How to Clean Waffle Maker

How to Clean Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t love having yummy waffles on occasional days? Definitely it is so delicious. You can add some honey, cherry or whipped cream to make it more amazing. But do you know how to clean waffle maker easily? No doubt after enjoying the lovely waffles, it is a boring thing to clean waffle makers.

Don’t worry. We will teach you easy and simple tricks about how to clean waffle makers. Waffle builder has a non-stick coating on the grid surface and you should keep in mind to never put anything while cleaning which may cause damage to the non-stick coating. 

You should be very careful while cleaning a waffle maker. It may seem hard to reach every nook and crannies of the grids. But you can do it by using some simple tricks. 

Generally, waffle makers are not a daily used kitchen product. But they are used on occasional days and on vacations. If they are grimmy, you will be nothing but disappointed when you plan on making waffles. So you need to keep the waffle maker clean. 

Waffles are made by a session. You need to put the batter as many times as many waffles you want to make. Once you are done making waffles,  then let it cool down, and don’t forget to clean it properly before storing it. 

Otherwise, next time you will be unable to use that waffle maker. Clean your waffle maker before you store it. 

Types Of Waffle Makers

There are two types of waffle makers. In some waffle makers you can’t remove the plates and there are some waffle makers which have removable plates. So the cleaning process of both types of waffle makers are different. 

We have solutions for you. In this article, we will teach you how to clean both the non-removable and plate removable waffle makers. 

You can’t place your waffle builder in a sink or submerge it in water as it can damage the surface and if somehow the appliance is wet. You should dry it before plugging in. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock.

Cleaning Process of Waffle Maker With Non-Detachable Plates

Cleaning Process of Waffle Maker With Non-Detachable Plates

Many waffle maker comes with non-removable plates. It may seem hard to clean them. Learn how to clean waffle maker with non-detachable plates. 

You need to follow the process step by step. Make sure the crevices of the grids are free from buildup.

 Don’t use any metallic tools while removing waffles. They can leave scratches on the non-stick grid surface. So, the cleaning process of waffle makers with non-detachable plates are given below:

Read the Instructions of Manufacturers

You should read the manual of the manufacturers nicely to know about forbidden things. It is mentioned in most of the manuals that you can’t soak your waffle maker in water. 

Many of them are not even dishwasher safe. As they have non-stick coating, you need to be careful while cleaning them. 

You get the basic informations about your waffle builder from the manual. It helps you to know which products and procedures are harmful for your waffle builder.

Be careful about the non-stick coating as well. If you damage it somehow, then you may need to plan on buying a new one.

When there will be damage in the non-stick surface, batter will stick and burn frequently. So, it will be tough to clean the damaged chatter builder further. Don’t miss to read the manual thoroughly.

If your manual is lost and you can’t find it anywhere, then you can do some research on the google about the instructions or you can visit the website of the manufacturers to know the instructions. 

Plug Out The Waffle Maker

Plug Out The Waffle Maker

 First of all, you need to unplug the waffle maker. You can’t start cleaning when it is plugged. If you don’t unplug it, you may get an electric shock.  

So, unplug the waffle builder and let it cool down. It is a better idea if you remove waffles after unplugging the waffle maker and start enjoying the lovely waffles meanwhile the chatter maker cools down. 

When you finish the waffles, your chatter builder is cooled down and ready for the next step of cleaning. Don’t start cleaning a hot waffle builder. Otherwise you can burn your hands. Once it is cooled down, start the cleaning procedure.

Remove The Remaining Oil

Remove The Remaining Oil

Generally waffle makers don’t need too much oil as they have a non-stick coating on the grid surface. But you need to clean the left baked-on grease and oil once you are done making waffles for the day. 

Otherwise the surface will be sticky and waffles of next round on the next time will be burnt. No one wants to make waffles in a grimy chatter builder.

 Dab a dry paper towel on the grid surface and try to reach in every nook and crannies so that your paper towel can absorb the left oil properly. 

Fold the paper towel and use the corner point to get into the crevices. To learn more about how to clean waffle maker, keep reading.

Use a Brush to Remove Grimy Food Particles

Once you have removed the oil, it is time to remove remaining batter residues and grimy buildup.

To do that, you will need a soft bristled brush. If the brush is hard bristled, then it will damage the non-stick coating. So using a soft bristled brush is necessary.

You can use a soft nylon brush too. Remove the grimy food particles over the grid surface and in the crevices.

 It may take time, but you need to keep cleaning it with patience. Don’t hurry and don’t be harsh on the waffle maker while cleaning. 

