How to Clean a Foam Mattress

How to Clean a Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses need proper care if you want to use them for a long time. Anyone should know how to clean a this mattress as it needs regular cleaning. You should take proper care of your foam mattress and keep it away from dirt and allergens.

But it is quite impossible to avoid stains and allergens for long. So your cozy foam mattress needs regular cleaning. If you do not clean a foam mattress, it may come in contact with microorganisms and get mildews.

You should clean a this mattress to remain healthy as well. If your foam mattress is dirty, you may suffer from skin diseases, influenza, dust allergy, rashes and many more diseases. Stains should be cleaned as early as you can. If they are not cleaned for a long time, then removing the stains is far tougher.  

Moreover spilled liquid or urine causes bad odors. Blood stains and vomit odors also need quick cleaning. Your this mattress needs warmth and air. Keep it dry as much as possible.

There are many types of foam mattresses. Each type of mattresses need a different type of cleaning process. So before you start cleaning, you should understand the type of your foam cushion and then start cleaning.  

You should know the do’s and don’ts while cleaning a foam cushion. People who do not know how to clean a this cushion properly, often make mistakes and ruin the foam cushion.

 You should avoid mistakes and don’t pour or dab much liquid on a lather mattress because it will cause the growth of molds and mildews. 

Type of Foam Mattresses

Foam bed Mattresses

Every type of lather mattress has a huge tendency to absorb liquids and allows the microorganisms to grow easily. There are different types of foam mattresses.

1. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are widely used and durable. This is a popular cushion. But they need proper maintenance if you want to make them long-lasting.

Foam mattresses absorb liquids quickly and this increases the chance of growth of the microorganisms. Again you need to dab and blot the spills and stains with cleaners. You can’t scrub or rub the foam cushion. Otherwise, it will be torn apart.

2. Pillow Top Mattress

The structure of the pillow top mattress is more like a giant pillow than a cushion. Pillow top mattresses are made in a different way. There is a coil attached beneath the foam of the pillow cushion.

The foam is shaped like a big pillow over the coil. These mattresses are bouncy and refreshing. The pillow top cushion is easy to clean. But don’t use any harsh chemical products while cleaning stains from a pillow top lather cushion.

3. Poly Foam Mattress

3. Poly Foam Mattress

A Polyfoam mattress is a comfortable one. These mattresses are mostly used as bed in a box cushion You will feel an airy, cloudy soft feel using a poly foam cushion.

But if you do not keep it clean, it will not give you a comfortable and relaxed feel. Clean with care and dry properly.

4. Latex-Based Foam Mattress

This is a comfortable and amazing type of mattress. It is airy and bouncy. There are small holes through the entire foam area and this helps the airflow.

You will feel so amazing in a latex-based lather cushion. Latex is made from rubber saps. The latex-based froth cushion is one of the highly used mattresses but you need to take proper care of this type of cushion.

Never use bleach in a latex-based foam cushion. Blot with a rag or paper towel softly but you can not rub or scrub it.

Process of Cleaning A Foam Mattress

Process of Cleaning A Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are soft and sensitive. So you need to clean them safely and don’t be harsh on them. In fact the cleaning process is different in lather mattresses than in other mattresses.

So you must learn how to clean a froth cushion before you start cleaning a foam cushion. Otherwise, you may damage your foam cushion.

Remove the Sheets and Covers

First of all, you need to remove the bed sheet and the cover of the mattress if your cushion has any cover.

You need to remove the pillows as well. Remove bed extensions and other things that are over the cushion.

After removing the bed sheet and cover, you need to start cleaning the mattress. Put the sheet and cover on the washing machine. Then clean the froth cushion. Don’t put the cover and sheet again until the froth cushion is completely dry.

You should clean the froth mattress frequently. If anything spills on the bed cover, quickly remove it and clean. Otherwise, the liquid will go through the fabric to the cushion and the cushion will absorb the liquid. Then your foam cushion will release a bad odor and get affected by mildews. 

Vacuum Your Foam Mattress

Once you have removed the sheet and pad, now it is time to vacuum your entire this mattress to remove loose dust, pet hair, and other debris.

Vacuum Your Foam Mattress

If your vacuum brush or hose is full of debris, clean it. Then dry it and attach it to the vacuum. Now vacuum your entire froth mattress gently. Go through every nook and cranny.

You need to vacuum the sides and the opposite part of the bed too. Firstly vacuum the front surface, then the sides. After that, put the front surface against the wall and vacuum the back surface of your foam cushion. 

You need to go through each and every portion of the cushion and clean all the dust and allergens properly. 

Spray Cleaning Solutions

It is an important issue to select an effective cleaner for your foam mattress. Using the right cleaner is very important. To learn how to clean a froth cushion, you should know about the cleaners that need to be used.

You can use commercial cleaners or you can make the cleaning solution yourself. Don’t use a harsh strong cleaner or bleach on a froth cushion. They will cause nothing but damage. 

No matter which type of cleaner you use, don’t pour the mixture on the froth mattress and make sure that your foam cushion is not wet too much.

You can mix vinegar with the same amount of water and put the mixture on the spray bottle. Then spray it on the stains. Let it sit for some time.

After a while, blot the excess liquid and broken debris with a clean rag or a paper towel. Don’t do it in a circular motion. Just dab on the stains and remove the stains by dabbing gently.Then let it dry. Avoid putting the froth mattress in direct sunlight. 

