How to Light a Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

How to Light a Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

With a bit of planning you can gain great result of how to light a living room with no overhead lighting. The most popular suggestion is using a range of different type as of lighting such as wall light, scones, floor lamp, table lam and soon. Yet, throughout the combination of multiple light sources can provide plenty of practical light which also create depth and atmosphere without no overhead lighting options.

If you are one of them who think no overhead lighting means lack of succinct lighting at your place. This article will be inspiration for them taking help with this you can also light up your space beautifully whether it is living room, bedroom, dinning room or others. To set the right tone and mood in lighting you should have balanced in three main types of lighting: ambient, task and accent lighting.

To take the advantage of layering light we researched a lot on these three types of lighting by the overall people requirements from these opinions- how they want the room to work for and what they are hoping to achieve from this lighting. And finally create a lighting scheme per your lighting and decoration need even with no overhead lighting.

How to Light a Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

From our research all the ideas are fun and delicate for your living with no overhead lighting, though it is you who will pick these best per your preference. It this perfect lighting which makes your living place proportionate to your work and personality. Now you can be lighting your light a living room with no overhead lighting with our thoughtful ideas.

Natural Lighting

Whatever light or layering you choose at first you should make way for natural light which is the easiest way to light up a living room with no overhead lighting. We will not suggest to make new window rather switch out curtains to in your space to maximize natural light. You can sap the darker curtain for lighter colors and fabrics to invitee more light in your room and open up window and balcony door to draw in sunlight and fresh air as much as possible to give all the glass panes a good scrubbing to clean the dust and dirt those build up over time trap a lot of light to pour in.


Reflecting of natural light on a larger single or multiple mirrors could be smart and elegant way to light a living room with no overhead lighting at daytime and also help to spread lights from fixtures after sun goes down. Even you have windows on only one side take the advantage of more light by reflecting to maximum amount of natural light or fixtures light. Place mirrors against the light source to bounce extra sparkle from natural light or behind the floor lamp to extend the light for your space.

Except mirror you can add reflective vases, bowls and other accessories which can brighten up your room. As example, you can buy metastatic vase for the end of the table, glass bowl for coffee table, colorful stones, seashells and crystal sun catcher which can redirect light to bring a lot of light.

Floor Lamps

You must consider floor lamp first when you are thinking about artificial lighting sources. When your living room with no overhead lighting this lighting idea will be brilliant to light a living room with no overhead lighting. These come with variety of shapes and size which could easy to fit any corner of your room. By creating illusion of overhead lighting with their tall and upright structure. Plus these light provide combine ambient and task lighting to remove darkness. Yet an oversized arc style floor lamp the same effect of overhead lighting as oodles of light.

Table Lamps 

As another resource of lighting in a living room with no overhead lighting our suggestion is table lamp. Place this where you need direct illumination. You can combine multiple table lamp for bringing visual and lighting variety. With battery power table lamp you can illuminate your place with any piece without any tension of power supply. Furthermore, as a lovely decoration piece table lamp or desk lamp will be an accent thing for your living room on a bookcase or a side table or anywhere. If you need more light from your table lamp try to grab one with lighter shaded one.

Tree Lamps

Sometimes you feel you should have more controlled lighting with multi-directional features. Tree lamps will offer you lots of convenience with required lighting. For focused and mood  lighting than floor lamp tree lamps are more dependent. To create cozy corner for intimate conversation or relaxation or reading need. These are easy and versatile beside chair, sofa or bed wherever you need this spotted lighting.

Flameless Candles

Though these options are not reliable for super bright, dd some warmth. You can scatter them around your entertainment center like mantle, faux fireplace and dress to create dreamy lighting effect. The cozy ambiance will provide an elegant touch when the sun went down. These flameless candle are electrical supported and safe while pretty easy to use.

Wall Scones

Most interestingly these lights won’t take any floor or table space. These come with various shape, sizes, shade or prizes makes wall scones alternative of lighting source living room with no overhead lighting. These have easy installation without any hard-wiring and affordable price to illuminate your place. Place this as task lighting or decorative accent piece with ambient light. You can match your decoration with decorative plug in wall scones.


Plug in pendent lights are popular idea though this is more evident in kitchen lightening. But mixing with other lighting can be amazing even in your bedroom. You can find a variety of bulbs and lighting color per your need. If your living room have high ceiling you must try this. Depending on bedroom decor you can choose various size. When you are in need of bright light choose clear glass and open design. As a night light for general lighting source hang them near the bottom of bed.

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String Lights

When you are thinking to decorate large bedroom string lights could be dependable choice for their size and affordable prize. These have surprising power to bring your normal decoration to the next level. Because of its lightweight capacity and flexibility you can hang them or drape them into ceiling, wall or curtain to create personalized decor pattern with dreamy ambiance.

LED Strips

You might think string lights could not reach your required lighting we suggest trying LED strips which are more energy saving and reliable. You can tuck them with ceiling, wall, cabinet or shelves. Along with various color these could change their glow. These are available in battery operated which makes this handy for any occasion and place to hang. Depending on your needs you can buy plug in or battery powered to stick to the wall to give modern vibe will be the right choice for your living room.

Smart Bulbs

In these years smart bubs are getting popular choice with their versatility. These are more than your expectation even they are very easy to access. To create aesthetic glow smart bulb are appropriate shining source in your living space even in your problematic apartment. Even this lighting also be target light with layering various lighting source with wall light, floor lamp and table lamp. These diffuse lovely warm and intimate glow with adding modern touch.

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Additional tips for how to light a living room with no overhead lighting

These tips might brighten your living room and decorative option that suit your mode.

  •  Choose floor lamp with multiple bulbs to get much light
  • Hang string your prefer pattern hang down or beamed pattern or step it up to create cozier feel.
  • Find a chandelier swag light with lots of placing option in your living room
  • Floor upright are more than your expectation to bring a lot of light into the room
  • Tray to place table lamp with pairing two with different size  which looks very stylish
  • You can buy a floor lamp with no shade to be efficient to light a living room with no overhead lighting
  • Chandelier scones will be great lighting solution if you face issues to putting hook into your ceiling.
  • Add spotlight floor lamp which its self a decorative and soft lighting source
  • Hang Edison bulb to bring industrial feel in your living room 


Hopefully the challenge of how to light a living room with no overhead lighting would not be overwhelming for you whether you are living  renting or weird your apartment after reading this content. In this discussion we tried to introduce those ideas which will prove innovative and creative without requiring any complicated wiring and expensive addition.

We have completed all the research task on behalf of you to provide the reliable guideline for this lighting way.

If you think, our this writing could be good resource to set the atmosphere and vibe of your living room with no overhead lighting do not forget to share this on your favorite social media to help your friend who struggling to find lighting solutions with this problem. 

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