How to Clean Magnalite Cookware

How to Clean Magnalite Cookware

Magnalite cookware has been used for decades. They are long-lasting and have an appealing look. You can use them for years. They distribute the heat properly and have good heat conductivity. Learn how to clean magnalite cookware from this article.      

Magnalite cookware needs much care to keep them shiny and long-lasting. This cookware is cast from magnesium and aluminum alloy. If you are searching for fashionable lightweight long-lasting cookware, magnalite cookware is the best option for you.  

If your magnalite cookware is pre-seasoned, then it has a non-stick finish that makes your food tasty and aluminum can not get into your foods. You can have hygienic healthy food when you cook with magnalite cookware. 

Just need to avoid some cleaners and avoid cooking acidic foods in this cookware. You can bake and cook or fry any food you want. Just avoid foods that create an acidic reaction and may cause damage to the surface of the cookware.

Magnalite cookware needs sterilization once a week and they need to be kept clean to keep them shiny and beautiful. The cleaning process ofthis cookware is very simple and easy.

Cleaning Procedures

You have to keep your magnalite cookware clean always. You need to wash it and dry it off after every use. If you do not take proper care of this cookware, it will be dull and performance will not be satisfying. 

Moreover the surface can be pitted or peeling off the non-stick finish. Then it will be dirty and unhygienic to cook food in those cooking pan. If damaged or pitted surface appears, then this cookware should be replaced. But you can clean discolored this cookware and bring the shiny look back. The process of cleaning is given below:

1. Rinse With Hot Water

First of all, you need to rinse your this cookware with running hot water to remove the food residue.

Warm water will loosen the stains and grimy buildup. So you should wash your magnalite kitchen utensil with hot water first.

2. Apply Dish Soap

After rinsing with warm water, you should apply dish soap. You should keep in mind that there should be no harsh chemical agents in the dish soap that you have selected to apply. 

Dish Soap with cookware

Try to use a mild dish soap. First of all, rub your fingers with dish soap and apply the soap by spreading it with your hands.Rub over the spots and stains.

3. Scour your Cookware With a Soft Sponge

You need to scrub the stained areas with a soft sponge. You can use a nylon sponge or a soft-bristled brush for this step.

Rub gently to remove the stains. Don’t put too much pressure. Otherwise, there might be scratches. All you need is rubbing gently on the inner and outer surface to clean the cookware.

4. Soak your Magnalite Cookware in Soapy Water

After rubbing, rinse properly and soak your cookware in warm soapy water.You need to soak it for 30 minutes. Thus the debris will come out and stains will be loosened and detached from the surface.

To know more about how to clean magnalite kitchen utensil, keep reading.

5. Wash With Warm Water

After soaking your magnalite cookware, empty the cooking pan and rinse it properly with warm water.   

Rub every part of the cooking pan properly so that no residue is left. The reason behind using warm water every time is that warm water loosens stains and provokes them to detach from the surface.

 After that, dry your magnalite cooking utensil with a soft rag or a dishtowel. Store them properly. 

Procedures of Erasing Stubborn Stains

Many people know how to clean this cookware on a regular basis but they face problems when the stains are stubborn and dried with the surface. 

We have already described how to clean magnalite cooking utensil on a regular basis. Now learn how to clean magnalite kitchen utensil when the stains are stubborn and hard to remove.

Soak cookware in Warm Soapy Water

To remove the worst stains, you need to follow some steps that are given below:

1. Soak in Warm Soapy Water

Warm water helps to remove stains easily as it breaks the bonds of germs. So if there are dried stains that are even getting tough to remove with a wooden spatula, then you need to soak your cookware for a while.    

Soak for an hour and then try to remove excess accumulation by using a wooden spatula. Don’t use metal based tools that can cause scratches. Be careful while scraping with wooden spatula and don’t be harsh. 

2. Scrub with a Wool Pad

You need to scrub the stained areas with a wool pad. Rub gently so that it does not affect the non-stick coating. Scrub the stained areas of inside and outside of the magnalite cookware.

Use a wool pad while scrubbing over stubborn stains but don’t put too much pressure on your cooking pan. You should not use any metal based wool pad. They can cause damage to the surface.

After scrubbing, rinse the cooking pan with warm water properly.  

3. Apply Cream of Tartar

  It’s time to apply some tartar cream over the spots and stains. Mix a little amount of tartar cream with water and make a paste. Now apply the paste over the spots and stains properly. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

Now rub with a soft nylon sponge and wash it with warm water properly. Make sure that no residue is left. Dry with a clean rag after washing.

4. Use Bar Keepers Friend

If the stains are not gone yet, you need to use some amount of bar keepers friend. Sprinkle some powder from the bar keepers friend over the stains and start scrubbing without any delay. 

Scrub for a while and rinse it with running hot water. 

5. Use White Vinegar with Water

Use White Vinegar with Water

If there are still left stains, then you should try this step. Put some vinegar on the cookware. Now pour water. Mix it properly and hit the mixture. 

When it starts boiling, turn off the stove and let the cooking pan cool down. Once it is cooled down, now extract the mixture. Don’t leave the mixture on your cooking pan for a long time. Just wait for cooling down and drain the water.

6. Rinse Properly 

After removing the while vinegar mixture, rinse your magnalite cookware with warm water. Rub with bare hands on the surface to extract left vinegar. Rinse properly and dry your magnalite cooking utensil with a soft clean cloth. 

