How to Clean a Shower Curtain

How to Clean a Shower Curtain

A dirty shower curtain can spread horrible scents to make you uncomfortable during shower time. To ensure a fresh and also clean curtain this guide on how to clean up a shower drape aid you successfully. It is not possible to get rid of or replace often when your shower drape and shower drape liner for dust band aging.

There are several methods that can easily clean and look like a new one along with saving money and time at the task of home cleaning. Whatever the reason for being dirty and unsanitary such as mildew, mold, and soap scum build-up. You can clean this periodically with hand wash or machine wash while choice and convenience depend on you.

But you should take some precautions so you do not regret for your cleaning projects. And ours suggested steps for how to clean a shower curtain that won’t let you go down.

How to clean a shower curtain without taking it down

clean a shower curtain taking

We know you are very busy in your daily routine and keeping your room clean is tough. You want to find easiest way which won’t take much time and energy. To keep your need in our mind we are suggesting this session while you do not need to take down the curtain. To make the cleaning solution mix one part of vinegar with parts of water in a spray bottle.

Before sprinkling close the shower curtain as it can extend the full length of the tub. It stalls as well as on the tub side. Now start to spray the vinegar and water solution throughout the curtains. To break down the soap scum and mold vinegar works efficiently. Use a brush or sponge on the lower section to help loosen the dirt, soap and bacteria which create odor. 

After that, rinse the shower curtains and liner top down with a handheld shower head, a water can, or a bottle or bucket filled with water to complete the second step of cleaning.

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Be careful to keep the curtains in the tub at the time of cleaning and rinsing unless you will face a mess. You can spritz any odor-free spray during this period if necessary. It is time to let dry the curtains properly and to leave them closed at full extension.

How to clean a shower curtain

How to clean a shower curtain

If your cloth shower curtain does not hang directly next to the water need not clean weekly rather wash. It every three months to keep it in good condition. If you have a washing machine you can throw it into the machine after checking the manufacturer tag. You should choose the low-temperature setting and laundry detergent. However, we will discuss broken-down teaching methods separately as you understand them easily. So, keep reading:

Way of Plastic shower curtain

Plastic shower curtain

Plastic shower curtains are a common type of this thing. More or fewer people like to wash with machines. If you choose the low temperature for a gentle cycle there is no risk of melt or damage to the washing machine. Mostly these curtains can bear even 40 degrees. But we suggest checking the shower curtains label thoroughly.

To wash the plastic curtain perfectly even after its slippery nature, you should add one or two towels to apply friction to the surface of the curtains. For regular cleaning, a normal laundry detergent is enough for satisfying cleaning. If you found any stains from mold and mildew. You should use white soda and baking powder which are efficient to remove them. You can add baking soda to the detergent when you are preparing your wash cycle which creates extra abrasiveness against mold.

On the contrary, add vinegar at the time of the rinse cycle to fight against the stubborn stains with its acidic properties. When you want a clean and sparking washed effect adding one-quarter cup of vinegar is a wiser step. For professional-like cleaning, we suggest using color-proof bleach. To remove the marks which are found particularly around the hems at the top and around the bottom of the curtain. You should use an advanced cleaning solution made with baking soda, warm water, and weak bleach.

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Use an old toothbrush to scrub the mixture on the strain. Reversing this, if you want to clean with hand wash need to leave the curtains for at least 1 hour to soak in a bath filled with cleaning solution.

We have already told you what should you do if there are tough stains. Follow those steps as described for the machine washing step. After cleaning your plastic shower curtain make sure to air dry them whether you have chosen hand wash or machine wash.

To remove all excess water shake them and hang them on the washing line to dry them fully with natural air. Do not try to use the dryer to dry the plastic curtain. Which can’t melt even at low temperature.

Way to clean a shower curtain liner

clean a shower curtain liner

When you are cleaning a cloth shower curtain, you will be more careful than cleaning a plastic liner because of their materials. You can clean these curtains with a washing machine without going messy the entire place. Before starting the cleaning preparation remove it from the rings.

