How to Restore Circulon Cookware

How to Restore Circulon Cookware

Circulon cookware is one of the most durable and advanced cookware which comes with a lifetime guarantee. They are considered heirloom pieces and have a non-stick surface. So you can cook healthy food without using much oil. Knowing how to restore circulon cookware is necessary if you have them in your kitchen or you are planning to buy. 

Circulon cookware separates fats and oils from the food while cooking which makes the food healthy and delicious. As it has a non-stick surface, you can cook food without oil or less oil which saves your grocery item and lessens your monthly cost. 

Generally circulon cookware comes with an extra durable finish and remains in fresh condition for years. You can notice any damage when it is visible but sometimes in circulon cookware damages are invisible. It is difficult to identify invisible damages, but you can identify by observing the performance of your cookware.    

When you notice that food is getting sticky to the surface or you are using more oil than before, then it is not a good sign. If foods are getting burnt frequently and the performance is deteriorating, then you need to restore your circulon cookware.

To keep the better performance and quality, you should clean your cookware regularly and restore when needed. In this article we are going to show you how to restore circulon cookware and how to keep them clean and shiny for a long period.

Structure Of Circulon Cookware

Circulon cookware is an innovative creation that has a touch of modern technology. Basically, circulon cookware is aluminum-based hard anodized cookware which makes it super durable and long-lasting. 

It is made of hi-low wave technology which makes the coating far more advanced than other non-stick cookware. The Hi-Low grooves help the cookware to spread heat all over the surface. Moreover, this advanced non-stick finish keeps the food from sticking to the surface.

Circulon cookware has a non-stick surface both in the exterior and interior which makes it look classy and innovative. This non-stick coating prevents food particles from coming in contact with the surface and prevents accumulation.  

Process of Restoration

Process of Restoration for Restore Circulon Cookware

If you want to keep the performance of Circulon cookware smooth and the coating safe from damage, you should know how to restore circulon cookware. The process of restoration is given below: 

1. Create the Mixture

First of all, you need to mix 2 cups of vinegar with 4 cups of water. Mix them properly. Once the mixture is ready, then you are ready for the next step. 

2. Heat the Mixture

After mixing the ingredients, pour the mixture on the discolored cookware. Now put it on the stove top on a medium flame. Boil the mixture for 5-6 minutes. Then turn off the stove and put off the cookware from the stove top.

 Don’t pull it. Just lift the cookware by hand and put it off the stove top. If you pull it directly, there may be scratches left or the outside coating may start peeling. Now let the mixture cool down and sit for 2-3 hours.

3. Scrub with Dish Soap

 After 2-3 hours, drain the mixture and rinse the cookware with warm water. Put a few drops of liquid dish soap into the cookware and rub using a soft nylon brush. Keep rubbing gently for 2-3 minutes until the food residues and stains are gone.

4. Wash Properly

After rubbing your cookware, now it is time to wash your cookware very well with running warm water. Rub by hand while washing if needed. Make sure that no food residues, debris and soap residues should be left. Wash slowly with concentration.

5. Dry Your Cookware

To prevent dampening, you should dry your cookware after every wash. Use a paper towel or a clean soft rag to dry the cookware.

 Wipe properly in every portion so that it is dried securely. No water spots should be left. Otherwise the cookware will be dampened due to moisture and bacterial growth can build up as well.   

Processes of Cleaning

Processes of Cleaning for Restore Circulon Cookware

As you are learning how to restore circulon cookware,  you should also know how to clean them. Because if you can keep them clean regularly,  you don’t need to restore them frequently. 

We bought non-stick cookware to cook easily. So we should protect them from damage and for this keeping them clean is essential.

If you wash your cookware by hand, it will be beneficial. But sometimes just washing by hand is not enough. Though circulon cookware is dishwasher safe, try to wash only by hand if the debris is mild.

Some effective ways of cleaning circulon cookware is given below:

With Warm Water and Dish Soap

With Warm Water and Dish Soap

Cleaning circulon cookware is not that tough. To make them long lasting, you need to take care of them. 

Pour warm water on the cookware and put some drops of liquid dish soap. Let it sit for 30 minutes. 

Empty the cookware. Scrub with a soft nylon sponge until the debris is gone. Rinse with warm water properly. Now dry with a dish towel or a clean cloth.     

Use dish soap for regular cleaning. Soak your cookware in hot water for a while before starting cleaning.                                        

Generally circulon cookware don’t allow accumulations to sit on the surface but if there is any damage, oil and food debris may stick on the surface.

Burnt and stubborn spots are sometimes very hard to remove. In that case, soak your cookware for 30-40 minutes in hot water. Once the accumulations are loosened, drain the water and use a  wooden spatula to scrape off the accumulations. 

Now scrub with a soft nylon brush and pour some dish liquid on the surface. Rub for 2-3 minutes nicely.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water so that there are no soap residues left. Dry your cookware using a clean rag properly. Store your cookware in a convenient place in the kitchen.    

Process of Seasoning

Seasoning cookware is necessary because it helps to protect the non-stick surface. It keeps the surface shiny. The cookware is properly restored after seasoning. 

