How to Reupholster a Dining Room Chair Seat and Back

How to Reupholster a Dining Room Chair Seat and Back

If the dining room chair seat is bad and tiring then you will not feel comfortable sitting down to eat. So, You should know how to reupholster a seat and back.

You may think it is a difficult task. In fact, You can do it easily if you try. A high-impact way to develop or alternative the look of a chair is to rearrange the seat with new clothes. If the seat padding is not very pleasant, add new foam and batting for a more pleasant seat. Whether your seat is harmed or you prefer to recycle old furniture, you will praise this quick renewal strategy!


  • Cotton padding
  • Old socks (optional)
  • 60 grit sandpaper (optional)
  • Staples
  • Upholstery stud trim
  • Staple gun
  • Exacto knife
  • Upholstery hammer
  • Fabric scissors

Step 1

Removal of Old Upholstery and Padding

The First thing you need to do is Remove the old clothes. You will need to use nails and staples to rearrange your dining chair. You can also use a remover. How big should you take the piece of cloth and how to cut the corners.

It needs to measure. When cutting new clothes, you only need to find the old piece of cloth.

Step 2


When undressing the armrest of the old chair. Note whether the wooden block was attached to the arm of the chair. Armrest fabric can be worn well in corners from pieces of wood. So the corners of this sharp rectangular block of wood need to be sanded with 60 grit sandpaper.

Step 3 

New Padding

Before you start this program, you may think that the armrests need some extra cushions. Here you can prime some new padding. Now cut the socks into rectangular pieces. Fit these around the wooden block. Make sure the size is right for the need. You can keep another layer on top of the sock Which will be the level of padding. Padding is most important to finish how to reupholster a dining seat and back. Remove old padding and replace it with new cotton padding. Follow the existing prime line. The old seat padding must be done, Cut off the raised padding with a knife. Cheque the seat base and replace it if necessary. 

Ensure the seat base is strong. If it Looks damaged Or weak, you may want to replace it. Buy a replacement seat base or cut a piece of plywood to the measures of your seat base and fix modern foam and upholstery to it. An easy way to get the measurements you need is to place the old seat on plywood and trace round the edge of the old seat. Then, use a hand saw to cut along the line you found.

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Step 4

Reconstruct the Back of the Chair and Seat:

Reconstruct the Back of the Chair and Seat:

You can buy clothes of different weights like a choice. Such as poplin. These are very thin. You can buy linen. In general, you have to buy Art Deco clothes. Most Of them have shades of gray, teal, and blue. It easily fits well.

Paint the wood well again. Don’t leave without coloring well.It will be very beautiful if you work with bright and attractive fabric. It looks more modern with a wooden finish. The fabric may have to be pulled if you staple it over the fabric and for extra padding. Start folding it under the edges before stapling it into the frame. Be careful to align the fabric.

Step 5

Adding Decorative Trim

Once your upholstery is secured you will still have a visible main line so it needs to be covered with some trimming. There is a lot Of variety in the market. I took the hammer stud style trim. Using these you can learn how to reupholster a seat and back.

These studs come in a long roll. It is complete in every fourth or fifth mating. You will get a pile of loose strips with keen nails at the end. These go through the hole and you hammer the full strip at these points.

The strip of studs is easily cut and convex so they can work on quickly and easily.

You just measure, cut, place it above your main line and use the hammer on their hammer to have their nails.

Step 6

Cover the Bottom of the Chair Seat Again

Cover the Bottom of the Chair Seat Again

The last step is to cover the bottom of the chair seat. You can decide to add padding at the last minute. You can remove it from under the springs. Use some fabric to get down from the chair. This can be a little added cycle.

Short Instructions

1.  First you have to remove the old upholstery. Take photos on the go and label each of the pieces. You will use these pieces as a template when cutting your new upholstery.

2. If necessary, sand the armrests and do any other repair work on the wooden structure.

3. Replace seat bed, springs and armrest padding if necessary.

4. Make the pieces Of your new clothes the same size as the old ones. 

5. Pull the fabric in place of the new fabric – try to connect it along the same line as the old fabric.

6. Ption – Add figurative stud trim both to add a polished look and to hide less than the right areas of stapling.

7. Be sure to replace the bottom cover of the chair.

8. Enjoy your new looking room chair.

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In the discussion above you understand how to reupholster a chair seat and back. Now you can do it yourself. First you need to separate the cushion or upholstery parts. There are some dining chair seats that can be closed and some are linked. If the padding is in good proviso, you can easily cover the seat with new clothes.

Upholstery is an easy way to link glue or staples to the fabric where it is hidden. If you can’t remove the upholstery space of the chair, you need to pull the fabric neatly round the edges and do something that will hide the seams like rope or cloths beading.

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