As a first step to clean a curtain need to fill the washing machine with warm water for the largest load setting and add a couple of drops of detergent along with a cup of white vinegar which cleans curtains with stubborn stains and odor-creating bacteria.

We have already said to keep a gentle setting while you are cleaning your shower curtains. To avoid any kind of damage to its liner gentle setting is a must-follow instruction. It is safe to dry the curtain in the air by hanging on a rod to keep those fresh and damage-free.

Way of how to clean shower curtain rings

clean shower curtain rings

It is time to consider cleaning shower curtain rings after liner. While your curtain ring is exposed to all sorts of steam, soap scum, and dust and making it dirty. You should follow the steps of cleaning it by filling the bathroom sink with warm water and mixing a cup of white vinegar for deep cleaning. You can also soak the rings in a certain washing cycle. Furthermore, drain the sink and rinse them in warm water. Use a finger or old toothbrush to scrape off soap scum if it is left. Providing your bathroom a fresh and clean look you should have care of the entire shower curtain treatment.

How to clean a shower curtain in the washing machine

shower curtain in washing machine

It is not rocket science where you just need to follow some simple and straightforward steps. First, remove the shower curtains from the wall in your bathroom and place the shower veil or liner into your washing machine. Be sure you have removed all metal hooks after that throw this in your washing machine. We have already said that you have to place one or two towels in the washing machine to prevent winking or lessen the risk of damage by sticking to it.

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Depending on a certain size and amount add baking soda and detergent. Start the washing machine with the highest cleaning level with warm water. When you are cleaning less dirty curtains detergent and baking soda is enough. On the contrary, for removing lots of mildew and stain add low powerful bleach when the washer fills with water to go cleaning process. At the rinse cycle add vinegar and restart the machine wait to complete the cycle. And hang the shower curtains or liner on the rod to drip-dry.

How to clean a shower curtain by handwashing

How to clean a shower curtain by handwashing

Start the cleaning process to dampen the curtain. Don’t forget to arrange a microfiber cloth to scrub down the baking soda removing basic dirt and grime. Don’t be harsh at the time of scrubbing which can damage your curtains.

We suggest rinsing the shower curtain with warm water. If there have baking soda grab a new cloth to scrub and rinse until these go out. Follow this round twice or twice if it has lots of mildew and soap stains. Make sure do not to leave any lingering baking soda in the shower and keep cleaning until it all is gone.

How to make a DIY cleaning solution

make a DIY cleaning solution

No matter if you don’t have a washing machine your curtain materials have restrictions. To wash them in washing machine you should consider alternative DIY option. In a spray bottle take one part vinegar with four part of water and Spitz this solution on the side. Hangs in the tub and does the same thing for other parts if there have dirty. When your curtain need deep hand wash one quarter cup of baking and laundry soap take into your bath tub or large sink and wash gently.

Safety precautions

  • To prevent discoloration and damage you should confirm drip-dry
  • Do not use a chemical product
  • Read the label before doing anything
  • Test first going in detail cleaning
  • Keep washing machine washing cycle gentle


Adding curtains means smart accessories for your well-decorated bathroom and functional thing. While after weeks of use this exposed to lots of dirt, and you will need to know the methods of how to clean a shower curtain properly which saves money to buy them again and again. Plus you can fight against built up mold or mildew which are common on curtain and liner.

All the methods are easy and dependable for the shower curtain cleaning process. Yet you should be careful about mixing thing, temperature and cycle setting when you are choosing to wash machine. Make sure you’re drying them after washing up in the air on the back of the rod to keep them in good condition.

However, our well-practiced guidelines and tip make you more confident in this project. We discussed both routine and daily basis cleaning which won’t bother you to clean with watery bathroom. Per your convenience you can choose method of cleaning.

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