Bedroom Ideas Purple And Grey

Bedroom Ideas Purple And Grey

When we speak of personal sanctuaries, nothing competes with the intimate comfort of our bedrooms. When looking for bedroom ideas that incorporate both purple and grey, But also A canvas for self-expression. Selecting the right colour scheme for your bedroom can be A daunting task, Given the multitude Of choices And the impact they can have on your mood And overall experience. However, one particular duo has been making quite an impression in the world of interior design – purple and grey. These two colours, Though seemingly opposite in tone, Come together to form An aesthetically pleasing symphony That’s both relaxing And invigorating.

The colour purple, With its rich, Royal history, Symbolises luxury, Power, And creativity. On the other hand, grey, considered the colour of compromise, balances out with its sophistication and practicality. The combination of these two colours brings a modern elegance to your bedroom that’s both intriguing and soothing. Whether you lean towards a pastel lavender or a deep plum, a light grey or a charcoal, there is a purple and grey shade that’s perfect for creating your dream space.

1. Balance Between Purple and Grey

Finding the perfect balance between purple And grey can add sophistication And elegance to any bedroom. Combining these two colours creates A modern, Yet calming atmosphere that can help you unwind after A long day. When Using purple in your bedroom, It’s important to use it sparingly as this colour can be overpowering. Consider incorporating shades Of lavender Or lilac as they tend to be more subtle and relaxing.

Adding touches Of grey will create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom while also helping to balance out the boldness of the purple. Grey is versatile and pairs well with almost any colour, making it an ideal choice for creating a cohesive look in your bedroom design. Consider using different textures such as velvet or linen to add depth and interest to your bedding or curtains. When looking for bedroom ideas that incorporate both purple and grey, consider adding pops of metallics such as silver or gold accents.

2. Deep Purple and Charcoal Grey

Deep Purple and Charcoal Grey

When it Comes to bedroom ideas, One of the most striking colour combinations is deep purple and charcoal grey. These two colours create a harmonious blend that exudes elegance, sophistication, and mystery. Whether you prefer A Modern Or vintage Look, This colour scheme can be incorporated into any style Of bedroom decor.

To incorporate this colour scheme into your bedroom, start by selecting a dominant colour. Deep purple is an excellent choice for the walls or bedding as it creates a cosy atmosphere that promotes relaxation. For accent pieces like throw pillows and curtains, go for charcoal grey to add contrast and balance out the boldness of the purple. Another way to add depth to your bedroom is by incorporating different textures. Velvet fabrics in rich shades of purple or grey work well with this colour scheme and can be used on headboards or ottomans.

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3. Purple and Grey Walls

Purple and Grey Walls

Purple and grey are two colours that complement each other perfectly in bedroom decor. The combination of these soothing shades adds a sense of tranquillity, elegance, and sophistication to any space. With the right mix Of textures, patterns, and accessories, you can create a cosy haven that is both stylish and comfortable.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate purple and grey into your bedroom design scheme. Consider painting one wall in A rich shade Of plum Or lavender while leaving the rest neutral grey. You could also experiment with different textures like velvet, faux fur, or satin to add depth and interest to your bedding or curtains. Don’t forget about lighting – soft ambient lighting from table lamps or string lights can enhance the moody vibes of your purple and grey oasis. Overall, there are endless possibilities when it comes to bedroom ideas with purple and grey walls.

4. Striped Wall Designs

Striped Wall Designs

Striped wall designs are a fabulous way to transform the look and feel of your bedroom. When it comes to creating trendy, stylish, and timeless room decor, striped walls can be an excellent addition that will bring out the best in your interior design. The lines create depth and dimension while also adding visual interest.

You’re looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate striped walls into your bedroom design. Consider using purple and grey as your primary colours. These two colours complement each other well And offer A variety Of decorating options. A light purple hue paired with warm grey tones can create A cosy atmosphere that exudes tranquillity And peacefulness. On the other hand, deep shades of purple combined with cool greys can evoke feelings of sophistication and elegance.

