How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets Like a Pro

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets Like a Pro

Perhaps you are interested in how to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro and here to read our provided guidelines. Of course, painting bathroom cabinets is a DIY project cost-effective upgrade for you. To bring a great look few things need to transform among them painting initial steps for it. Though this project will take a couple of weekends, the result will be outstanding.

In the process of bathroom cabinet painting, you need to arrange several things to ensure a better effect. No matter whether you are painting a bathroom cabinet with wood, metal, or laminate surface finding the right primer is an essential step that tinted to the color to the color of the topcoat. On the contrary, the best paint for the bathroom cabinet should have moisturizer and grime protection ability.

Since you are well known about the whole procedure of how to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro you will find dynamic change after doing this with our article.

Which paint type is perfect for your bathroom cabinets?

Firstly, Painting the bathroom cabinet is such a remodeling highlight the entire place. Then, the Wood cabinet can complement with different color scheme. Therefore, You cannot go with any of the choice  except primer. Therefore, This is an essential prep for dark and stained surface of the cabinet as the original finish stow away perfectly. At the time of section of right primer you should take help of expert retailer. If you want to choose popular paint option which can protect your furniture from germ and damage.

Acrylic enamel and alkyd paint  favored choice. Here acrylic or water- based paints which are low fume and easy to clean up with water while Alkyd or oil based need ventilation as the paint have solvents which can make you sick by irritating your lungs. To clean up this paint you must use mineral spirits.

But when you are finding durable and hard paint finish Alkyd or oil based are admirable for moist environment like bathroom. As suggestion higher gloss sheens are more reliable to moisture and everyday wear in comparison of flat and matte finishes which are available in market.

From experienced suggestion we have tried to learn the difference between paint and primer. It is you who can choose the right one per your requirement. You should not compromise the quality of paint for long-lasting  for painting bathroom cabinets. Finally, A good number of research help you to get self leveling paint to provide super smooth with fairly quick set up with bathroom cabinets.

How to professionally paint bathroom cabinets

How to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro

Painting a bathroom vanity will be more quickly and inexpensive with great preparation. Hopefully, after reading this you will be confident to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro with our provided techniques. In this cycle prep we advised to ask professional painter to satisfy your query to make your first attempt successful. So follow the instruction and collect the material tools which will need in this process of painting bathroom cabinets like new.

Things you will need

To make the painting of bathroom cabinets much easier these things will be helpful. We made a list to height them.

  • Trisodium phosphate(TSP)
  • Cordless drill or screwdriver
  • Bucket
  • Marker
  • Ribber gloves
  • Protective goggles
  • Sponge
  • Putty knife
  • 120 to 220 grit sandpaper
  • Spackling compound or wood filler
  • Tack cloth or rag
  • Putty knife
  • Deglosser (optional)
  • Painters tape
  • Drop cloth 
  • Primer 
  • Paint 
  • Paint tray and stir sticks
  • Synthetic fiber paintbrushes
  • Microfiber paint roller
  • New knob and hinges(optional) also


Here we are attaching A to Z instruction to make you comfortable even it is you first attempt. Before going to any step of this you spread drop cloth around the work area to prevent getting paint on the floor and other tools missing. Let’s start and complete the painting task step by step.

Remove hardware modules

Taking out all the doors and drawers along with hinges. Then take a piece of painter tape inside the drawer labeling where the came from and any surface you want to protect as countertops where the join the cabinet and label each of the piece to identify which cabinet it belongs to.

Making this step faster and safer use a cordless screwdriver or drill to remove the drawer and hinges from the cabinet. Don’t forget to make a map  which help to put together all this disassembling thing without any hassle. When you do not want to paint pain over hardware such as handle hinges you should remove them painting previously.

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If you fail to remove some manage remover to restore them. If your cabinet have drawer from design also remove them from drawer box and adjustable shelves with all the hardware which supports them.

Clean The Cabinet

Clean The Cabinet

Finally, The rule of thumb is to clean the outside surface of the cabinet’s drawer fronts, boxs, she and both sides of the doors using product such as trisodium phosphate (TSP) or less toxic substitute smoothly remove grease and grime.