Procedures of Cleaning Stubborn Accumulations

If your waffle maker has burnt food residues or stubborn baked-on batter accumulations, you need to soften them first before removing them. 

Otherwise, your grid surface will be damaged while trying to remove the hard accumulations as you are going to put a lot of pressures on them. 

You will not need to pressurize the accumulation if you soften them. After that, it will be easy to remove them.                                     

There are several tricks for softening stubborn accumulations. As you are learning how to clean waffle maker, you should know the amazing tricks. The tricks of softening hard accumulations are given below:

1. With Oil

The most effective way of softening the hard accumulation of batter is putting some oil. Pour oil over the accumulated areas. Now let it sit for 30 minutes. 

After 30 minutes, dab a paper towel on the grid surface and crevices to remove the excess oil from the surface. Now remove the softened accumulation of batter with a rubber or wooden spatula. They will come off easily. 

After that, wipe the surface with a soft clean rag. No oil should be left otherwise it will make the waffle builder grimy and sticky.  

2. With Hot Towel

This is another superb trick. Wet a towel in hot water. Then wring it properly so that there is no dripping water. Put the hot towel over the grid surface. Leave it there for 1 hour. 

The steam and warmth of the hot towel will soften the hard batter residues. Now remove the towel and and scrape off the accumulations with a rubber spatula gently. As the accumulations are soft, you don’t need to pressurize it to remove. 

After removing the buildup, wipe off the grid surface and crevices with a dry soft rag. If you don’t wipe off and clean properly, you may see bacterial growth or fungal attack on the surface. 

3. With Vinegar

If oil and hot towel is not enough, you can apply a new trick after applying them. First of all, you have to make a mixture. Mix one cup vinegar with one cup of water.

 After mixing properly, wrap a paper towel on a chopstick. Now dip the wrapped chopstick on the mixture and apply it on the grid surface and over the accumulated areas mainly.    

Let it sit for one hour. Then remove the accumulations of baked-on waffle batter with a rubber spatula. Wipe off the grid surface with a wet rag. 

Try to get into every nook and cranny. Make sure no residue is left. After that, wipe the grid surface with a dry and clean paper towel.

4. With Dish Liquid

You can use a little bit of dish liquid. Wrap a chopstick with a paper towel or a rag and wet it with some dish liquid and then apply over the surface. Leave it for 10 minutes, then remove the accumulations and wipe off with a clean rag.  

But before you apply dish liquid, you should read the manual again and see if your waffle builder is dish liquid safe or not. 

Many chatter makers are not dishwasher safe and the non-stick coating on the grid surface will be damaged if you use dish liquid. 

So try to apply other tricks. If your chatter builder is not dishwasher safe, then don’t apply any dish liquid or commercial cleaners on it.  

Apply Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

If the accumulations are so tough to remove and your waffle maker needs a deep cleaning, then this is the right way.

Baking Soda and hydrogen peroxide is effective to remove stubborn grimy residues. First of all, you need to make a paste. As hydrogen peroxide is a liquid, you don’t have to add any water to make this paste.

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and make a paste. If you need more baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make the paste, you can add more.

Apply the paste over the grid surface and apply on the outside of the chatter builder as well. Make a thin layer of the paste on the grid surface. 

Leave it for 2-3 hours. Then the layer of the paste will turn brown as it has absorbed the grease and oil from the crevices and the entire grid line.

Use a rubber spatula to remove the layers of the paste both inside and outside of the chatter builder. 

Then wet a rag, wring it properly and wipe off the grid lines, surface and crevices nicely so that no residue of the paste. Wipe the outside of the waffle builder too. 

Now wipe off the grid lines, surface, crevices, and outside with a clean dry rag. Don’t leave any moisture. Otherwise, there will be bacterial growth and the buildup of other unseen germs.   

To know more about how to clean a waffle maker, keep reading.

Use Toothpicks

Toothpicks are tiny, thin, and safe ones to remove grimy residues in detail. Once you have cleaned your waffle builder, it’s time to do some detailing work. 

You can easily reach into every nook and cranny through a toothpick. Clean the corners, crevices, and grid lines by using a toothpick. It will help you to remove any tiny food particles if left in the chatter builder. 

So use a toothpick after cleaning and drying to ensure that your waffle builder is free from any grimy residues. 

Cleaning Process of Waffler Maker With Removable Plates   

Cleaning Process of Waffler Maker With Removable Plates  

While knowing how to clean waffle makers, you should also know the cleaning process of chatter makers which have removable plates.