5. Grey Bed Frame

Grey Bed Frame

There’s something about a grey bed frame that just screams sophistication. If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, then consider incorporating this versatile piece of furniture into your space. Not only Does it offer A sleek And modern aesthetic, But it also pairs beautifully with A wide range Of colours.

One colour combination that works particularly well with a grey bed frame is purple and grey. This duo creates an understated yet stunning effect that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed in your space. Consider incorporating different shades of purple through accents like throw pillows or curtains. While layering varying shades of grey throughout the room for added depth and dimension. To take things one step further, consider adding metallic accents like silver lamps or gold picture frames to create a truly glamorous ambiance in your space.

6. Purple Velvet Sofa

Purple Velvet Sofa

The colour purple has long been associated with royalty and luxury, making it the perfect choice for a statement piece like a purple velvet sofa. Whether You’re looking to add a touch Of glamour to your bedroom Or create a cosy reading nook, This plush piece Of furniture is sure to make an impact.

When it Comes to incorporating a purple velvet sofa into your bedroom decor, there are plenty of options. Pair it with soft grey walls and white bedding for a sophisticated look that’s both modern and timeless. Alternatively, go bold by layering different shades of purple throughout the room. From lavender accents on the walls to rich plum throws on the bed. No matter How you choose to style your purple velvet sofa, one thing is certain, it’s sure to be the centrepiece of any room.

7. Mixed Color Bed Linen

Mixed colour bed linen is a great way to add some excitement and personality to your bedroom. The combination Of different colours can create a unique look that reflects your personal style. One popular colour scheme for mixed bed linen is purple and grey, which creates a sophisticated and calming atmosphere.

When choosing mixed bed linen in these colours, consider the shade of each colour carefully. A deep rich purple paired with a soft grey can create an elegant look. While brighter shades of purple combined with darker greys can create a more playful feel. You may also want to consider patterns such as stripes Or polka dots, which can add some interest to your bedding without being too overwhelming. To complete your bedroom decor ideas using this colour scheme, you may want to add other elements in shades of purple and grey. This could include accent pillows, curtains or even wall art.

8. Purple and Grey Pillows

When it Comes to bedroom ideas, Choosing the right colour scheme can make all the difference. And if You’re looking for A chic and sophisticated palette, Purple And grey pillows could be your perfect match! These two colours complement each other beautifully, With the cool tones of grey offsetting the warmth of purple to create a harmonious blend that feels both stylish and calming.

One Of the great things about using purple And grey in your bedroom is that there are so many different shades to choose from. You could go for a deep, Rich plum paired with A soft dove grey for An opulent look, or opt for a more muted lavender with darker charcoal accents for something more subtle. Whichever shades you decide on, incorporating them through pillows is an easy way to add colour without overwhelming your space. Of course, When it Comes to pillows themselves there are also plenty of options available.

9. Purple and Grey Valances

Purple and grey valances are A popular choice for bedroom decor. These two colours complement each other perfectly, Creating A serene And calming atmosphere in the room. Adding purple And grey valances to your bedroom windows is An easy and affordable way to give the space A quick update.

There are many ways you can incorporate purple and grey into your bedroom design. You can use these colours on your bedding, curtains, walls, or accessories like pillows or lamps. However, using purple and grey valances is one of the simplest ways to add these two colours to your room without overwhelming it with too much colour. When choosing purple and grey valances for your bedroom windows, there are many designs available. You can choose from solid-coloured valances or those with different patterns such as stripes, polka dots, or floral prints.

10. Artwork and Wall Decor

Artwork and Wall Decor

Artwork And wall decor can take your bedroom to the next level. With purple And grey being popular colour choices for bedrooms, There are plenty Of options when it Comes to choosing artwork and wall decor that compliments these colours. One option is to use a bold, abstract painting with shades of purple and grey as the focal point of your room. This will create a modern look while adding depth and dimension to your walls.

Another great way to incorporate artwork into your bedroom is through gallery walls. Mix and match black and white photographs with colourful prints in hues of purple and grey for an eclectic look. You can also add texture with woven wall hangings or macramé pieces in neutral tones that compliment the colours on your walls. When it comes to selecting art pieces for your bedroom, remember that they should reflect your personal style while creating a calming environment conducive to restful sleep.