Before mixing them with water you should read the manual instruction on the packaging. To ensure requiring safety wear protective googles and rubber gloves. Use a sponge to apply TSP and water mixture to clean the cabinet.

Repair And Sand

If you are painting a wood kitchen cabinet, a putty knife and wood putty will be very useful to fill any nicks or dent of any damage and wait to dry. After that you should start sand smoothly.

However, To stick the primer and paint properly with an old finish this step lightly sand with fine as 220 grit sandpaper to rough up the gloss on the cabinet surface. Next, wipe down the surface, door and drawer front with a damp cloth to remove dust. For ultimate cleaning surface after sanding wipe again with a tack cloth and let it dry.

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If you are not interested to sanding a liquid deglosser with a rag and wipe down the cabinet. When your pain purpose is making clean completely all parts to remove anything greasy leftover rightly sanding or deglosse is mandatory.

Apply Primer

We have already said what you should apply primer before painting your bathroom cabinet. You can use a sprayer, roller or brush to all the door for a coat pf primer other exposed surface of the cabinet boxes. We suggest using a sprayer which perform best job in this task  can be rented in some specialized store if you have not one of them.

On the contrary if you choose long and smooth brush for painting the motions of the brush stocks won’t be visible and creates lots of possibilities to forget to pant the edges of the cabinet door. Read manufacturer instruction to apply and dry this properly. As a popular and convenient choice you can consider oil based primer.

For good result here some tips such as-tape any spot which you could not trim properly, take help or fingernail or old credit card to push the tape on. Then, apply primer on a small chosen brush with enough covering to prevent drippings. You should complete door first and then the rest of all. Before flipping make sure other side dry perfectly.

Test With First Coat

Testing of the new paint on the back of the door before the whole thing coating is a wiser trick certainly to make sure the right color for your cabinet of rightly adjust on it. While you have picked water based paint go with a synthetic paintbrush or a sprayer to manage them thoroughly.

Therefore, On the flip side, oil based paint works with natural bristle brush or sprayer. You should complete your first coat of paint to doors, drawer fronts and cabinet boxes. Not to spread paint wall, mirror and hardware which you are not able or risk of dripping or any messes use painter tape to protect them.

You should be careful to paint the backs when the fronts are dry completely. Then, Along with tapered brush and roller you can complete the light entire cabinet and wait to dry.

Move to the Second Coat of Paint

Experienced suggest to give minimum two coats of paint for bathroom cabinets bringing high quality painting effect. After completing first paint coating we suggest to wait minimum 24 hours to dry this perfectly. Yet you should check out the manufacturer instruction of your chosen types of paint. You should start with door flat surface using roller or brush as we have already said before.

Stir the paint perfectly to paint well. One by one you should paint door both sides, adjustable drawer and other parts. It can take a week or more to harden the finish to back to the daily use. Finally, the Bathroom cabinet’s hardware must cover with painter’s tape.Be careful to dry every coat of the painting.

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Paint Cabinet Frame

Paint Cabinet Frame

For excellent look of your bathroom cabinet elegant one needs frame and sides of this unit or cabinet box. With a roller or paintbrush you can give a fresh coat of paint for the entire cabinet. You can avoid inside the cabinet which won’t see glance.

Put Back All The Pieces

When bathroom cabinet painted correctly get ready for reassembling the shelves, drawer, door and other. If you’re labelling the parts correctly and made a map at the time of disassembling you can put together easily. After that, carefully remove the tape semantically and install hinges and knobs on the right place. Is some hardware need to replace you can do this in this part check out the reinstallation of all the twice to be sure.


Professional like super smooth finish of painting won’t be difficult when you are following our instruction how to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro. Here we also add tips for paint bathroom cabinet. With professional suggestion you can do this more accurately. Your DIY project will be reliable to upgrade your kitchen without spending lots of time money.

Before starting this you should research on types of paint and tools for painting like brush or spray. These well researched things will be helpful to maintain the situation. Even you have any question about this feel free to ask in the comment section, we will try to sort out them with straightforward and simple answer. 

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