs Process?

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs Process?

When you have the required tools and others needed things. It can be completed in 2 or 3 weeks when you will give 1-2 hours of work a day. The time can be more or less per different various factors. You should manage your time at your convenience. You can be rushed for this project which can mess them up completely.

Useful tips for Building an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs

Hopefully, these tips help to reach the right decision. Throughout the entire writing, you will get dependable guidelines, suggestions, and tricks to help you effectively. These should have applied to your task.

  • Chalk can be helpful to draw the scheme.
  • You need to take exact measurements for better results.
  • Cut individual steel stud with straight-cut aviation snips.
  • Wood outdoor kitchens can be long-lasting with the right materials and longevity the project.


After reading this article on how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs you have already learned the process which seems difficult but is not really. Though it takes lots of time, must be satisfied if you have done it correctly. To make a pleasing cookout this guideline could be reliable and straightforward.

Building a cookhouse with metal studs by yourself without any clues can be challenging. It is time to organize your place to make memorable moments with friends and family.

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