Sterilize Your Magnalite Cookware Properly

This cookware is enjoyable to use and enhances the beauty of your kitchen. But if you do not maintain them properly, you will notice stains here and there of your favourite cooking pan.

So you need to keep them clean and sterilize once a week. As you are learning how to clean magnalite kitchen utensil, you should know the process of sterilization too.

Mix 2-3 teaspoons of regular bleach which is unscented with 2 gallons of water.  Now soak your cooking pan on the bleach solution for a minute. This will complete the disinfecting procedure. 

Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves on your hands before starting the sterilization process. Don’t leave your cooking pan in a bleach solution which can cause damage.

Unscented bleach is used to sterilize magnalite kitchen utensil as you can not use dishwashers on them. Dishwasher is not safe for magnalite kitchen utensil.  

Season Your Magnalite Cookware

Seasoned this cookware provides you a non-stick surface and better quality food.  This non-stick finish protects your magnalite cooking utensil from oxidation. 

If your cooking pan is not pre-seasoned, then your magnalite kitchen utensil needs to be seasoned before the first use.Sometimes the seasoning strips away and needs further seasoning.

Magnalite Cookware in Clean Magnalite Cookware

To start seasoning, you need to follow simple steps. First of all, preheat your oven up to 250 degree fahrenheit. Now pour a little bit of olive oil on a paper towel. You can use vegetable oil too. Now wipe the paper towel on the surface of your this cookware very well. Make sure not even a small portion should be unoily.

Now put the oily cooking pan on the preheated oven. Leave it to be seasoned for two hours. After that, remove the cooking pan from the oven and rinse it with hot water. Don’t use any soapy water or dish soap this time. Rinse with only warm water.

Now dry your magnalite cooking utensil with a soft clean cloth. Store it properly in the kitchen.


There are some precautions that you need to know as you are learning how to clean magnalite cookware

1. Don’t Use Dishwashers

You should avoid dishwashers while cleaning a magnalite cookware. Dishwashers cause damage to the surface and  destroy the non-stick finish. If the surface faces any damage, food will stick easily and it may cause corrosion. Then your magnalite cooking utensil will be harmful to use. 

So don’t use any dishwasher ever on the magnalite kitchen utensil.

2. Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaning Tools

As magnalite cookware is seasoned and has a non-stick surface, you should never use any steel wool sponge or metal based sponges to clean magnalite cooking utensil. Never use metallic spatula or spoons while cooking in magnalite kitchen utensil. 

Don’t cut vegetables or anything on the cooking pan as you are using a knife to cut them. These items can cause damage to the surface which may not be rectified sometimes. So you should be careful.

3. Avoid Cooking Acidic Foods On Magnalite Cookware

Don’t cook acidic foods on this cookware. Acidic foods can cause damage that results in pits.The coating may peel off.

Don’t cook tomato based items. A huge amount of acid contained in tomatoes causes damage to the surface. It breaks the coating and can corrode the aluminum. This makes the cooking pan unhygienic too. This acidic reaction causes holes which can not be repaired anymore.

 So don’t put tomato on your magnalite cooking utensil if you want to protect your cooking pan from damage.

Wash Cookware With Warm Water 

4. Wash With Warm Water 

You should always use warm water when you are cleaning a magnalite cookware. Warm water helps to reduce stains and accumulation of debris easily. It loosens the stubborn food residues from the surface.

Warm water also kills unseen germs. So it is beneficial in many ways. Warm water does not create chances of thermal shock. So it is safe for cleaning. 

To learn more about how to clean magnalite cooking utensil, keep reading. 

5. Wear Rubber Gloves While Sterilizing

Germs can cause damage to the surface and create spots. So you should sterilize magnalite cookware at least once a week. 

A dishwasher can cause huge damage to the surface and the non-stick coating can be destroyed or pitted. So you should sterilize your cooking pan using a bleach solution if you want to protect them from germ attacks. 

Bleach can cause irritation or allergic reactions to your skin. So, you should wear rubber gloves while sterilizing your magnalite cooking utensil. Thus you can safely disinfect your magnalite kitchen utensil.

6. Dry Your Cookware Properly

You should dry your magnalite cookware after every time you use the cooking pan. Otherwise, your cooking pan can corrode over time. Moreover, growth of unseen germs can spoil the surface. Spots can be seen here and there on your magnalite cooking utensil. Left moisture increases the chance of rust and white film growth.

So, you should dry them properly using a soft clean rag. You can use a dish towel as well. Make sure that every portion of your magnalite kitchen utensil is dried properly. Otherwise, water spots can be seen which will make your cookware look ugly.

Dry Your Cookware Properly in Clean Magnalite Cookware in Clean Magnalite Cookware

7. Store in a Convenient Place

You should store your cookware in a safe place in the kitchen. Store them in a cool place and use pan protectors to avoid any scratch mark on the surface. If you can maintain your magnalite cooking pan properly with care, you are going to use them for a long time.


Magnalite cookware is an eye-catching one. But you need to use them carefully and keep them dirt free. You should keep in mind that you can not use dishwashers or cook tomato based dishes ever. Never use abrasive cleaners or metal based kitchen tools on your magnalite cooking utensil. You should clean them after every use and dry them properly before storing them in your kitchen.

So, as you have already learned how to clean magnalite kitchen utensil, clean your own cookware utilizing these processes. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to let us know through your comments. Enjoy your day!

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