Removal of Food Stains

Removal of Food Stains  Foam Mattress

Sometimes food residue can fall on the bed or accidently your bed can get dirty with food stains. You can not just rub or scrub a foam mattress. A lather cushion is not like other mattresses.

So if you start scrubbing, it will tear apart. Again if you rub, the stains will keep spreading. So you need to blot the spots and keep dabbing. Start dabbing from the edge to the center point.

To remove food stains or oil stains, you need to make a mixture of laundry detergent and water. Now dab the mixture up and down with a paper towel or a rag. Don’t try to rub in a circular motion. Otherwise, the stains will spread and it will be worse. 

Remove Blood Stains

Blood stains may seat on the foam surface. Remove blood stains quickly. You will need hydrogen peroxide for that.

Dampen a clean rag or a paper towel in hydrogen peroxide and blot the blood-stained area. Hydrogen peroxide will remove blood stains. After removing the stain, let your froth dry.

To know more about how to clean a foam mattress, keep reading.

Remove Urine Stain and Odor

Urine not only leaves stains but also causes bad odors. To remove urine stains, first of all you need to remove the urine quickly.

Blot urine with a paper towel. Now spray water to dampen the stained area. Sprinkle laundry borax on the area. Let it sit for some time.

After a while, clean the area with a clean rag. Dampen the clean rag in water, wring it and put off the stains. Now sprinkle some baking soda on the areas. Leave it overnight. Then vacuum the areas. Baking soda removes the bad odor of urine. So this is how you can remove urine stains and odor.

Remove Bad Odors

Remove Bad Odors Foam Mattress

If you store your foam mattress without cleaning, it may release bad odors. Sometimes it releases bad odors due to urine or vomit odors too. If you keep it packed without drying, then it can release bad odors.

No matter what the reason behind the bad odor is, you will feel suffocation if your froth cushion does not smell good. So erasing bad smells quickly is mandatory.

To remove bad smells, you can try several ways. Sprinkle baking soda after removing the stains. You don’t need to wait for it to dry. Sprinkle baking soda when it is wet or not properly dried.

Leave it overnight. Then vacuum the baking soda. All the bad odors will be gone.

Another way to remove bad odors is to use a fragranced spray cleaner. You can also use a citrus cleaner. After spray, let it dry.

You can make a spray yourself too. After spray, wait for the foam to dry perfectly.

Dry Your Foam Mattress  Properly

Dry Your Foam MattressĀ  Properly

After each cleaning, you need to ensure that your foam mattress is dried properly. But don’t keep it in direct sunlight. 

You can leave it to dry automatically and give it time to dry. Attach a fan to make it dry fast. The froth cushionshould not have any moisture left inside. Otherwise, it will be damaged. Once it is dried, you can put it back on the bed.

You can keep your foam cushion in the fresh air twice or thrice a month. This will keep the air flow smooth and your froth cushion will remain soft. But consider the weather. If the weather is gloomy, then don’t put your mattress outside.

Attach a Cover

To protect your foam mattress from dust, pollution and, liquids, you should attach a waterproof cover on your cushion.

Each time you clean the froth mattress, put it inside the cover and then place it on the bed. After that, put the cleaned sheet and pillows on the bed.


If you want to keep your foam mattress protected and want to use it for a long time, you need to maintain some precautions.

Don’t Use a Colorful Rag

While cleaning a foam mattress, you should never use a colorful rag. Sometimes colors of cotton rags can be smudged on the froth cushion which will spoil the outlook and quality of your mattress.

Don't Use a Colorful Rag

So you should use white rags. If you use white rags, there will be no chance of getting smudged by the colors.

Don’t Rub

You should not rub the foam cushion A froth mattress is soft. If you rub it, there can be damaged in the foam cushion. Rubbing it will not help to clean and the stain will spread. So rubbing a froth mattress is not a good idea at all. You can just blot and dab up and down while cleaning.

Don’t Wet it Much

Foam mattresses are experts in absorbing liquids that may cause the growth of microorganisms and mildews can be seen. So you can’t wet your froth cushion too much. You can just dampen it.

Never pour water or any cleaning liquid directly on your froth mattress. Use a rag and dampen the rag in the cleaning liquid. Then dab it on the froth cushion. While putting off the debris, you should dampen your rag in water, wring it and then dab carefully to clean properly.

You can spray cleaning mixtures too. Put the cleaning mixture on a spray bottle and spray. This will not wet your mattress much but it is an effective way of cleaning.

Don’t put it in the Washing Machine

Don't put it in the Washing Machine

Never try to clean your foam mattress or froth topping by putting it in the washing machine. It will ultimately ruin your froth cushion. You need to clean it using your hands and gently.

Change Bed Sheets Regularly

 If your bed sheet or cover of the mattress gets dirty, you need to put another sheet or cover on it. Then clean the dirty sheet and cover.

You should have at least 2-3 bed sheets and covers of the cushion so that you can remove the dirty one and put the clean one. If you have many, then you don’t need to wait for the only sheet to dry. 

Use The Mattress Evenly

Use The Mattress Evenly

If your foam mattress is usable on both sides, you can flip the cushion to ensure that both sides are being used evenly.

After flipping, vacuum the surface to remove the loose dust.


If you know how to clean a foam mattress properly, you can keep your froth cushion neat and clean. A clean froth cushion will make you feel comfortable.

Hope you have liked this article. Don’t forget to comment below. Let us know your opinions. Enjoy your day!

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