Seasoning is not a complicated process at all. You need to season your circulon cookware at least twice a year. It basically depends on need. Season your cookware right after buying the new cookware. That means you should season cookware before first use.    

Dip a paper towel with vegetable oil and dab it on the surface of your cookware. Make sure no portion is left. Preheat the oven to 300-350 degrees fahrenheit. Then put that cookware in the oven for 20 minutes. 

Put off the cookware from the oven after 20 minutes and let it cool down. Now rinse it under warm running water. Dry the cookware with a paper towel nicely. It is time to store your circulon cookware in the kitchen.          

Clean the Lower part of Your Cookware

Inner part is always the center of concern as we cook food there. But the outside and back surface should also be taken care of. If you cook on a high flame, then the lower part may be burnt and the sides of the outer part can be discolored and darkened. 

So you should know how to restore those parts as you are learning how to restore circulon cookware. Burning spots are stubborn and really tough to remove. So you need to be tricky.

Pour hot water on the lower part of the back and sides of the cookware. Now spread some baking soda over the spots. Pour a little amount of vinegar over baking soda and start scrubbing.

Use a nylon brush to scrub the areas. Scrub properly. Now rinse with warm water. Make sure no soap residue is left. Dry your cookware with a paper towel or use a clean rag.    

Clean White Spots

White spots are seen when you leave any moisture after washing. Basically they are fungal attacks or bacterial growth. These spots make the cookware look ugly and lessen the quality of the cookware. 

To remove them, you need to apply something acidic. While films grow if minerals from water are left and if you do not dry your cookware properly. Apply some lemon juice over the white spots and let it sit for 5-6 minutes.

After that, drain the lemon juice. Pour hot soapy water in the cookware and scrub with a nylon sponge. Keep rubbing until the white spots are gone. 

Wash your cookware with warm water and this time don’t make any mistakes. Dry your cookware properly. Ensure that no moisture is left.

Necessary Tips 

While learning how to restore circulon cookware,  you should know what you need to follow and what you need to avoid. Some tips are given below:

1. Wash Before First Use

You should wash your cookware before first use even before seasoning. Generally cookware is stored in shops for a long time. They can come in contact with unseen germs and a lot of dirt while shipping and packaging. 

So you need to maintain this hygiene issue. Pour Warm water and some drops of dish soap on the new cookware and stir the mixture. Now let it sit for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, drain the water and rub with your hand. Rinse with warm water so that unseen germs can go away easily. Dry your cookware with a paper towel. After that you can start seasoning. 

After seasoning, your new cookware is ready to cook delicious foods.  

2. Don’t Cook in Extreme Heat

Generally you don’t need so much heat while cooking in circulon cookware. The hi-low groove distributes heat nicely. If you cook in circulon cookware with extreme heat, the non-stick surface will be damaged. 

Moreover, excessive heat is responsible for burning  spots and discoloration. High flame causes dark spots on the outer sides of the cookware which makes the outlook ugly. So avoid cooking in high heat. Never leave an empty cookware on the stove top.  

Once your food is ready, just turn off the stove and remove the cookware from the stove top. 

3. Never Pour Cool Water On Hot Cookware

If you suddenly notice your cookware is burnt then it is definitely shocking. But keep patience. Let the cookware cool down first. After that, start cleaning. 

But if you pour cool water over hot cookware, then your cookware will face thermal shock. Then your non-stick surface may crack or start peeling. 

When a non-stick cookware starts peeling, it becomes unworthy to use anymore. Then dishes will not be tasty and cleaning will seem impossible. To protect your circulon cookware from peeling, avoid thermal shock. Just let it cool down before cleaning.

4. Use Rubber Gloves While Cleaning and Restoring

If you are attempting a restoration or cleaning process, you must wear a rubber glove on both hands to avoid any irritation or itchiness. 

Sometimes you need to pour hot water and dishwashers may contain chemicals that may cause itchiness and irritation on your hands. So it is better to wear rubber-based hand gloves for a safe process.

5. Avoid Metal-Based Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools that are made of stainless steel or any metal should never be used on non-stick cookware as they can leave scratches. 

Scratches lessen the quality and performance of the cookware. You can use wooden kitchen tools or plastic tools instead of metal based kitchen tools while using a non-stick cookware.

Never use a knife on your non-stick surface as knives are made of metal.  

6. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners and Tools

Abrasive cleaners are very strong which may cause damage to the non-stick surface of your circulon cookware. Never use bleach or any strong detergents while cleaning a circulon cookware.

You should avoid acidic solutions as well. Don’t use any abrasive cleaning tools such as steel wool sponges. 

They can contain unseen germs which may cause you stomach upset. Moreover, they leave scratches on the non-stick surface and your cookware becomes hard to clean further.       

7. Dry and Store Properly

Dry your cookware after every wash beautifully. Make sure that no moisture is left. Left moisture can cause damage and dampen your cookware. White films can grow from water minerals which are caused by left moisture.

So dry your cookware with a paper towel or a clean cloth. After that, store them in a safe place in the kitchen. Use pan protectors between two cookware to avoid any scratch or damage.  


Circulon cookware comes with a long-lasting guarantee and is easy to clean. You just need to take care of them. Use processes of how to restore circulon cookware as we have described in this article. 

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