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How to Remove a Fluorescent Light Fixture

If you want to adapt to the new decoration scheme, You need to know how to remove a fluorescent light fixture. The same rule applies to either breaking or replacing the ballast. Can fix the discoloration of the ceiling and open from the ceiling. Doing so inevitably leaves that part behind. But keep in mind that if you don’t have to remove the fixture, you can do it.

Materials and Equipment

  • Circuit tester firstly
  • Medium and large flat-head screwdriver secondly
  • Needle-nose pliers bend and give wire shape thirdly
  • Measure the tape fourthly
  • Drill and bit then
  • Pencil also
  • Wire nuts and also
  • Safety glass lastly
  • Toggle bolts or wooden screws finally

We know that ballast is a magnetic box that converts electricity into a signal. It also activates the gas in the tube to take a bright shape on the surface. Therefore, Usually the meeting point between the circuitry of the fixture. If it is in bad condition, you will not be able to provide the service. As a result, you need to replace it. How to remove such fixture Find out exactly how long the ballasts last.

Ballasts usually last at least 20 to 25 years, but differ in humidity and misuse. Misuse causes them to decay. When a ballast comes out the weak signal in the bulbs will go away. In addition, as a result of regency lighting, various symptoms can be seen slowly.


  • Take a look at the light fixtures and remove
  • Turn off the running power connection in the circuit-breaker box
  • Remove the lens panel.
  • Do not understand the position of the lamp or bulb.
  • Remove the ballast cover well. Understand how the wires can be connected for further reference.
  • Uncap different wires. And turn off the electricity.
  •  Now separate the wires from the moving fixtures
  • Take a good look at the ceiling and remove the base.

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How to Remove a Fluorescent Light Fixture

How to remove a fluorescent light fixture
  • Turn off the light circuit breaker well. Just don’t turn off the switch. Because anyone can turn on at work and your groom can be kind of harm
  • Remove the bulbs with the cover from the fixture. Use very carefully as these can break and win.
  • Take a good look at the black and white wires for voltage tests
  • First you need to open the necessary caps of the wire. Use rubber gloves to protect from shock.
  • If the wires are not good, disconnect after verification

If you need to replace the whole fixture again, you can use the wires as intact. In this case, identify the necessary screws and lower the well after removing them. If you don’t think you need any kind, you can hang the wires. If you want to patch the hole using a drywall, you must disconnect the wires from the circuit. Read: How to Light a Living Room with No Overhead Lighting

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How to remove a fluorescent light fixture. When doing this, keep in mind that the work of removing it can be quite complicated, because it is a traditional thematic kind. You need to be very careful when removing lights.

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