How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the most popular type of mattress nowadays because of their amazing quality. Do you want to know how to clean a memory foam mattress? We will teach you easy and tricky ways of how to. Clean a memory lather mattress in this article.

 A Memory foam mattress is soft, bouncy and refreshing. But if you do not keep it clean, it will be full of dirt, dust and other pollutants. 

You should keep a memory lather mattress covered by a waterproof cover. But the cover and bed sheet also needs cleaning. Otherwise, you can’t save your memory froth mattress in a good condition.

Memory lather mattresses come with a contouring advantage. They relieve you from back pain and ensure a peaceful sleep. It reduces the chance of pain.

In a memory froth mattress, you get enough space and they have bouncy layers which help the airflow to get in and out.

A memory foam mattress is a petroleum-based material-made product. So they will relax you and remove your anxiety. They are pressure relievers. But if not cleaned properly, a memory froth mattress will not give you any comfort.

A memory lather mattress is different in using processes and its cleaning procedures are also different from other mattresses. So you should learn how to clean a memory froth mattress in a perfect way without any damage.

Memory foam mattresses are highly absorbent products. So you can’t clean it with too much liquid. If it gets too wet, the chances of the growth of molds and mildews will be increased. Clean a memory froth mattress carefully.

Cleaning Procedures

Memory foam mattresses need gentle cleaning. Don’t be harsh or scrub on a memory froth mattress. You need the cleaning process according to the condition of stains and dirt.

memory foam mattress need

A memory foam mattress also needs regular cleaning. If you let the dirt and stain sit on the surface, it will be hard to remove and eventually damage your surface. The cleaning processes are given below:

Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

To clean a souvenir foam mattress regularly, you need to vacuum it properly. You can add attached brushes with the vacuum to clean properly. Try to reach every nook and crannies.

 If there is pet hair, dead skin cells and dust that are tough to remove with a broom. Vacuuming the entire memory froth mattress is a better option.

Remove all the loose dust and dirt from the mattress. If you keep your memory lather mattress clean, you will get a refreshing cozy bed and a sound sleep.

Mild Cleaning

memory foam mattress

If there are mild stains, you need to clean them quickly so that it does not sit on the surface of your memory foam cushion. A mild cleaning is not a regular process. You can do it once a month.

To do a mild cleaning, you will need to vacuum your memory lather mattress first. Vacuum the entire mattress. Now make a mixture of water and mild dish liquid.

Dip a clean white cotton rag in the mixture and wring it to remove extra liquid. Now dab the rag on the stains. Blot it up and down. Avoid doing it in a circular motion.

After that, wet another rag in clean water and wring the rag properly. Dab the rag on the stains to remove dirt residues. Once it is cleaned, sprinkle some baking soda over the entire recollection froth cushion.

Let it sit for 10-12 hours. After that, vacuum the entire memory froth cushion. Dry it properly. Then place it in the bed.

To know more about how to clean a air mattress, keep reading. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

When the stains are sticky and hard to remove, your souvenir foam mattress needs deep cleaning. As you are learning how to clean a memory froth cushion, you should know what to do with stubborn stains.

The process of deep cleaning is given below:

1. Read the Instructions First

You should read the instruction manual first before starting deep cleaning. Through this, you will know which cleaners are allowed to use in your memory foam cushion.

You will know what are the allowances and prohibitions in yourrecollection froth mattress.

2. Remove the Sheets and Pillows

Remove the bed sheet, mattress topping, pillows, and the cover from the cushion. You can’t start cleaning without removing these things.

Remove the Sheets and Pillows

The bed sheet, mattress cover, and pillow covers need proper cleaning. The satisfying fact is, that you can wash your bed sheet, pillow covers, and cushion cover by putting them in the washing machine. They are mostly machine washable.

Keep the pillows aside. Dry off the bed sheet, pillow covers, and cushion cover before you put them on the bed mattress. It is better to dry them off in the sunlight so that the hidden microbes die in the heat.

3. Vacuum Properly

After putting off the bed sheet and covers, you need to vacuum the entire souvenir foam mattress to remove the loose dust and pet hair. You can also remove dry skin cells and other loose pollutants by vacuuming the cushion.  

Vacuum it properly through the entire recollection foam cushion. Don’t pressurize the recollection foam bed. Gently run the vacuum cleaner through the entire recollection froth cushion surface.

Vacuuming cleans all the loose debris and make. it easy for you to deep clean your recollection foam bed. If you start wiping without vacuuming, the loose dust and debris will sit on the recollection lather surface and these types of stains are hard to remove.