To clean a waffle builder having removable plates, you just apply simple steps. It is so easy to clean them.

First of all, you need to read the manual given by the manufacturers. If you have lost your manual, search on google or go to the website of the manufacturing company. You may find the instructions there. 

Before you start the cleaning process, unplug your chatter builder and let it cool down. Till then you can easily enjoy the amazing mouth-watering waffles. 

Once it is cooled down, start the cleaning process. The steps of cleaning are given below:

1. Remove the Plates

After unplugging and cooling, it is time to start the cleaning. For that you have to remove the plates. 

They are easy to clean as you can remove them and clean them in a comfortable way. To clean the plates of grids, you have to remove the plates first.

2. Soak The Plates In Warm Water  

After removing the plates, you need to put them in hot water. Submerge them in warm water to loosen the grimy stubborn baked-on batter accumulations. 

Soak them for one hour. After one hour, the hard accumulations will be loosened and softened. 

You can submerge your waffle maker in warm soapy water as well. Only if your manual allows you to use dish soap. If it is forbidden, don’t use dish soap. Just soak in warm water. Otherwise, the non-stick coating will be damaged. 

3. Rub With a Soft Sponge

Once the accumulations are loosened, it is the perfect time to get rid of them. Rub over the grid surface and crevices gently with a soft sponge.

 Keep rubbing until the grimy residues are removed. You can rub with your fingers as well.

4. Rinse Properly

After rubbing, you have to wash the plates properly. Wash with warm water.

5. Dry the Plates and Put It Back

Once you have washed the plates properly, dry them. Don’t leave any moisture on the surface. Otherwise, there will be bacterial growth which will damage the surface. 

Dry the plates before putting them back. Use a dry paper towel or a soft clean rag to dry off the plates of the chatter builder. Once it is dry, put it back in the waffle builder.   

Clean the Outside of the Waffle Maker

Clean Waffle Maker

If the exterior of your waffle builder is grimy, you will not interested in making waffles on them. So you should keep the outside of the chatter builder clean. 

As you are knowing how to clean waffle makers, know the cleaning process of the exterior as well. 

Wet a paper towel, wring it so that there is no dripping water. Wipe off the exterior nicely with that. If any drops of batter are dropped somehow and the outside is grimy, apply the paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

After that, wipe off with a damp rag. Then wipe with a dry rag. Isn’t it so simple?

Don’t let the plugging appliance in contact with water. Otherwise you will get an electric shock when plugging in. Water will also damage the appliance. So, be careful about that.   


You should maintain some precautions if you want to keep your chatter maker protected.

1. Don’t Use Cooking Sprays

Never use cooking sprays on your waffle maker. Cooking sprays provokes the grimy buildup and your grid surface will be sticky.As a result it will be unhygienic and your lovely waffles may burn. So, don’t use cooking sprays. 

2. Don’t Use Dish Detergents

Dish detergents contain harmful ingredients which will damage the non-stick coating of your waffle maker. 

Even the non-stick coating may start peeling off. So, never use dish detergents on your chatter builder.

3. Don’t Put the Waffle Maker in  the Sink

Waffle maker is an electrical appliance and has a non-stick coating. You should never put an electric appliance in water. Otherwise, they will not work anymore.

 So you can not put them in the sink. Don’t let your chatter builder soak in water. Keep it away from water. Even if you are wiping with a wet paper towel, wring the towel nicely before wiping so that no water can drip.    

4. Don’t Use Harsh Tools

Always keep in mind that your waffle builder has a non-stick coating. So you can’t use any sharp or harsh kitchen tools on them. Don’t use a knife or any metallic tools while detaching the waffles. 

Never use any metal based tools to clean chatter makers. Otherwise the non-stick coating will scratch and damage.

5. Use Rubber Spatula

You should use a rubber spatula while removing waffles. Use a rubber spatula while cleaning the builder as well. 

Scrape off the accumulations with a rubber spatula. So you can remove the grimy stubborn accumulated batters with a rubber spatula without damaging the non-stick surface.                                      


Well, now you know how to clean waffle makers. We have shown you amazing tricks on how to clean waffle maker in detail.

Hope you have liked the article. Waffle makers are really a great appliance to make your sunny mornings amazing. You can use them for a long time if you take care of them and keep them clean.

Brush a little bit of oil before putting the builder batter for the first time on the day. Clean after cooling down and don’t leave it grimy for a long time. This simple thing can make your builder long-lasting.

Let us know your opinion through comments. Enjoy your day!

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