11. Purple Ceiling Murals

Decorating your bedroom can be An exciting experience, Especially when it Comes to choosing the right colours. If You’re looking for a way to add some colour and personality to your space, Consider adding A purple ceiling mural. This unique form Of decor is perfect for those who want something different from typical wall art Or wallpaper.

Not only does a purple ceiling mural add visual interest to your room, But it also creates A cozy and intimate atmosphere. The colour purple is associated with luxury, elegance, and relaxation – making it the perfect choice for a bedroom. Plus, by opting for shades of grey and white for the walls and bedding, you allow the ceiling mural to stand out as the focal point of your room. When choosing your purple ceiling mural design, consider going bold with abstract patterns or keep it simple with floral accents.

12. Embrace Purple and Grey

The combination Of purple and grey is A match made in heaven for those looking to create A stylish and sophisticated bedroom. The regal hue Of purple adds a touch Of glamour while the neutral tone Of grey helps ground the space and keeps it from getting too overwhelming. Whether You’re Looking for A bold statement Or just want to add some subtle accents, There are countless ways to embrace this trendy color combo.

One easy way to incorporate purple And grey into your bedroom decor is through bedding. A sleek grey comforter paired with plush lilac pillows creates An instant sense Of luxury that’s hard to resist. If you’re feeling daring, try layering different shades of purple and adding in metallic accents like silver or gold for extra bling.

13. Purple and Grey for Kids

Purple and grey are two colors that can work perfectly together to create A stylish and sophisticated look in your Child’s bedroom. These shades have become increasingly popular among parents who want to move away from traditional pastel shades And create something more modern.

One way to incorporate these colors into your Child’s room is by choosing purple bedding Or curtains against a grey wall. This combination creates A cozy atmosphere while still maintaining A sense Of elegance. You can also add some fun accessories such as throw pillows, rugs or lamps in various shades of purple and grey. Another way to use this color scheme is by painting the walls purple while adding grey furniture pieces such as dressers, nightstands, Or shelving units. This Creates an eye-catching contrast that will make your Child’s bedroom stand out from the crowd.

14. Purple Shelving Ideas

Purple is a bold and luxurious color that has become increasingly popular in interior design. One way to incorporate this regal hue into your bedroom is through the use of purple shelving. Not only does it add a pop of color to your space, but it also provides functional storage.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to purple shelving ideas for your bedroom. For a subtle touch, try adding a few floating shelves painted in shades of lavender or lilac. These can Be used to display decorative items such as books, Candles, Or picture frames. If You’re feeling more adventurous, Consider installing full-length purple shelves along one wall Of your bedroom for A dramatic effect. Another option is to pair purple shelving with grey walls And furniture for A sophisticated look. This combination creates A calming atmosphere perfect for relaxing after A long day.

15. Purple Storage Bins

Purple storage bins are A great addition to any bedroom, Especially for those looking for unique And stylish ways to organize their space. They add A pop Of color while also providing ample storage space for clothing, Blankets, Or other items that may clutter your room. When paired with grey accents, They create A calming and sophisticated atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation.

One way to incorporate purple storage bins into your bedroom is by using them as an accent piece on your dresser or shelving unit. You can mix and match different shades of purple with grey to create a beautiful contrast in design. Another idea is to use them as under-bed storage containers. Which will help keep your room tidy while also giving you more space to store items that you Don’t need access to every day.


Experimenting with color combinations can dramatically transform the look and feel of your bedroom. The fusion of purple and grey brings together the best of both worlds – the royal allure of purple and the practical sophistication of grey. It’s an incredibly versatile color scheme that adapts to various styles and preferences, from modern minimalistic to luxurious and opulent.

Remember, The ultimate goal is to Create A space that reflects your unique personality And offers A sense Of comfort And serenity. By choosing a purple And grey theme, You’re not just following a trend. You’re embarking on a journey of personal expression through color. So whether you’re refurbishing or building from scratch, consider the purple and grey color palette for a harmonious and stylish bedroom that you’ll love to retreat to at the end of the day.

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