4. Use a Gentle Cleaner

Never use bleach or any harsh cleaner on a memory foam mattress. If you do so, your recollection foam cushion wil be damaged soon.

Nothing is better than a natural cleaner. Vinegar is considered as one of the strongest cleaners which is a natural cleaner. So it cleans the recollection foam surface without any damage.

But before applying any cleaner, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions if it is compatible with your recollection froth cushion or not.

5. Apply the Cleaner


Before applying vinegar, you should mix the vinegar with water. Mix one cup vinegar with one cup water. Mix them properly.

Now dip a clean white rag in the mixture and wring it. Now blot up and down on the stains. Keep doing this until the stains are gone. But don’t rub in a circular motion or scrub.

Even when you are blotting it, make sure you are cleaning through the edge to the center. This way, the stains will not spread.

After that, dip another clean rag in water and wring it. Now dab the rag on the stains to clean up the residues of the stains.

Give a finishing touch with a paper towel to put off any remaining. 

Make it Deodorized

Your memory foam mattress needs to smell fresh. Sprinkle baking soda all over the cushion and let it sit overnight.

After that, vacuum the remaining baking soda. This process will make your recollection foam cushion smell fresh.

Dry Off Properly

Dry Off Properly  mattress

Your memory froth mattress needs to be dried properly before you put it back on your bed. If there is any moisture left, there will be mold and mildews and your foam cushion will be ruined.

Process of Removing Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains are hard to remove even after a couple of tries. Moreover, you can’t use any harsh cleaner on your souvenir foam mattress too.

The first thing you can do is, add more vinegar to your mixture while removing any stubborn stains. If blood stains or urine stains sit on the foam cushion, they are really very hard to remove.

If adding vinegar does not work much, you can try hydrogen peroxide. But check one thing that your recollection foam cushion is allowed to clean with hydrogen peroxide.

Using 2% of hydrogen peroxide is enough. Spray the hydrogen peroxide on the stains and let it dry. After that, there will be no stains. But if your recollection foam bed does not have allowance to use hydrogen peroxide, clean with vinegar and water mixture.

Is Steam Cleaning Safe for Memory Foam Mattress?

Steam cleaning is not safe for memory lather mattresses. Leaves moisture inside the recollection foam surface.

Cleaning Safe for Memory Foam Mattress

Steam cleaning is good for hard surfaces. But memory froth mattress has a soft surface and it absorbs the moisture inside them. Even if you dry the outside properly, the moisture will not be gone. So this will allow the bacterial growth and eventually, your recollection foam cushion will be damaged.


To make your souvenir foam mattress long-lasting, you need to maintain some precautions.

Don’t wet it much

You can’t pour any mixture on the memory lather mattress. Don’t even think about machine washing for a recollection foam cushion.

You can spray the cleaning mixtures on the recollection foam bed only. If you wet it much, this will cause nothing but damage. 

Use a White Cotton Rag

Using a colorful rag on a memory foam mattress

Using a colorful rag on a memory lather mattress is not a good idea. Colorful rags leave smudges on the recollection foam surface.

No one wants any smudge on a smooth recollection foam cushion. So you should use a white-colored rag while cleaning your recollection froth cushion to avoid any smudges on the surface.

Keep it in the Fresh Air

You should keep your memory foam mattress outside to allow the sunlight and air to get through it. Choose a sunny day and keep your recollection foam cushion outside for the entire day.

Sunlight will kill harmful microorganisms and other germs. It keeps your recollection foam bed in a good condition and bouncy. Natural air flow will increase the oxygen flow in your recollection froth cushion.

Don’t Bleach

You should never use bleach or any rough cleaner on a memory lather mattress which ruins the structure from the inside and eventually damage the recollection foam cushion.  

Use mild and natural cleaners that will clean your recollection foam bed without damage.                                                                                                                         

Clean immediately After Spill

Clean immediately After Spill mattress+

Don’t let any liquid dry or sit on your memory froth mattress. Clean immediately after spill. This will protect your cushion from stubborn stains and bad smells.

Remove the liquid and blot with a paper towel to absorb as much a liquid from the cushion. 


The memory foam mattress is getting more popular day by day for their innovative features. It removes the tiredness and keeps your bed cool on a hot summer night.

We all want a peaceful sleep after a hectic day. Recollection foam mattresses relax you from the pains and let you have a sound sleep.

In this article, we have shown you how to clean a recollection foam cushion with care. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Please let us know your opinions through your comments. Enjoy your day!

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