How to Decorate an Attic Bedroom

How to Decorate an Attic Bedroom

The Attic Bedroom is the best place where you can add your innovative ideas and can make it creative. Are you confused how to decorate an attic bedroom? Read this article properly.

If you have not enough places where you can gossip, turn your attic bedroom into a gossiping place as it is so calm and quiet.      

An attic bedroom can be furnished in many ways. Some ways of decorating an attic bedchamber are given below:

Add Bright Colours

Add Bright Colours for Bedroom

Generally, attic is very tiny rooms where daylight may come through the window. As it is a little room, dark colours are not suitable to paint here. The space should look brighter and larger. Adding soft and bright colours will create an amazing atmosphere to make the room larger than before. You need to paint the total room using only one selected colour if you want to make it look bigger. If you do so, the divisions will not be seen and the room will look bigger.             

Select the Layout

Attic bedrooms don’t have enough space to decorate with lots of furniture. You need to be creative to choose furniture for the space. Firstly you have to observe the pattern and then decide which kind of layout will be the best layout for the tiny attic room of yours. You can’t put lengthy taller furniture in the room as the roof is not that high. Choose suitable furniture according to the chosen layout. Once the layout is selected, then you can put furnishing items according to your choice.

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Ensure Proper Lightening of the room

Ensure Proper Lightening of the room

If your bed is under the window or beside the window, then the sunlight can easily come through the windows. As an attic bedchamber has  very small space, so the supply of light should be enough. If the sunlight doesn’t come through the windows properly, then you may need to enlighten the room by adding lots of electrical lights.

Add Artificial Lights

Add Artificial Lights

You can use different kinds of artificial lights to enlighten the room such as table lamps, fairy lights, pendant lights etc. Pendant lights make the room look bigger. The pendant lights should be in normal size so that you can hang it easily. You may add warm, soft or bright lights. If the colour of your attic bedchamber is painted with a soft colour, then the lights will enhance the glow of the space. 

Turn Clumsy Areas into a Beautiful Repository

Wanna know elaborately how to decorate an attic bedroom? Follow our ideas. Don’t forget to utilize the awkward areas. You can turn those areas into a useful place by your innovative touch. You can keep a small basket there to keep usual products or you can use those areas as a closet. Attics don’t have lots of space. So Make the best use Of each part of it.

Keep it simple but Classy

Use some beautiful furnishing items which have low height. Simple creative looks can create a classy vibe in your attic bedroom. When you will add artificial lights, choose

unique patterns and set them beautifully in a different way. Add fairy lights in a specific way to make it look beautifully arranged. Keep the wall colour soft. Let the light increase the glow of your this bedchamber. Learn more ideas about how to decorate an attic bedchamber through this article. keep reading.

Create An Intimate Look

If your attic bedroom has a lengthy roof, decorated walls made of hardboard, if you set a logfire beautifully in a corner of it and add a classy texture, then your attic will look so intimate. It will create a romantic atmosphere. Along with these add furniture which have creative touch. Wooden furniture with unique designs can make the look more cozy. You may keep the colour of the bedsheet white, off white, creamy white etc. You can put a table lamp beside your bed. Keep the soft and warm lights to make it look more intimate and romantic.

Select an Attractive Wallpaper for the Roof

 Put an eye-catching wallpaper on the roof of the room. If you do so, your bedroom will look more bold and attractive. It will change the whole atmosphere of the space. Different textures of the room will enhance the beauty of your attic bedchamber. Then your this bedchamber will be the perfect cozy corner of your own. Wanna get more ideas about how to decorate an attic bedroom? continue reading.

Dye With Only One Colour

To make the look of your attic bedchamber more spacious and larger, dye the entire room with only one colour. Keep the same colour on the wall and ceilings. By doing so, your space will look larger than before. You may add black colour in windows.

Set the Pendant Lights in a Creative Way

Set the Pendant Lights in a Creative Way

Add pendant lights in different ways. You can put black pendant lights in rows. You can add soft off white fabrics around the pendant. It will create a dramatic look in your attic bedchamber.

Put Furnitures Which Have Low Height

As your attic bedroom is not much longer, you have to select those furnishing items which have low height and the furnishing items should give your room an innovative look. 

Use it As a Guest Room

Use it As a Guest Room

You will always need an extra room for guests. You can make your attic bedchamber into a guest space. Decorate the place in a familiar way. Then you can easily utilize the room as a guest room.

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Use it As a Closet

You can choose a beautiful pattern and Put shelves and make your attic bedroom a closet area. 

Make it a Reading Room

Make it a Reading Room

Attic bedroom is a calm area of the house. You can put a table and a chair there. Put a flower vase on the table. You can think and write there. You can concentrate there and you can enjoy your own quality time alone there. Add a table lamp on the table. You may also decorate the place with fairy lights on one side of the wall. You can keep a brick wall in one part of the space. Put the table in front Of the window or in a place in the room where you will get more sunlight. Hope you have got useful ideas about how to decorate an attic bedchamber from this article.           


Attic bedroom is a small part of a house. It can Be utilized in many ways. Through this article, you will know how to decorate an this bedchamber using some creative ideas. Use less furniture, light colours and lots of lights. You can create a rustic or traditional look as well. So, Have you enjoyed this blog and find it useful? Have a nice day.

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